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  1. Nice!. Congrats.
  2. I had to take a break from her for awhile. Truth be told, i met a gorgeous crazy as coyote on pcp woman. Worked great for getting me over my divorce. Screwed up though and my kids befriended hers. Well, i had to end it , thats another thread. So my first feeling was to get back out there. Im busy with my kids 24/7 but i figured whats the harm. This time they cant be involved. So i met a woman. Beautiful woman. Hot as bleep. But i saw she was 59. I skipped her, but she obviously pays the premium too and saw i checked her out. She messaged me and things looked good except the distance was no doable for 59. After a week or so of me being reserved, i let the Captain reply, she asked " what do you want out of this relationship " im not entirely sure, but i have may have crossed a line. Needless to say, i think captain made some possibly innapropriate suggestions. Fast forward one day, i toss a pencil popper to a 48 year old beauty. Gorgeous, but, she is very strong willed( short too, really short) . Anyhow, she tells me that she is only interested in " men that have well defined muscles" . So i said whatever , good bye. !!! Heres the problem, she keeps sending me stuff, and i keep responding and i keep sending stuff back. Id make whoopie with this woman in a heartbeat. Except, she says im a dumbass about how involved my kids in my last rebound. My question for the experts here is, " how do i handle this"! Forgive me for saying this, but ,yeah i want to jump her bones. Shes short and shower carryable. And shes mean. But hot as hell and i get the vibe that she getting an urge. So, what do i do? ( please red, please j, please dont give a suggestion).
  3. Its it illegal to use seal meat in lobster traps?
  4. My father and I are coming.
  5. My dad landed a great fish that night, my son ( step son ) was with us, it was a beautiful monster, but reeled in against the flow. It was dead on landing. My dad and I fished the Ellis river only in the catch and release stretch. Worst thing he would do is pump their stomachs and tie a fly to match it. You guys might like him. I should bring him too. He is an ob/gyn , so if anyone knows how to handle the smell off fish....
  6. It may be too late, but I can drop the kids off at my parents and drag my dad there with me. I think it was 70 years ago that he started fishing. My dad would drag me down rail trail along the canal, sniff with his nose and say " yeah, here is the spot, You go down, Ill go up. He showed me how to time casts next to his that night, a valuable lesson. He was about 30 yards south of me when he yelled " dont go further " , guess what? I found the "drop". I was wearing knee highs.
  7. I would like point out an irrefutable fact. If we eliminated humans from earth, we would not be having this conversation right now. Just sayin'. ( foxes would be able to move back to Foxborough, Canada Geese would get their country back. And plovers numbers would skyrocket into the billions... billions I tell ya!).
  8. Moochers! Rmarsh and I were besties in pre-school.
  9. I've been a little irritated with the bozo cardiologist. I did my research, and sourced out a bunch of bulk supplement suppliers. So I'm filling my own 000 size capsules with the best chinese stuff out there. I'm saving a ton of money.i think I od'd though. I cant go to the hospital though. Kids are asleep.
  10. All I'm going to say is... I made post #1000
  11. Sending her a pic of what you and your tinder date did to her favorite bed sheets
  12. " looking deep into her eyes and seeing the third set of car keys behind her."