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  1. I haven't found a local dealer that is allowing demos at the moment just rentals, which I'd hate to pay for an hour on each of the models..
  2. So I’m thinking the 2019 outback or a 17 pa12. Both 2800. Gotta pay tax on the outback though as it’s from a dealer.
  3. I think the deciding factor is being able to demo the hobie line.. 3k is nothing to shake a stick at as far as I’m concerned. I want to spring for the new outback but that and a balloon tire cart decimates my budget in a hurry. The. There’s the compass, which I can have fully rigged for fishing with a square hatch/round hatch relocation, rod holders, anchor trolly, anchor, 2 rod leashes, and a cart for the price of the outback w shipping. The revo is right there also as far as money goes. But turn ability is a factor that concerns me working bridges and marshes. Based on strictly yt videos from what I can gather 4mph is the average long distance cruising speed regardless of which model. The sweet deal on that pa12 sounds great until I blow my self apart loading it on top of a Pathfinder. my heads going to pop.
  4. I’ve stumbled upon a 2017 pa12 for 2800... but boy they spec out heavy.
  5. Is any one by chance aware of any demo days coming up? The price of the revo is right there in the ball park. Also, is anyone aware of a revo revamp in the future ? Like how they did the outback..
  6. Thanks for taking the time to respond fellas, I’m 5’8 186 athletic build in pretty good shape. I left the revo out because the length. Although not entirely opposed to the 13, the 11 doesn’t have the weight rating. The 13 seems a bit much to be working bridges and back bay honey holes, it doesn’t seem to be quick to turn if I need to work around a piling. Now, out front I am willing to bet it’s hard to beat it. What I’m trying to say is I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too! Having said that I am yet to test one. I currently paddle a equinox 12.0f comes in at about 75lbs with the rudder and foot controls I added. About 95lbs rigged with crate, planos, 7.5 lb anchor and Garmin 43dv.
  7. Alright sooo. I got about 3k give or take to spend. Have a yak with a 43dv Garmin which I can transfer to another yak simply, but would like to buy a bigger screen ff to go with the new yak. Plain and simple, I’ve paddled for years and I’m over it. I’m going pedal to keep up with fish and be more productive. I fish Barnegat bay and will plan to launch out front when sea / wind conditions and fish allow for it I car top on a 2008 pathfinder which had weight limits of 150 on the roof rack safely in all conditions and speeds. So says the manual. I have no problem lifting said weight alone, although the cumbersome shape of the yak doesn't make it fun. Im looking into the following : perception pilot 12 compass outback jackson coosa fd old town topwater pdl to name a few. Priorities would be : speed transducer mount Turning radius reverse ( I have found the compass with the 180) As far as stability goes, they are all okay with me because I’m never going to be standing up in the yak fishing. Don’t want to and don’t need to. What say you SOL
  8. I also have sent a pm thanks sol and thank you John for the help
  9. My local hot spot in OC the fish were on the fees before the cold front and wind, they weren't feeding on penuts I believe it was also spearing
  10. Perch finally broke and was decent today. 2 hours fished and a steady pick until dark. Grass shrimp was key.
  11. Whose are those and how can I get my hands on them
  12. Fished OC outback from 3 am to 630 picked 10 fish dropped 4 more. All schoolie size fisg keyed in on small bait. Ripple shad on a 1/2oz Jughead was the ticket. 4" gulp nemesis but tails where getting bit off so I switched back to ripple shad. Over all great night. I was fishing from land but had asked some guys in a boat that were on scene water temp was 50* @ 4 am
  13. Checked a few spots outback in OC in search of bait mostly and reading the water at different stages. Didn't find anything that "wow'd" me but I got a few flats for fluke season picked out. I'll be hitting the night shift from 3- sunrise will report back after.
  14. Sure why not, deal. pm sent
  15. Ahhh crap.. I just re read the description and saw no PayPal.....