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  1. Reds in town?
  2. Tonight’s dinner is Steamed Crabs with a seasoned butter, and Cheddar Bacon Potato Skins.
  3. Since I am a fat fiberglass fisherman I take offense to your comment. If the mayor was a mod you would be tarred and feathered!
  4. I wasn't going to do it. Red the cat and a small room would be perfect.
  5. That cat needs a dominance down in a big way.
  6. You call ugly girls Doorgunner!
  7. Exotic Pets? That is what married guys call girlfriends.
  8. Screw that! I recorded a great crabbing show that I have watched 16 times so far because it is that good.
  9. Has he met Nick yet?
  10. Did we get a new Tom?
  11. I said "Grumpy Mechanic". Not old and ugly!
  12. A grumpy mechanic who didn't want to part out a complete engine finally gave in and sold me the lower unit. I told him he was like a big breasted woman teasing me with it when he said he did not want to part it out. $300.00 was the damage which was not that bad.
  13. As long as weather is good I can supply crabs.
  14. BASTARD!