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  1. Awesome stuff. I heard they give a good fight. Cheers
  2. Collateral damage while targeting sea run brookies.. Have a great day
  3. Ever tried inlines on a plug with swivel hook attachments ? Obviously not. You would never fish them again.
  4. North of the border (Eastern Canada), inlines are mandatory.
  5. Wish I could find some custom spooks in that range but ''Jersey style'' (fixed belly hook attachment)... I have loved my Tatoo's but with new regulations for the use of inline hooks, they are now useless. Have a good day
  6. Get a Burris 1 X 8.
  7. That is mint.
  8. I was with Sitka Gear for a while under their ''guide's program''...Back in, hmmm, around 2008-09... I like technical clothing and I am very demanding. Sitka is hard to beat. I still wear my original Stormfront jacket and pants (hard shell), Jetstream jacket (soft shell). Went through some other stuff... I had their Alpine Expedition pack (72 liters) that I used on solo hunts in NZ. Was not that good and I think they stopped making it. Expensive equipment.But if you can afford it, it's well worth it.
  9. You are not only delusional. but you are an a$$hole. That is low. And your god is asking you not to be an arse. For waht it's worth... Folks like you are creepy. Over and out.
  10. You are being delusional. Elaborate with facts. If you can't, well...
  11. I shot 2000 rounds of 22 lr (rifle speed on steel ) last winter... Usually I'll go through 60 rounds of 308 during the summer, between the100 and 200 mtrs targets...And about a dozen shots with the muzzleloader just to confirm accuracy.
  12. I admire your patience.
  13. ^^^^ I agree. Class. Good on you for getting out there. Cheers
  14. As far as sheer numbers, US are just second behind Brazil. Per capita, US are ranking fourth behind Venezuela, Honduras, and Guatemala.
  15. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, death by firearms has now surpassed any other death cause in the US for kids under 19.
  16. Hi all With all the new regulations (especially up here) and suggestions on the use of inlines hooks on plugs, I'm surprised that pretty much every plugs for sale here are useless with belly inlines... I wish lure makers would make more plugs with fixed belly hook attachment. This is just my opinion. Have a great day
  17. So what do you suggest ?
  18. Welcome to the US ****in of A...
  19. True. But do not forget that a set of binos will not put bread on the table. Money rules. I hunted for people for 15 years steady. I was paid a **** pile of money to do it. Tips were a great addition to my base salary. And sports gave me rifles, binos, knives, watches, GPS, invited me on fishing trips, to their Florida homes, etc... But money rules. I had a wonderful guiding career. You do not need the 45-70. Relax. Shoot a box of 300 at 200 yds. You should be 2 inches high at 100 yds. All good from 0 to 350. If ever you need more info just pm me. Cheers
  20. I agree with you. But that Leica already has superb glass and light transmission, even in a 44 mm...Personally, I would not hesitate to take it for a walk... Cheers
  21. Since you already have that Leica on hand...Just make the switch. That 300 of yours paired with the Leica would a combo hard to beat. Your guide will be pleased when you open that gun case... Just my opinion.
  22. If I understand correctly, as a US resident you will be paying major dollars for that hunt. Probably around 15 K...Or a bit more... Therefore you should ask and listen to your outfitter's advice. You should not listen or ask advice anywhere else. Case closed.
  23. My sweetie's Ballistic LT6000 feels like a feather and smooth as.