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  1. 4 Local Hooker Get Bent Tuna rods. 1 is 6'6" 30-50 line and the other 3 are 6' 50-100 line. Seem to be in good condition, I don't know much about tuna rods. I just took them in trade for a reel and some plugs from a neighbor who bought them a few weeks ago near by. Local pick up only, can meet in South Plymouth, Buzzards Bay/Canal or Falmouth. Asking $85 each.
  2. Sorry about that. I get one of these right soon. PM sent.
  3. New flat bottom $33 shipped. PayPal
  4. Squid sold for asking price pencil still avail
  5. New Big Fischer pencils $25 each shipped or $90 shipped for the 4.
  6. Sorry missed this one, OK.
  7. Ok, send me a PM.
  8. Yours, send me a PM.
  9. I'll check later when I get home.
  10. Fixed
  11. Penn Slammer III 6500 SLAIII6500 (not the fast retrieve one) New In Box, just opened the box this morning for the first time to take the pics and then put it back. $195 Shipped to lower 48 only. PayPal thanks, Chris
  12. Sorry, got too many plugs right now.
  13. Plymouth MA, 10 min from Canal or Falmouth.
  14. Sweet surfster.
  15. I've come to the conclusion that I'm much better at buying plugs than making them therefore I am selling my complete setup. I put this together last winter and made only about 7 or 8 water worthy plugs with it. This has everything needed to make a plug ready to throw. Comes with: Wood, mostly ayc HF 8"x12" bench top lathe with tools Complete airbrush kit with a ton of paint Airbrush spray booth Well crafted (imo) spinning drying rack Lots of hardware, grommets, wire, eyes, etc. Epoxy and urethane I figure to me its worth about $300 for everything so that's what I'm asking. If I cant get $300 (which will be no heart break) I'll keep it and continue to make crappy plugs for the bluefish to chew on. I don't want to separate as it would be a pita to sell these items indovidualy. Must pick up, l'm located 15 min west of the CC Canal in South Plymouth 02360. thanks, Chris
  16. Sold Pending Pick Up, will lock when transaction complete. thanks
  17. Any chance you can grab this before Friday? I need the dough for Surf Day.
  18. * Here you go.
  19. Last bump $45 shipped.
  20. Penn 7500SS good shape nothing wrong with it, 7 out of 10 in looks. $60 obo shipped PayPal Thanks Chris
  21. $50 Shipped. Never mind that F&F.
  22. I've come to the realization that I'm not getting my plug bag back so now I need a new one. The one I had was homemade from a bag I got at work and some pieces of pvc downspout, now I'd like to buy a better one mainly for Canal fishing. Can someone recommend a decent bag that would hold maybe 10-12 8inch plugs in the $50-$100 range I would appreciate it. I see a bunch but the prices are all over the place. Thanks, Chris
  23. Xanadu by Rush on Sirius Deep tracks
  24. My first visit to the canal to fish was when I was in my teens in the late 80s. My friend had just got his license and we heard the place to catch big fish in the summer is the Cape Cod Canal. Him and I had only fished freshwater at the time so saltwater fishing was new to us. We stopped at a local bait shop in Plymouth and asked "what were the stripers eating" and the older woman behind the counter tells us mackerel. She pulls a half dozen frozen mackerel out of the freezer and puts them in a paper bag, off we go. We stop at Bennys and get the 2 biggest rod and reel combos they had. We park at Scusset beach and go on to the pier with our rods and bait, then we each pull a mackerel out of the bag and continue to hook the entire frozen fish to the hook. The both of us "try to" cast out the entire frozen mackerel into the canal but as I go to cast the mackerel rips off the hook and smashes my friend in the mouth. The hook swings back around and gets me in the neck. With blood pouring out of his mouth I then surgically remove the hook from my neck and look down, his fish had hit a woman down below on the top of her head who was with her family (like 30 of them) fishing for scup or pogies. We drop our rods right there and ran as fast as we could out of there without looking back leaving a trail of blood behind. I have never fished off that pier since.