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  1. Can't wait to see that video... ^..^
  2. Very interesting Thank you.
  3. Awesome. ^..^
  4. Beautiful. Really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ^..^
  5. Got it. Thanx
  6. Hey Mike What do you mean ? M
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong...You are using a WF9F on your 7/8 ? Any tips added ? What's you leader configuration ? Thanx
  8. I am very happy that you are bringing up the subject. I have the Opal 9-10 and get about the same results as you do....80 to 90 in perfect conditions...70 being the practical distance I guess...Was thinking about letting some running line out on the back cast...Wish I could see a video of someone doing it... Cheers ^..^
  9. As the title says Royal Wulff Ambush WF 12.5 F (525 grains) almost new. Bought early June 2019. Shot in freshwater 5 times, never in the salt. With original spool and box. $50 shipped, paypal only. Thank you for your interest. ^..^
  10. This morning I switched to a tropical OBS wf12f and it shot good...I'm in Quebec and will be fishing in New Brunswick next couple weeks......No tangling of flyline whatsoever...Doesn't even feel stiff... added a 10ft intermediate polyleader and it goes better. Still... I contacted Tight Lines in NJ and they recommand 560 grs for the rod...That is what they actually use... I'm puzzled. Edit. I need lessons.
  11. Good morning This morning I went back from the Ambush WF12.5F to an Tropical OBS WF12F without tip, leader 6' of 40 mono, 6 inch EP anchovy. Feels better, definitely not there yet. The Ambush is very ''ropy''...The Tropical OBS shoots better... Overall, I'm starting to feel that I need longer heads... I realize that it is much more difficult to cast a floating line than an intermediate.... I'm using a floating line because I want to use larger size poppers and surface flies... Have a great day ^..^
  12. For striped bass, my Slammer III 4500 on my 9'6'' Suzuki. ^..^
  13. Yes the line continues to fly as it is piling up... Do you mean I should release earlier ? What's overhang ? The running line ? Thanx
  14. Thank you both for your input. I get 90' out (in perfect conditions, one roll cast, one cast) but the head piles up...I do not get complete ''unwrapping'' of the fly line... Red, maybe you are right...I could be overlined...I need to have an experienced TH caster to try my kit... Cheers
  15. Hi all I'm fairly new to OH 2Handed flycasting...Practicing a lot...I use an Ambush 12.5 F(525 grs) on the Opal 9-10 ...I'd like to know if some of you guys are using heavier lines on that specific rod. Thank you for taking time to answer ^..^