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  1. Hi all I am opened to suggestions for a 12W Coldwater floating flyline...Something similar to an OB, not an OBS...Around 500 grains... Thank you and have a great day ^..^
  2. That is some serious flyfishing right there. Congratulations ! ^..^
  3. I was guiding whitetail hunting on Anticosti Island back then. I had just gotten back from the morning hunt. My two sports for the week were guys from New Jersey, but out of our 30 guests for the week, at least 20 were from the States. We had satellite TV at the camp. We all watched in disbelief. Some folks fell on their knees and started crying. Sad day.
  4. You have a good life mate. ^..^
  5. Speedy recovery BFD... Just got this one tonight. ^..^
  6. Awesome. ^..^
  7. Your wife looks alright to me mate... ^..^
  8. Awesome. Thanx Mike
  9. You're an effen joke man. You live in a bubble or you're on drugs. Let us know. I can't believe some of you guys are still pushing for this clown/''prez'' of yours... True. Sad...Very sad...
  10. Cheers mate Good news cause I need to make a decision fast...I have a striper fishing excursion scheduled for early October... Sweet. ^..^
  11. Hi all I'm in need of info... I'm a beginner with TH casting and just got a Beulah Opal 9-10 surf rod for overhead casting...I want to keep things simple to start with and was advised to load it with an OBS Intermediate 12 weight... What is your opinion ? Is 12 weight too heavy ? 11 weight is better ? Thanx for your input ^..^
  12. How's Spiderwire compared to JBraid diameter wise ? Thanx ^..^