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  1. But he did, & He ain't no doctor
  2. What is the evil smirk/giggle all about when the psychopath talks about vaccines.... This evil little prick sure loves his vaccines 3 mins 40
  3. Gupta has experience of acting, in the social engineering movie Contagion. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6673542/contagion-is-life-imitating-art/ Certificate Of Vaccination I D 2020 - 1 9
  4. How so @chessie_yaker?
  5. No vaccine YET. And @TimS & @HopHead Please help me by explaining these words, as words are very important, as TimS claims... And before you claim this looks manufactured @TimS....... Please watch this video from 4 min 30 mark. I look forward to your responses
  6. To show who is complying with their narrative
  7. Don't think so my friend. Thanks for the concern though.
  8. Your in favor of ID 2020, in particular?
  9. Probably should've posted that in the useful thread And why isn't it usefulL?
  10. The funny thing is you and Dingus hope I'm crazy.......
  11. Interesting