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  1. Damn, I thought you were going to be there. Sea bass trip is not that far off. As far as the pool goes I am a shoe in! Tog scent bags will bring home the money.
  2. A serious fishing question Mr Mayor, how much lead to bring?
  3. I am bringing a large tray of cookies, and yes some parsley to.
  4. Mrs rocky is out of town and I wanted to save that delicious smelling lasagna that rocco dropped off today until she came home. Well I failed....but I have no regrets, it was delicious!
  5. What is your problem sir? I am actually sitting in a tree with my bow now even though it is gun season here in NJ, but if other guys are gun hunting trying to enjoy the outdoors and put food on their table why should you be-judge them? When you go to the supermarket and a person picks up a package of meat, does that make you mad or happy because they are not hurting animals in your perfect distorted World?
  6. Don't listen to the little grumpy man Rocco. Your are the best and greatest person here. Your generosity goes above and beyond all comparison sir......but....after you dropped off that heavy sweet smelling beautiful lasagna today I did notice that something was missing. I could not put my finger on it at first and then it hit me like a lightning bolt!
  7. I reckon that one backfired on me Nick...huh?
  8. I am not good with the computer, can someone here change the word "Poo" to Nick?
  9. Mr Mayor you picked a winner of a day. You should buy a lottery ticket.
  10. We will arrive the 3rd week of January. The horses will be sent down the first week of January I believe. Now I have to look up Hutchinson Island.
  11. Ted stay positive and thankful my friend. As Rocco said, thankful you don't have to see Reds ugly face!
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