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  1. You should have picked it up and measured it. They get calm once they're in the bilge of a canoe.
  2. They probably miss the social/peer interaction which is 50% of the school day.
  3. Ive done it many times myself. it always blew me away how wrong I was.
  4. Some people pay people to wash their windows. Some people work 50+ hours a week, have an income commensurate to that. They may feel they would rather spend their free time doing other things than scouring their property for rat food ( dog poop ) and dealing with its disposal.
  5. You're wrong. Its a niche business, but, entrepreneurial spirit is what drives other ventures. Covid-19 hurt KK, but demand will slowly come back for the service. Especially on the Cape. If KK is fit, hates ticks and mosquitoes and likes a good paycheck, I happen to know a company. Nobody thought a career could be made hanging holiday lights, but , its a rising field. KK, sorry to hear that, but, you were on to something with your service.
  6. No, they dont.
  7. 8 and 9 doing okay. Their mother hasnt seen them since the end of February. The biggest part of their education at their age is the social peer interaction, and that is the hardest for them.
  8. The bigger girls are lazy. They hang in the rip or go with the current.
  9. The Jogger?
  10. AvE mentioned it in one of his videos. I got curious and scoured the interwebs and saw some pics. The pin alignment was only a partial problem. The cog teeth were too shallow also. Hillary Clinton had more followers btw. That jack style has had documented failures for decades anyways. Nothing new
  11. It wasnt the pin, it was the die for the cast iron post that was worn. But same effect. The casting on the recalled ones is horrible to say the least.
  12. Love wagos too for the same reasons. I believe part of the backstab problems were due to switches ( mainly outlets ) can wiggle a bit during use and weaken the spring clips holding backstabs.
  13. I would just cut and re-strip. Backstabs satisify code, but, best practice is a screw post. Decoras dont take up that much more space. You can get regular, mid, and oversize decora plates. You will like the update. Much cleaner look in my own opinion. Easier to clean also.
  14. Rennet?