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  1. Last bump and off to Gun Broker. Had a great season with my sweet sixteen lightning so it's time for this one to go.
  2. Saw a bunch bird hunting early in the season on the Cape. First couple of weeks we saw them almost every morning at Crane (pheasant area) and then they dissapered. Never got a good point or shot at one just flushing wild. We did get a shot at a couple in the quail area but no take downs.
  3. It can be delivered UPS. Not sure of availability but there are alot of companies (not all) shipping to MA. I have used Midway USA and Gunbroker but the shipping is not cheap unless you are ordering case quantities. Otherwise they charge flat rate shipping by the box.
  4. It is. I haven't listed it anywhere else yet.
  5. Thank you SurfRat!
  6. Thank you for you interest. Will do.
  7. One bump and off to another site.
  8. GED you could be right. No trades at this time. Rick I'll keep you in the loop.
  9. Thanks guys. I use a 16 now almost exclusively. Seems I shoot better if I stick to one gun. Yup a trigger lock. Gotta have one in MA to transport.
  10. CZ Bob White 20 gauge side by side. 26" barrels. Double triggers. Full set of choke tubes. I bought it new about 3 seasons ago. Box and paperwork included. Great shape with a couple of small scratches on the stock/forearm from use. Shoots great. Clean bore. Less that 200 rounds through it. Great upland gun. Asking $550.00 Local pickup in the Cape Cod area or FFL at the buyers expense.
  11. Not a problem. I do have the small one too but it has the turnbuckle closer.
  12. Will do! Sorry for the delay I thought you were PMing me.
  13. Sounds good!
  14. Sorry. Didn't realize this was an old thread!
  15. I have one. $23.00 shipped?