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  1. Go out an pattern your gun using your different chokes at the distance you usually shoot. Take a piece of carboard draw a 2 foot circle and in the middle make a large enough dot and aim at it and shot and see what choke gives you greatest amount of pellets. The rest is up to you
  2. Merry Christmas
  3. I have both but the Sig fits my hand better and that's my preferred CC. but both are of good quality.
  4. Contact N.J. State Police they will send you the information and it's not even that safe if you have a CCW permit enough said.
  5. If you are still looking I have a Browning O/U Mod: 725 Citori FIELD Calb. 12 ga 28-inch w/ removable chokes. It's more than $1,000 PM me if interested
  6. I carry an XDS 45 with 1 extra mag. Sometimes will carry Glock 43 or 42.
  7. Sorry for your loss my prayers to you and your family be strong she would want you to be that way. I know what you're going through I lost my wife last year and haven't been able to do some of the things we enjoyed. Don't be bitter that she's gone know that she is not hurting anymore. God bless you and your family.
  8. I have both but I was able to find a holster for the 365 that I like for CC
  9. A great book you will enjoy reading it.
  10. Have the same camera it's a great set up. Good luck
  11. I always enjoyed when when we did things together
  12. Springfield XDS 45, Glock 42
  13. I just received for the first time the NRA 2019 ballot package with a whole list of people running the only one that I know is from N, J, anybody have any names.
  14. I carry the Glock 43 cc with the 4 round extension giving me 10 rounds of 9mm