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  1. I fished San Juan del Sur in Nica (Just a bit North of CR border) for 5 weeks 3 years ago( March-April) and it is still by far the worse fishing trip I ever had...Couple little snappers...And I fished hard, trust me. Good luck It is my opinion that the coast is waaaaay overfished.
  2. I just tried it. No problemo. I'll make a couple. Thanks.
  3. All three produced. I still fish the bottom one because it has mojo. Cheers
  4. Does the VR 150 GEN 2 have an auto bail or manual bail ? Thanks
  5. Thanks. I'm going to try some. Cheers
  6. Nice. These eyes have a stem right ? Do they withstand real world fishing ? I'm curious. They look good.
  7. Sorry if I mislead you. We are about half way....Kind of... Our planet is attracted by the sun in a non linear manner...Faster and faster...
  8. I like the deceiver a lot, Must swim crazy.
  9. Have a nice trip. Meanwhile, I'll contemplate my frozen backyard
  10. When you feel you're onto something and you just keep going at it... I'm not an artist like some of the guys here are some of my ''bread and butter'' flies. Simple fish catching flies. Cheers
  11. I think , as the owner of this website, you should apologize. You getting way out man. Or just move this stuff to the cess pool (PG). Show a minimum of class.
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