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    No Mick....

    How come one of those big crocs has not eaten you yet fat mickey?

    A lot of fat going to waste i says.

    Seven numbers
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    Native plants
    Veggie growing
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    Grounds maintenance for a council
    Create native garden beds/bushland.

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    Melbourne, Australia

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  1. Share and copy link, from YouTube Paste
  2. Maybe. Not personally though
  3. +1000
  4. Other videos of theirs, have 5 million plus views, maybe not a one hit wonder.... It's the only song of theirs that I know
  5. Not too bad mate. How about yourself? Trying to stay in the shade, middle of are summer here
  6. Glad you got out when you did Bob. **** that noise....
  7. Life isn't fair. Sorry for your loss BA
  8. Great shot mate. I was seconds away from taking a shot of a large bat flying towards moon last night, but alas I missed it
  9. http://mentalfloss.com/article/567549/super-blood-wolf-moon-is-coming-in-2019
  10. What causes a blood moon?
  11. That's ok I look forward to hopefully seeing some pics of the blood moon, from you guys. Good shooting