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  1. Oops older hoverdeathmachine pic. Look what it did to my wrist worse than the last time.
  2. Hoverboards are worse than absent parents. At least your kids know the hoverboard will fark you up
  3. Even worse than a a week or so ago.
  4. Rst3 nailed it yesterday. Went outside and our 40+ ° weather hit frozen as fook in 1.5 hours.
  5. Bustello or medaglia d'oro. I like some harump in my "permitted " cup per day. I use to rely on this bad boy for the best burr grind. Now it just sits while lisinopril takes front seat
  6. That would not be good. If a freeze hits right now, you will be able to skate on rt 6
  7. Quick question, I'm 8 minutes to the canal. It seems the forecasts are always inaccurate. Could be 1" ( the southernmost of plymouth " and 10 miles north is buried and vice versa. Is it possible that ditch of water affects how the storms dump?. Its just strange that near the canal, all bets are off.
  8. Prayers sent
  9. I'd get their sprayer kit. I use 5-6 cans a year. Soak my rockers and as much of the undercarriage as possible. The stuff is awesome.
  10. She gave up the Captain. I'm now restricted or no whoopy
  11. Only once, never again. Auditory, visually, and sensory, that stuff is pure psychonaut candy. Never again because watching my fingers melt together into flippers made me realize I found my tipping point.
  12. Congratulations
  13. Invite nobody, especially family. Problem solved? Invite the rif the day before.