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  1. I do both. I travel a lot so I need to be able to adapt to unpredictable conditions or fish... For me the tug is the drug. The take is everything. A cubera with a big popper on spinsurf gear, a bonefish with a no2 shrimp pattern on fly rod, a striper on a gurgler or a pencil popper, whatever it takes to get that ''heart attack''... Just started using a two hand overhead flyrod. Man...I have a loooong way to go ...But it's different.I like it a lot. I just love fishing. Have a good day ^..^
  2. Or the Lamson Remix... ^..^
  3. Check the Lamson Liquid. Not machined, but solid bang for the money. They sell a kit. Reel frame with 3 spools... ^..^
  4. My apologies then. Cheers ^..^
  5. Keep things simple. A well tied knot will not fail you.Cinch it down properly . No glue. Always test your knots. ALWAYS. You will never apply enough pressure on your line to slip a properly tied Albright. Let's not forget that we are talking about flyfishing applications....10 to 15 lbs drag max pressure...Try 5 lbs of drag on your striper equipment... Just my opinion ^..^
  6. Caught over a 1000+ bonefish with a Cimarron 4 (older non-large arbor version)...Never had a glitch. I'm still using it. Awesome reel. ^..^
  7. Wounded baitfish do I think... I could be wrong though. ^..^
  8. Non-slip loop knot everywhere for me. ^..^
  9. Plugs and flies are all barbless for me. Some plugs still require treble to function properly but most are single hooks. I get better hook up and landing success with Mustad Kaijuun singles than VMC In-lines... ^..^
  10. That makes sense considering your needs. Good luck ^..^
  11. Jesus has nothing to do with your fishing equipment mate. You made an excellent choice with the 10 Nomad Heavy. No worries. You will like the rod. ^..^
  12. Probably irrelevant but, I was fortunate to be sponsered by Loomis in the 90's when th GLX came out.Back then , I thought they were the '' ferraris'' of fly rods...Ultra fast, light...Brittle though...Hit them with a bead eyed bonefish fly and ...Used 7 and 9 ... Good days on the flats... Things change so quickly... Cheers ^..^
  13. I have no gods, but I send my deepest thoughts to the parents. Time will heal the wounds. ^..^
  14. Good ol' 870 with slugs will take care of them. ^..^