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    No Mick....

    How come one of those big crocs has not eaten you yet fat mickey?

    A lot of fat going to waste i says.

    Seven numbers

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    Native plants
    Veggie growing
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    Grounds maintenance for a council
    Create native garden beds/bushland.

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  1. Yes??? I have nothing to apologise for. It'll be me that gets an apology
  2. We live on a stationary plane, not hurtling 66,600 mph through space on a spinning spaceball, Therefore space does not exist Nasa is full of chit
  3. Certificate Of Vaccination Identification iD2020 1(a) Artificial 9(i) Intelligence I've been saying the whole time what covid means. Papers please
  4. What an sweetheart They're doing it again...... $100 bribe to get booster in New York
  5. No i'm not in a quarantine camp...... yet. I'm right about most things
  6. I'm not mentally ill. I'm getting medicated for agenda 21 & the new world order
  7. Disturbing Details Emerge from Inside Australian Quarantine Camps *
  8. there is 8 inches x each mile squared of curve 20 miles would be hidden by a half mile of curvature tallest building in the skyline would be the world trade center @ 1776 feet there would be a half mile of curve (2640 feet), so you would not see the new york skyline on a globe because it would be 886 feet hidden below the curvature At 20 miles away
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