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  1. I apologize I was getting ready for and going away on vacation.. didn’t have much time for much of anything preparing for it. Was an awesome cruise out of Miami. Second one this year ! Sucks to be back lol Any ways i was looking for something in the 6-7 inch range. 2-3oz would be good for sure. Cowboy jrs, tattoo deep swimmer and the like.. fishing 3.5kt inlet at night that holds 15-50ft depending on where I position if that helps at all.
  2. I just had a few riggies come in the mail from cow harbor
  3. Had one of my best days ever last week on a SE wind. 25 in one hours time. One after another. Would have caught more if I wasn't busy messing with trebbles. Moral of the story. Go fish. If it doesn't work this time take notes and move on to the next spot.. IMO sometimes not catching is more important than cathing as far as learning goes..
  4. I almost pulled the trigger on them. But didn't. They can be had for $11 online.. the reason I didn't get them is becua3e I feel they are no improvement (my opinion only) over the mag dsrter. I wish the sweater weighed more and dived a little deeper. As it is now my plug bag(s) are absolutely stuffed as is..
  5. I fished pretty hard this spring and have 1 blue to show for it caught in the lip on the beach. Every outing has produced bass for me except for 2. Of which were incoming tides. Two years ago it was out of control with how many I caught. In a way I'm thankful but on the flip side it's depressing... Its obviously not the same for everyone as far as catching them goes but this is just my experience....
  6. Scout Look fishing app. Has all variables already input. Barmetric pressure Moon illumination and location Wind and weather hour by hour Tides What you used what you caught (or didn't) Satalite image and gps of exactly where you where A note section and photo selection And on and on and on.
  7. Out back OC Outgoing 11:45 Pm to 3am 1 bass on a wine red Tinman Bucktail wi/ white ottertail 6 bass on blue and black mag darter 1 bass on white paddletail. All in the 22"-26" range No yellow eyes tonight. Took my 13 yr old nephew with me and we doubled up which was great. He was stoked to be out fishing all night. Water had 6 inches of visibility. With wind against current, it was rough and tough to get a good presentation. Over all great time.
  8. Southern OC toniggt. Started out slinging a Tinman metal but the bow in the line cause by the whipping wind made it near impossible to work things properly. Switched to my chunking rod and threw some bunker. That led to a skate that measured 3' tip tip. That was it. Will try another spot hoping to repeat my last night outback tonight. Been up for work since 3:30 am so don't know how long it will last without any bites.
  9. OC out back last night 7:30 - 12:30. High slack to outgoing. Cleaned up on em last night. All the action was from 10-12. But from 11-12 I had 28 fish. Put my VR 50 to work and gave it a whooping. There was one that will haunt me forever. I was fishing my 7' medium fast St Croix tidemaster and got burried. Went striat down and I couldn't budge it. Hit just below the surface something fierce and I couldn't stop what ever it was. Just got owned. Lost my favorite mag darter.
  10. Yesterday OC out back blues and small bass to 24”. Had fun for sure. Some bunker around as well as worms. Lots of worms.
  11. Bay mostly. Blues, stripes, fluke you name it. Just saw Skinners video on the 8’ gsb with the 3/8-2 rating. Had me all smiles until i saw the price lol. But hey you get what you pay for right? Pretty excited to see the black hole 8’ too. Time will tell I suppose
  12. Is almost as if he hated it and was hungry (ok starving) at the same time!
  13. Give it a half hour. Can’t tell you how many times I said... no way. Not a chance. Then I wet a line based on the effort involved alone and wham. Hooked up.
  14. 8’ 1/2 - 2 oz rating will match my Vr50 perfectly. When will these be available ??