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  1. i can’t speak for the ocean, but in the bays I’m willing to bet the water quality might have something to do with it. Rain run off that’s filled with tons of fertilizers from spring lawn care. But it’s just a shot in the dark and a sorry excuse for my dismal fluke performance Lolol
  2. It started off on fire then it quickly died.
  3. I find myself fishing the flats at sunrise and then moving to channels and drop offs as the day goes on. My theory is that they can move into the flats as the sun rises under the cover of “darkness” or more accurately false dawn, and as the day goes on they loose the ability to sneak on baitfish without being seen first. Forcing them to take cover in the depth and ambush into the current. Seems to be successful. But let’s face it, if the fish aren’t there you have to move. The only way to know if they are there is to switch the presentation up, different colors, shapes, and also trailers. If to no avail after that, I move. To my surprise every fluke except one has ate the teaser hook of either a bare gulp minnow or a tsunami glass minnow with the mullet gulp mullet on it. Which leads me to believe they are currently dialed in on smaller profile. Just recently became convinced when the blues and bass have been throwing up bay anchovies and juvenile spot or porgy (couldn’t tell as they were too far digested). I also had a short fluke throw up a 2” fluke. Savages I tell you, eating their own kind. I do my best to try and recall small details and I am always trying to learn. I believe that above all else is that is key to finding fluke. If they are there, it’s for a reason, the same goes for if they are not. Tight lines.
  4. It was the bass slurping bait on the surface and tail slapping aggressively, but as far as size go schoolies to just over keeper size
  5. Hit outback OC today pulled cocktails at precisely slack, then upon leaving I heard the oh so notorious “slurp and slap”. I knew immediately what it was. Bass. Lots of them. They continued to hit my sp minnow from 9pm ( just after slack) until I left at 11 pm. Would have stayed longer but I have work in the am. Left them biting. Got to meet a nice guy named Pete. Gave Pete an sp and as luck would have it he caught his very first bass. He was as as gitty as a kid in the candy store. Awesome night for sure, one I’ll remember for sure. Get out there fellas it ain’t over. Tight lines.
  6. As a$$ backwards as it seems, I post reports to encourage others to get out there and put the time in. For the guys who are hesitant but love to fish. There’s enough water out there to find fish even when the crowds are rough. When I show up with the land packed I launch the yak. Long story short it’s been a productive spring. Besides catching I’m learning. That to me is the most important part.
  7. Mary lee ( a 50 year old 2500lb great white ) apparently swam through the from Little Egg Inlet, through the Barnegat Bay right under the bridge, then exiting the Barnegat Light Inlet in 2015. Of course I can’t confirm based on sighting but her gps pings. Idk how accurate the ping is but I imagine it’s decently accurate. Her last ping was in 2017 off of Beach Haven LBI. Her tag battery died and she hasn’t been heard from since but is suspected to be alive and well.
  8. Shut it down for 2-3 years catch and release only. Then when it does open 1 fish over 30 per person per day in the FALL only. It’s the only way to save the fishery. Again......which is exactly what I wrote in the survey comments.
  9. Went to pound bottom this morning in the yak, outback southern OC. Launched at 5 am into foggy wet air and almost bailed when I showed up but glad I didn't. Caught one short 16" fluke, one turtle, and a pair of mating horseshoe crabs. Massive schools of small peauts with rain bait mixed in. Whitnesed tailing bluefish for the first time since 2016 which was cool. Just like redfish in LA they were facing into the current, picking off bait schools. Good morning but a let down none the less. Back it again tomorrow. I was so pumped when I felt the weight of the horseshoe crabs but when I didn't feel head shakes it was a drain. Called it quits @ 8am. Got some other things I have to do today.
  10. Cleaned up on coktails looking for bass last night. Watched birds pound a sandbar Everytime a boat wake went over it which I'm assuming they were on sand eels. Can't seem to escape the blues this year. Which I'm thankful for because they have saved me from many many skunked outings. Might give eels in the inlet after dark a shot to get a bass. Tight lines boys.
  11. First outing of this month due to attending a wedding / recoup the day after and then work. Today I faced wind against tide which as we all know, makes it quite challenging to present things properly. Low and behold at the turn of the tide and into incoming I did stumble into about 1/4 acre of peanuts pushed real tight to the rocks. School after school about 30 yards long and 4ft wide swam in with the tide. Along with a decent amount of rain bait. Good amount of bird play as well which I assume we're on peanuts or sand eels. Fished a tinman bucktail, followed by a tinaman metal, then switched to the olllllll faithful. The SP. Found the blues then called it a day. Back it after work tomorrow. Tight lines boys.
  12. Fished out back OC in the yak, sun up until 1. Finished the day with 3 fluke. 17 3/4", 17", 16" and one cocktail. Between three of us in the kayaks we went 1 keeper for 10 shorts.
  13. What a Savage.
  14. For me, it comes down to the fact that when I get worn out I look to change it up. Buying new rigs and lures, watching YouTube videos, talking with buddies etc that keeps me going. When I go out and catch I want to know why I caught that day, tide and spot. When I don't the same holds true. The challenge is what keeps me going. Don't get me wrong taking a break is sometimes needed but they don't last long. The same spies to sitting in the stand for 6 hours day in and day out. But when it pays of, it pays of big. Keep your head on the game and grind it out. It only takes one cast to make or break how you feel that day. A single fish can change the whole outlook.
  15. This morning pre dawn. This about sums it up.