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  1. Beautiful pictures, as usual... What is that concrete piling on the last picture ? Have a great day
  2. For me , fly fishing is the next best thing after throwing a hand line...If you never tried hand lining a big fish, try it. It is awesome. You feel the take, with the hearth attack that goes with it, feeling the heat of the line through your gloves...Ask the mates on the big game boats when they leader a fish... So yes, flyfishing for me is a way to connect with fish in a more ''direct'' manner... It is a ''feel'' thing...
  3. Great ! At least you know they are there...Turkey hunting is not really challenging physically...It's a mental thing...Good luck !
  4. Good stuff. Friday night, when the sun goes down,just before dark, go back there and give them a call...You'll know where they're roosted for the night...That will help you to determine where to sit Saturday morning... Good luck
  5. They are very active as well up here... I already had a ''conversation'' with my ''client'' and scheduled an appointment....
  6. You're really a piece of art.
  7. Same here...
  8. Anyone got a longbeard yet ? Let's see some pictures and hear some stories. I'll post my pics in a few days... Cheers
  9. Hey Mark I have the three models. Love them.They do the job perfectly. No complaints at all. The heavy model will help you land big fish.The MH is a good all around striper beach rod... Pack in a suitcase and go. Will never sell them.
  10. Good luck with the surgery. I'm sure everything will be fine. I am considering getting a vasectomy...Anyone with feedback ? Horror stories ? Recovery time ?
  11. I agree with JEFFSOD...OBS 10 weight.
  12. What's your set up ?
  13. Switch to tofu and keep the change for petrol...
  14. Already using these. Thanx
  15. Beautiful pictures. Any wild boars in your area ? Schwarzwild ? Cheers