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  1. Yep, when a liberal fishing website starts censoring dark humor you know that he, him, her, vax vax, lgbtq+×÷=/, owns the everything.
  2. Do you watch other threads as much as you do mine? d-bag
  3. If I had a " meme" to post, that is a little distasteful, but funny in a twisted way ( fishweewee probably already posted it ) is there a Moderator online right now that will check it and not boot me from the TT? It's twisted humor but, I will only post it if somebody says don't. It is a little vulgar, but so was the truly tasteless jokes book series.
  4. You're just jealous. How's that Monkeypox going?
  5. Where is your charts from the " science!" ?
  6. If it just enters the chimney and there is no stainless liner, a clean out 1' -2' above ground is what I see.
  7. Hold what you have dude.there are options bitch
  8. Thats a bummer. A number of manufacturers are now doing 1-12 scarf joints. Mostly exterior trim. It's pretty awesome stuff. Joints never show.
  9. It also depends on what rating the service lines have going to your meter. Can't put 200 Amp panel if the poco has 150 Amp lines to the house. That gets pricey.
  10. White Perch. You're welcome.
  11. Enclosed cab? Spray a bunch Ozium and close it up for a half hour. If it's open bed, tarp over the bed and Ozium it.
  12. Thank you moderators for letting me post without Tim interfering . I hope you're doing well boss. Going to bed.
  13. I watched A guy I dont think this thread is going anywhere near the correct direction. Blah Blah Blah, commercial guys aren't improving the situation. Rec guys are them she her his Mr. Ms. Miss. Etc. And they kill them too. I watched a guy down at MMA today think he was going to catch some fish. They hate me standing around with my attack dog. They caught nothing, but my kid came over and yelled at me for not responding since practice ended. Honestly, the canal is dead. Stop posting canal cam pics folks. It's been so bad this month. Stop fishing the canal. Hit the beaches.
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