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  1. Hi guys, Been thinking about spending time in Florida in the next years, now that retirement is fast approaching. Fishing wise, what do you think, west or east ? It sounds like red tide is mostly on the gulf side, right ? Other pros and cons to consider ? Best,
  2. Marcel, i enjoy reading your reports. You sometimes refer to red tide, what kind of a problem is this ? You do not seem to be to much annoyed about it ? Could you explain ?
  3. What is your favorite time of the year as for fishing in your region and why ? is end of March beginning of April a good pick ? Cheers,
  4. Thanks guys. Plenty of home works to do !
  5. Which island is this SallyGrowler ? Bonefish on the fly ? thanks
  6. Thanks MTL, Wondering what do you mean by « fishing is great here », could you just explain a little bit ? What, when and how do you fish mainly ? Is sounds interesting. Thanks very much
  7. Thanks Icarrussound ! It seems like you’ve made a good choice and you are happy. Retired ? For how long have you been staying there ? One last question, for a one week stay test, is there times of the year you highly would or would’nt recommand fishing wise ?
  8. Dennis, That’s about my process which includes gathering infos here. Although for the time being am not contemplating to buy and stay full time but rent 1-2 months a year. On the other hand, even if I expect to rent, when we find a spot we like, we can go right there 10 years in a row.
  9. Tomkaz, Ocean, mainly by foot. While I spend TIME fishing, spouse has to feel safe walking, biking on the street or the beach, and meeting trustful people.
  10. Hi all, getting closer to retirement and thinking about places where to have good time in the next years. I’m thinking about Florida east coast. Currently trying to figure out a place/region where there could be good fishing to be had and good time for the spouse and family as well. As for fishing, I like simple things. I’m a DIY fly fishing type of guy. I can also switch to a spin rod if need is. One of the issues I see is it seems fishing is at it’s best right in the summer. Winter and spring would be the best period for me as too much heat can be tough to cope with. Last year we visited Fort Lauderdale, I wasn’t really impressed by the fishing opportunities there seems to be there. Any thoughts about a region I should consider ? Maybe Jupiter/Juno beach ? For sure snook and tarpon would be target of choice. thanks very much
  11. How was the tarpon trip ? Will be in Fort Lauderdale end of March, is it possible to get to Islamorada from there for a one day trip with a guide ? thanks
  12. Thank you very much gentlemen, very good infos ! Much appreciated. On certain websites it is Sylver King capital of the world and so on... Will chew that for a while, spend good time with the lady is not bad either !
  13. Thanks guys. I’d go with a guide for sure. But they are not cheap so I want to make sure it’s worth the pain !!
  14. Hi all, I’ll be in vacations with spouse in Fort Lauderdale for 7 days, first week of April. Even though fishing is not the purpose of this trip, I could not refrain myself to perform some research about it. There seems to be good opportunities not very far at Key Biscayne. Anyone has knowledge about it ? If so a good guide to recommend for a day trip on the flats ? Thanks
  15. Hey all, Today I remembered what you wrote. In one occasion I refrain to strip and let it go after a nice 30 degrees cast upstream. Just remove the slack after it sink a bit...got my first 30 inchers of the year ! Thanks for the precious advices.