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  1. Mrs rocky is a business executive, a farm girl, and a hunter. She would question you before Red.... Just saying. When you meet Red you meet Red. He holds nothing back, you know what you are getting within the first 5 minutes imo.
  2. Hell of a catch there sir. I love all of the internet experts out there that are saying "The water is too cold", or It is too early." I guess we proved all of those internet crabbers wrong....huh?
  3. Great catch there JZ. Did the depth work for you?
  4. Striper cakes are almost as good as crab cakes. Yummmm
  5. Nice catch Ismail.
  6. Nick it is never a good thing when you talk about another guys "Ball Sack."
  7. Did Red start playing that banjo Deliverance movie music yet?
  8. Don't know why, but when I saw this I thought of Red.
  9. Now you know why I make you wear one when you fish on my boat Nick. When the marine police drive by and they see a little person wearing a PFD they are more likely not to pull you over for inspection.
  10. Lump Crab Cakes topped with a Sweet Chili Horseradish Sauce and Fresh Steamed Corn.
  11. That is so freaky and very cool. You sir are a "Food Artist."
  12. When you go to the aquarium make sure they do not know you have fish flakes and a pocket fisherman with you. All you have to do is sprinkle the fish flakes in the tank and use a snag hook when they gather at the top to eat them. So I was told.
  13. Just made some lump crab cakes for dinner. The four in the front will be cooked tonight. They are lightly breaded with seasoned Ritz crackers. The cakes in the back are not breaded and will be frozen for later.
  14. Don't worry Mike. It is going to take a lot more to put me up in a tower with a rifle buddy.
  15. Did you read what I wrote??? ( I wish I met GIRLS this dirty when I was single.) Now if there are a few special people out there that think I do not know the difference between a male and a female crab, please don't take off your brain protecting helmet and stop licking the damn windows on the short bus.