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  1. I just received for the first time the NRA 2019 ballot package with a whole list of people running the only one that I know is from N, J, anybody have any names.
  2. I carry the Glock 43 cc with the 4 round extension giving me 10 rounds of 9mm
  3. Just got home from feast had my sausage and bought 1 home for later. Always a good time.
  4. Always great food will be there several days
  5. It shot everything I put through it but I have to say I hate the gun I stopped using it for CC carry. The trigger is lousy.
  6. What a terrible thing to wish happen to someone
  7. Good luck and prayers
  8. R.I.P. what a great wrestler and a great role model .
  9. Yes they did stop in 2014. In the past month there ammo sales has dropped by almost half.
  10. Very interesting
  11. tor Paul A. Sarlo Budget and Appropriations, Chair 496 Columbia Blvd. – 1st Floor Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075 Dear Senator Sarlo: I am writing to request that Senate Bill S.1074 be scheduled for a hearing. I live in New Jersey and enjoy our shared coast and tidelands. The protection of tidal waterways and their shores is important to me for a variety of reasons including tourism and recreation. It is the responsibility of the state, through the Public Trust Doctrine, to hold these lands and waters in trust for the public. Affording them special protection enables the state to provide adequate access to and use of them. On Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, the New Jersey Senate Environment Committee unanimously approved and released S.1074, a bill proposed by Sen. Bob Smith and Senator Kip Bateman, which is intended to protect public access to tidal waterfronts for bathing, swimming, fishing, and other shore-related activities. The bill reaffirms that the NJ Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for ensuring that all state communities provide beach access to the public. The Legislature’s action to codify the state’s obligations and duties under the Public Trust Doctrine will strengthen efforts to ensure that the public has full access to, and use of, the shoreline, tidal waters and other areas subject to the Public Trust. The pending bill will also provide authority to address chronic problems limiting public access to tidal waters throughout New Jersey, such as the provision of support facilities necessary to make access meaningful, including parking, restroom facilities, walkover structures and handicapped access. Without clarification and direction to the NJDEP, municipalities and private landowners have, and will continue, their attempts to limit parking, close off access points and restrict the public from enjoying beaches and waterfronts which case law dictates they have a right to access. I am hoping that you will help to ensure that the bill moves through the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. Sincerely,
  12. I just purchased the 686 in the 3 inch and love it.
  13. Had 6 windows replaced by Anderson renewal was the best thing I did
  14. Icond that Deal mansion se