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  1. If they were just nibbling the tail are you sure they were short fluke? All kinds of little fish like gulp - I get chewed up all the time by various small species.. But I’ve had 13” fluke swallow 6” gulp grubs in one hit and I catch shorts on live finger mullet all the time in the fall - a jerk shad is definitely doable for all but the smallest flatties. Slow down your retrieve and make sure it’s really on the bottom when you’re fishing that light, especially in any kind of current or with wind blowing a bow in your line - if you’re going too fast you’ll move up in the water column and get more nibbled tails from other species.
  2. Most of the bigger flounder move deeper when the water temps get high but there are still a lot in the shallows all summer, mostly shorts though. Our beach structure sucks so you’re at the mercy of when they want to eat. The biggest factor is putting in a lot of hours per trip so you’re there when they turn on. Fishing from shore in Delaware is always good one day and then dead for a week. One day I’ll get 10-15 flounder, the next day I’ll get skunked. Conditions can be exactly the same as the day before and they just don’t bite. The tides and weather and everything can line up perfectly but the fish just don’t cooperate, or everything could look wrong on paper but it turns out to be a great trip.
  3. A Star Seagis is great for around $150. If you can go a little over $200 then I’d go with a ODM DNA - I haven’t played with the 7’6” but my 8’ DNA is perfect for it, nice action and handles down to 3/8 as well as it does 1oz+. Anything over 8’ is overkill IMO, you’re fishing in close and any benefit you get from keeping line out of the water will be cancelled by the extra length killing some sensitivity, plus extra wear on you from throwing a long rod all day. I’ve used a 7’ without any issues for them off the beach.
  4. Between 2015 and 2018 we had a great run of spring blues between 13 and 19lbs. 2019 was slow but they were around.. the past two years they’ve pretty much disappeared again.
  5. X8, it was when it first came out and I tried another spool the next season after that.
  6. That was my experience with going from 832 to J Braid too, plus a couple break offs.. I felt like it was soaking up a lot of water and that’s what I credited some of the knots to - as it dried it would stick to itself and I got some of the worst wind knots ever with that stuff. Needless to say I went back to 832 after a few of those trips.
  7. I use white 832 on most of my reels.. hi vis green or yellow when I can’t find white. The fish don’t care.
  8. Huge shad have been mixed in with the mini stripers the past few days, they put up a much better fight than the little rats do.
  9. Green would be my choice Amber tint works best for me by a long shot. I spend a lot of time netting mullet and it absolutely makes a difference picking them up through dirty water or sneaking by along the sandy bottom. I’ve tried grey lenses and blue lenses and they just don’t do it for me.
  10. Yup, this time last year the rats had been consistent for a month already, and literally every cast some mornings...I started hitting them when the water was barely 45 last year, this year they got active when we started staying at that temp but just nowhere near as steady of a bite... the best days so far this spring are nothing compared to a year ago.
  11. You have to lay in to it a little more and follow through on your cast - moderate rods do a lot of the casting work for you while you do more of the work with a fast rod.. kinda like a catapult with a fast rod vs a slingshot with moderate. I love my 9’ TFO for metals and jigs but when I switch back to something more moderate I have to remember to slow it down a bit and let the rod do it’s thing or else I’ll send a plug tumbling through the air when I try to power cast it like I do with a fast action.
  12. Most of my orders are from Tackle Direct and Saltwater Edge. Last time I ordered a rod from SWE on a Sunday night and had it Wednesday morning and that’s been my usual experience with them — 4 days max with standard shipping. TD has been a little slower on rod shipping despite being closer to me but everything else is typically about equal. I will say I’ve had a couple issues with items listed as in stock at Tackle Direct that weren’t actually in stock, so I had to wait on them. Salt Water Edge has a much better system in place for that and I haven’t had any delays at all with them, but their selection is also much smaller..
  13. There’s not much anybody can do about the actively fishing issue unless the rule is rewritten to better define what actively fishing is. Somebody soaking a piece of corn on a Barbie rod still qualifies, all they have to do is say “that’s how I fish”.. Unfortunately there aren’t any rules against being an idiot. I don’t know what the solution is. I like Assateague’s system, that won’t stop people from fake fishing either but it would at least give the real fishermen some space. The crowds are getting ridiculous around here, and like you said the trash comes with it. We’re in a pretty crappy predicament all around.
  14. I have the 9’ 1-5 too and I love it. I’d call it more of a 1-3 and definitely not something I’d throw 4+ with. It’s really stiff, so keep that in mind.. Great for metals and jigs with plenty of backbone. The blank is tough too - I’ve had a few mishaps that I thought would be the end of it but it’s still alive.
  15. The bunker were thick yesterday out front and in the bay. They were tight to the ocean beach.. nothing on them but it was still good to see.