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  1. And there was plenty of room but people stood elbow to elbow. Fun watching them tangle up.
  2. They were hammering them yesterday morning near an academy.
  3. But you have to be careful telling him that, he'll start thinking hes hot $#it on a silver platter when hes cold diarrhea in a dixie cup.
  4. I didnt notice that. They didnt have ****ing rods.
  5. I give up, lets see what happens. You speak mandarin or Portuguese? Sidenote, my stepdaughter us fluent in mandarin
  6. Bog posted a link a while back. Is it dead now?
  7. Nope, skip dispatch, report online. It goes directly to the EPOs. Dispatch is up north. Call dispatch , they call so and so and ...
  8. I put my kids in their rubber room at my parents so they cant get hurt at the canal. Dads white cell are up since tuesdays " hard chop " chemo round. Kids sat inside all day on devices safe from the canal dangers. Anyhow, pulled up to a lot that easily holds 4 cars and a motorcycle, but people park like idiots. Wasnt goint to fish, just wanted to see how bad it was. Two " tan guys were approaching a car in the lot. One guy was caryying a fish, the other had a contractor bag with three spine lines showing. I rolled the window down, one guy said " hi" and i said " how many are in that trash bag?" Complete shutdown from them at that point. Trash bag was put in the back and a sheet of some sort pulled over the whole deal. Though about parking behind them but didnt know if they were low intelligence " dinghy " types so i backed up, snapped a pic, and let let them leave. Heres the car, plates, and all. ( in all honesty, if they were a "dinghy" type of guy, And did something stupid, id just throw it in low, call the attorney, and put a subaru in the canal.) Long story short, Watch for these poachers.
  9. Huge dinky should shut his ignorant pie hole. And that wont happen , j uh dging by hi posts , the state police should be notified.
  10. Yeah, really sorry to say i had him skip transgendered sensitivity training . Hes a weird kid , he has this untreatable competitive issue. I think the teachers at school next year will make sure thats not an issue.
  11. Impossible! 5'> 30+ yr olds are the only humans capable of scrambling and running rap and boulders.
  12. Knoxy10, care to chime in ? ( in regards to my parenting deficiencies)?.
  13. Youre an idiot. Thats their second playground. You should see them running the scusset jetty.