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  1. True. But do not forget that a set of binos will not put bread on the table. Money rules. I hunted for people for 15 years steady. I was paid a **** pile of money to do it. Tips were a great addition to my base salary. And sports gave me rifles, binos, knives, watches, GPS, invited me on fishing trips, to their Florida homes, etc... But money rules. I had a wonderful guiding career. You do not need the 45-70. Relax. Shoot a box of 300 at 200 yds. You should be 2 inches high at 100 yds. All good from 0 to 350. If ever you need more info just pm me. Cheers
  2. I agree with you. But that Leica already has superb glass and light transmission, even in a 44 mm...Personally, I would not hesitate to take it for a walk... Cheers
  3. Since you already have that Leica on hand...Just make the switch. That 300 of yours paired with the Leica would a combo hard to beat. Your guide will be pleased when you open that gun case... Just my opinion.
  4. If I understand correctly, as a US resident you will be paying major dollars for that hunt. Probably around 15 K...Or a bit more... Therefore you should ask and listen to your outfitter's advice. You should not listen or ask advice anywhere else. Case closed.
  5. My sweetie's Ballistic LT6000 feels like a feather and smooth as.
  6. Thanx. I'll pass.
  7. Curious to know why you're selling... Thanx
  8. Does the Big Fish have a swivel belly hook or fixed ? Thanx
  9. Beautiful plug. Fixed belly or swivel ? Thanx
  10. Only you can come up with such a stupid thread opening. What a moron, or ballon knot, whatever.
  11. You speak with wisdom. Cheers
  12. First gen ? Thanx
  13. ^^^^
  14. In order to really shine, a 7 mil mag need to be pushing heavier bullets...180's...Kind of... Ballistically speaking, it is better than a 300 mag. Just my opinion.