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  1. thanks everyone for the comments. snook on!
  2. hey Charles. I do not have the correct box for that snook. It was an early version before thru wire construction
  3. Here's my updated Creek Chub Snook Pikie Display. All wood with glass eyes. The 3400 straight series is on the left. The 5500 jointed series is on the right. The special order colors/hardware is in the middle. Best Steve
  4. yep Creek Chub bait company. probably a giant pikie. my creek chub book is at home. wood with tack eyes
  5. nice. but I don't think those are snook pikies. snooks will have a wood body length of 5 1/4 inches thanks
  6. 3 of the pikies in the top 2 photos are not snook pikies. the bottom photo might be snooks but they appear to have tac eyes. I'm looking for snook pikies with glass eyes
  7. Those are 3400 & 5500 special order snook pikies with the fluted tails. From what I have read, fisherman special ordered these to fish while trolling in NY. Best Steve
  9. I display mine in this nice display cabinet. Creek Chub Snook Pikies in glass eyes. The standard 3400 issue series are on the left. The standard 5500 series is on the right with one special order purple eel. The middle contains all special orders. Best Steve
  10. if its original creek chub, i'll take it. Steve
  11. Thinking these are early 1920's or 1930's. Creek Chub Snook Pikie's with the slender body and non-reinforced lip. 3411 Special White head black body 3422 Special Red head night glo with 2 over sized hooks (standard was 3 hooks) - glow's like a bulb too
  12. morning wood, I responded to your PM. Let me know Steve
  13. what's the length of the all black. measure the wood body only minus the dive lip. Steve