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    Native plants
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    Grounds maintenance for a council
    Create native garden beds/bushland.

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  1. He still around.... Any good still ..???
  2. Black
  3. Would make a great Indian name Just like 2 Dogs ****ing
  4. This feels more appropriate in this thread, somehow.....
  5. I baked a fruit cake with my Nan, when I was 16 I altered the recipe to be a 1/4 Bottle of Brandy, instead of a quarter tablespoon........ Best Christmas Fruit Cake ever
  6. Looks like good fun, HUGE BatMan fan,.... Has anyone seen the show?? What are your thoughts please?
  7. Do you only get high, in October..???
  8. A bloke I know went to the docs because he was coughing up blood. DOC: How many cigs do you smoke a day? A pack and a half.... DOC: That's not too bad... A pack of 50's
  9. A couple of Wayne's favourite pastimes