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  1. Exposure protection is key. Deet has pretty gnarly results when overused. I mistblow a fews thousand gallons of synthetic pyrethroid mix every year. IGR's , Synergists, and polymer surfactants. PPE is critical, but, harm to others is pretty much nil. Just don't lick leaves and lawns. I'm more terrified of botanicals. Those things are unregulated, and they will burn you're junk off if you aren't careful.
  2. Still should file down the head on a slutted driver.
  3. I've had this one for ten years maybe. I keep it in the expy. It saved my butt the other day when my starter solenoid was loose. I've used it pretty hard and no failure.
  4. Ride
  5. Go to your happy place. Get on the bike and ride like no other girl has gotten you to rife.
  6. Sanctioned my ass too.
  7. You said " F" , you have no teef!
  8. Get em!. !
  9. What Facts? What about the Azov Nazis
  10. You can't talk to me without approval. We all know your a tranny, but I'll have to be punished. The canal is dead BTW, not a hint of schooling.
  11. The old Curmudgeon is a hoot.
  12. The Barberians are brutal.
  13. Fish Wee told me to post that!