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  1. I hope you give back all the money you got from selling the free plugs Glen so graciously gave you

  2. Yes I reached out to builders on Facebook pretending to be my son asking for plugs. Glenn had sent plugs to me thinking he was sending plugs to my son. I then attempted to sell them on here, failed. Then went on and traded them on Facebook for "6 super Strike specials" instead rightfully received a turd and a note that summarized my awful actions. That is the whole story told as honestly as I can state it. I feel it is best for me to leave stripersonline. Good bye and I apologize for my actions
  3. Yep no problem
  4. Great cause I will donate!
  5. Out yesterday afternoon. Picked up 2 small bass on swim shad, Not a lot of bait around. I have hope for this north wind tomorrow. I will report back on whether of not my feeling was correct
  6. Actually pm sent they are yours. 2 eel skins 1 yellow left. If someone takes all 3 I can do 75$ shipped
  7. If they are available they are yours
  8. Thank no worries
  9. Yes whole lot is tattoo. 4 1/2 inches around 1 oz
  10. Cool. Pm me and if I receive payment I can ship out in an hour on my way to the post office.
  11. Brand new 27$ each shipped. Minimum purchase of 2. Any extra 25$ each. Thanks
  12. Sounds good thanks
  13. If you can wait until Friday for payment, I would offer 60$
  14. Awesome definitely interested. Sounds like a good rod to me and yes please 3/4 to 4 oz is what I personally like.
  15. Closed may relist separate later