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  1. I guess the OP was dealing with striped bass, and to be honest, with my limited experience, I do not know what to say... BUT, as far as ocean fishing for other types of predatory fish, ANYWHERE in the world, you can't beat plugs. Big plugs catch the big fish. ^..^
  2. Bourbon... Yes.
  3. Very nice. ^..^
  4. Working hard outside this time of year with that crazy weather makes me sleep well and early at night...If not, a gin tonic will do the trick Otherwise, I always plan a tropical trip in March. That keeps me busy tying flies , preparing gear and lures, and it cuts the winter blues... I go through all my stuff, sort it out, give away what I do not need or will not use anymore... Learn a lot of things on SOL... With April comes turkey hunting... After that, summer is around the corner... ^..^
  5. That's pretty brutal. ^..^
  6. Beautiful photography. Makes me think of Gray's Journal... ^..^
  7. I have a 6, 8, 10, and 12. No complaints. Used to fish high end stuff but pretty happy now with these affordable rods. ^..^
  8. Hmmm... Thanks Tony.
  9. Good evening Tony Just received a replacement for the previous reel. It's a 2018 reel. It's all good but surprisingly the bail is manual trip. Seems like the automatic was never engaged. I prefer it that way. Does it happen often ? Thanx
  10. Caught plenty, guided 8 seasons, and never used smaller than 4's... Don't know for other guys but I always end up using basically the same 3 or 4 flies... On 2's or 4's... Good luck ^..^
  11. Thanx Hook I'll look into that as I use the UV a good bit... ^..^
  12. What type of eyewear ? Would you have a link ? Thanks ! ^..^
  13. I prefer Solarez than Loon... I'll be chasing gallo at the end of March in Bahia Drake...Where are you located ? Cheers ^..^
  14. Welcome to the Dark Side... ^..^