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  1. Sincere apologies. Really.
  2. Rooting for decency and honesty.
  3. Thanx for the pointer. But this is still speculative.
  4. Man. You really spend too much time on the computer. Get a ****in life.
  5. Explain to me how politics have anything to do with dealing with a pandemic...
  6. I blame it on bad management. Problem is , you ALWAYS bring things back to politics. It has NOTHING to do with politics.
  7. The Florida governor is incompetent .
  8. Facts. Show me your sources. If you can't , shut the effen up. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you will soon hit 100 000 deaths related to COVID. If I remember correctly, you were saying a while back that this was no more than a common flu,,...
  9. Nice flie.
  10. Of course.