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  1. 45 minutes...Yellowfin@125lbs...On an old International 20 loaded with 30 lbs mono...Thought the folks in grey suits took him but managed to get him on board.Out of my flats skiff in the Tongue of the Ocean off Andros... Didn't know what I was doin' ^..^
  2. Awesome experience. Congratulations ! ^..^
  3. I got in touch with my buddy who's involved in the tagging program. Up here we do not have ''visual'' tags...The transmitters are inserted in the abdominal cavity via surgery. The specialists are aware that stripers from Miramichi go to Nova Scotia, and they ''suspect'' that some individuals go further South, but no confirmation ...yet. ^..^
  4. It's all a bout the way the face mask is built. When I work up in the arctic, my face mask has a nose piece that re-directs my nose breathing downward. The mask is made of thin neoprene, lined with fleece. Otherwise, if you put your shades over your buff,condensation will build inevitably. ^..^
  5. No. ^..^
  6. Seems like there is some kind of rotor brake on it when the bail is opened... That should do the the trick. I'll spool it with 20 J-Braid. Thank you all for your advice. ^..^
  7. What's your point ?
  8. What type of line are you using ? How many yards ? Thanx
  9. Don't we live on the same ground ? I'm your friend, not your enemy. Relax. We share the same burden. Work. Family. Health. Peace. Future... Cheers
  10. Neighbor from up North.
  11. To be honest, I don't know... Thing is, right now, your country on the long term is heading in the wrong direction. Ignorance can be forgiven. Stupidity ? No.
  12. F course. You elected the worse leader of all times. He beats them all. He is a liar and a crook. Wake up. ^..^
  13. I understand. What about braid capacity ? Realistic ? Thanx ^..^
  14. I received the 6000 today... Like I mentionned to Shipwreck, it seems like joke...The reel is SOOOO small and LIGHT....About 2/3 the size of one my 5K size reel...11.1oz on the scale...Can't believe I'll spool close to 300 yds of 30lb braid on that... Looks like a toy... ^..^
  15. I'm sure you're super busy but again, what do you think ? Thanx ^..^