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  1. Real nice condition only have one key $140 pick up preferred
  2. I have a new in package lamiglas CSB1022L 8'6" blank line 10-17 lure 1/2 -2 1/4 if interested
  3. I will take the bottom pic minus the keel weights that's 5 moulds
  4. I had a no show on the pick up of the Yeti Hopper 20 If you are interested in it you can have it for $150 shipped.  I will hold off on relisting it till I here from you.


    1. Maine Guide

      Maine Guide

      Ziggy, I’m driving from Maine to mass tomorrow.  Where in NH are you?  Would you take $125 cash picked up?  Saves the pp and shipping costs. 

    2. Ziggy


      Call me603-777-7980


  5. The Allstar 1085-2 is a 2 piece blank can be shipped $150 The 1209 is a 10' blank will be picked up or meet $200
  6. Thanks for the offers but I am firm on price it is immaculate condition
  7. No trades looking to raise money for boat
  8. The biggest reel I have had in it was a Sustain 6000 there are post here that describes the different reels others have had in it
  9. Like new not even a scuff mark on the bottom, used a couple of times but would fit in the compartment on my boat that I wanted to keep it in $150
  10. Good shape a few scratches have both keys $125
  11. I won't be able to check on shipping till Friday will let you as soon as I can
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