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  1. Congratulations
  2. Invite nobody, especially family. Problem solved? Invite the rif the day before.
  3. Wally at the gas station explained the " chemtrail" situation to me. He gives me chucky cheese tokens to use in the air machine so his theory is strong with me.
  4. I saw this in a yard. Vacant house. Is it the chicken in the woods fungus?
  5. 4.8 miles from their school. But, I signed the form permitting the school to administer KI in event of a "situation", everyone on the Cape would be eff'd though.
  6. His bluetooth headset and bandana.
  7. Just curious.
  8. I was showing swimpal how it's not possible to hit baitfish with a pebble. Not cool.
  9. I knew someone here would nail it
  10. Another angle. And, I'd rather not say how I caught it.
  11. Bass river, dennis ma.
  12. For the past few weeks, I've been doing it too much.
  13. A problem with a Jeep? That cant be true.
  14. My kids love it there, but the concrete block thingy does not make any sense. Caution tape was on that slide for such a long time.