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  1. I have both but I was able to find a holster for the 365 that I like for CC
  2. A great book you will enjoy reading it.
  3. Have the same camera it's a great set up. Good luck
  4. I always enjoyed when when we did things together
  5. Springfield XDS 45, Glock 42
  6. I just received for the first time the NRA 2019 ballot package with a whole list of people running the only one that I know is from N, J, anybody have any names.
  7. I carry the Glock 43 cc with the 4 round extension giving me 10 rounds of 9mm
  8. Just got home from feast had my sausage and bought 1 home for later. Always a good time.
  9. Always great food will be there several days
  10. It shot everything I put through it but I have to say I hate the gun I stopped using it for CC carry. The trigger is lousy.
  11. What a terrible thing to wish happen to someone
  12. Good luck and prayers
  13. R.I.P. what a great wrestler and a great role model .
  14. Yes they did stop in 2014. In the past month there ammo sales has dropped by almost half.