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  1. Please put me next in line if this falls through. I will take him! He would be the perfect partner for our 5 year old hunting Lab.
  2. Update... I got a call back from Kulas Customs on Barlows Landing Rd In Pocasset. They are going to look at gun next week. I'll give an update with results.
  3. Thanks Knife. I will try them. Nightfighter I stuck to the MA forum because I wanted this to be local thanks!
  4. If I have any success I will surely post the information.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've heard good thing about the one in Middleboro but getting there when they are open is tough.
  6. Does anybody know of a local gunsmith on Cape Cod or very close by? I have a double that is firing the first barrel but not switching and firing the second shot. The pheasants are loving it as my shooting has been bad enough this year that I really need the second shot! My dog is about to take me to court for non-support!
  7. I hear you but I would want to see it and handle it. I know it's a great gun need to feel the "fit". Good luck with your sale!
  8. Boy I wish this was in Mass... Quick question, is the the single trigger selective?
  9. If only it was in Mass... Great gun for sure.
  10. Do you still have any of the Avid blanks left? If so how many and which ones. If so I'll take 2 of either (prefer the 8') shipped to 02532. $100 shipped?
  11. Responded to your message. I will get the actual specs tonight and post.
  12. OK... I'm on the Cape. Any interest in a custom Century Slingshot? If not I'll have to check my and see what else I have.
  13. Where are you located. I may have something of interest.
  14. One bump and if no interest I'll keep it. I will split the combo $250 for the rod and $125 for the reel.
  15. Thanks for the offer but I was really looking for $250. I'm going to wait to see how it goes.