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  1. Going out of the Atlantic Highlands (1 hour and 20 mins). I trailer my boat and go where the best bite is.
  2. Going to try and do it all tomorrow. Sea bass off shore first, come back in the Raritan Bay and troll for stripers and after that is complete, do a little drifting for fluke.
  3. You look sickly in your pic.
  4. They need to invent the shock mobile to break up these clowns. I remote controlled unmanned all terrain vehicle that has extended antennas that shocks anyone it comes in contact with.
  5. You better stop stealing my crabs! And by the way I just picked up 5lbs (19 pieces) of drumsticks at Shoprite for 6 bucks.
  6. Getting?
  7. Is this what it is coming to? It is ok to burn down whiteys business, but don't touch our black owned business's? SAD!
  8. Just saw a video of a Dallas business owner beaten unconscious trying to protect his business. Where is the media? Nowhere because that does not fit their agenda.
  9. His gun of course!
  10. WTF? WTF? I have been saying that about all of this damn looting and burning for days now. The trucker had every right to drive away. Remember that trucker during the Rodney King riots that didn't? He got a couple of bricks to the head and is still brain damaged.
  11. I feel very poor all of the sudden. JK nice spread sir.
  12. I am beginning to question the amount of effort needed for some of these baking recipes.