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  1. I picked up a GX2 for catching bait a few years ago and had to replace the guides after less than a season. I didn't even have braid on it at the time, 12lb mono put deep grooves in the tip and two guides behind it. All of the new models are using their "ugly tuff" stainless guides and I'm not a fan of that at all. I'm not sure if all the blanks are staying the same but as far as I know the tiger and tiger jigging series seem to have the same blanks. So that's good news if you want to simply re-wrap them with respectable guides. But if you can find somewhere with leftover stock of the "real" ugly stiks I'd grab them instead before they're gone.
  2. It's fussy with knots in my experience. I picked up some 600yd spools of 10, 20 and 30lb for tying leaders and snelling hooks and had random breaks while tying and testing, plus a few snells that broke at the hook eye when wrestling tog. Problems I've never had with mono before and at a much higher rate than real fluoro. If you tie a knot flawlessly, lubricate before tightening and finish the knot off perfectly it can be a decent line, but even on a "perfect" knot I've had it fail prematurely. It feels nice and I've had some success with it but the rate of failure is higher than any other line I've used -- I don't recommend it. Just my opinion.
  3. For me the bottom line is: It's a state park multi use beach. The home owners shouldn't have a say in the matter, they don't own any part of the beach itself. The state didnt come in and take the land from them and driving on to fish is nothing new for the area. They bought their properties knowing it was a public beach with drive on access. If they wanted a private beach without public access they should have bought property on a private beach. But they didn't.
  4. I could be reading things wrong, but if you look in to what is listed as a gamefish in Delaware it basically only includes species in freshwater. If there's a saltwater list that I'm missing I could be wrong.. but otherwise we're allowed to use as many rods as we want. I've had plenty of contact with F&W and the park rangers while fishing multiple rods and they never had any issues with it.