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  1. Would also be interested in the top one...If ever you split... Thanx ^..^
  2. Hi all As the title says. Brand new. Spooled. Never casted. 50 bucks shipped . Cheers ^..^
  3. Assuming it is for cold water... I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a Beulah Serum Tip system for my Opal 9/10...It's integrated floating, plus 3 different 12 ft tips...Total 550 grains, total length 130 ft... Beulah Canada confirmed to me that they should have it next week... Hope it helps... Cheers ^..^
  4. Just got a 9'6 .75-3 to pair with a Ballistic 6000...Can't wait for the wife to try it in June...I think she'll like it. ^..^
  5. Thanx ^..^
  6. Won't work.I'm using it as we speak but will only be back home Apr 6th. Good luck with your fishing trip. ^..^
  7. I would have a used 9 weight SA Bonefish available in 2 weeks if you want... 30 shipped. ^..^
  8. Moron. Next time you get a heart attack, ask me to give you a heart massage... FFS...
  9. How long is your bimini ? How long a leader ? With an 8 foot popping rod I got problems shooting a bimini through first main guide... Thanx
  10. Thank you very much.
  11. What you are saying is the Rizz finish is affecting negatively the overall FG performance and only half hitches should be used to finish ? Thanx Your input is highly appreciated
  12. '' I've never been cut by braid''... Hmmm... IMO, he doesnt put enough pressure on his knot. ^..^
  13. FG with Rizz finish. Takes 5 minutes. ^..^