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  1. Had good fishing several mornings in a row, that sequence broke this morning…
  2. I meant I suspect she made you a favor, they don’t make that kind of mistake….Lucky !
  3. I have one of these. My Penn reel’s foot very hardly fits the rod handle, its like if the opening wasn’t long enough. I have to really force it in. In addition, obviously I compare with a fly rod, but the feeling is so so. This a 2017-2018 model though.
  4. Good suggestions here, but forgot to mention it has to be a travel rod ??
  5. Do you think she made a mistake??…
  6. Must have been a double !! Very nice indeed.
  7. Raw, were you casting surface lures alone on a jetty two evening ago ?
  8. Thanks
  9. Stripah from shore
  10. Stripah
  11. It is not a mistake, I raise the question here because some of you are probably in the same situation as myself, which is to prefer fly fishing but to sometimes switch to a spinning rod for whatever reason. So which spinning rod should I get if I want to cast lures once in a while ? No bait fishing, nor huge lure, I’d like a rod with a feeling to cast small to midsize lures. The heaviest lures I could think about would be Sluggos. Thanks again
  12. TKS everyone. I appreciate your comments. I will try getting used to reel left hand !! Need to mention that I got an excellent service at Sage. They are sending me the parts the ocean swallowed .
  13. Brand new reel rigged up by pro.
  14. Don’t think so. The cap that is screwed on the break system to « seal » it was completely unscrewed and was on the pool shaft.
  15. Sounds like we had the same problem Drew. Switching from left to right hand probably changes nothing on some reels but it seems to be a problem on particular ones. On my Sage, the knob that went off is outside and can be checked regularly, that’s what I will do. On the Lamson, the device is internal. When you feel the problem, it’s too late. I had the reel re-switched to left. No chance to be taken, will learn to reel fron L hand.