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  1. If I am lucky he will knock on my door to complain.
  2. I hung a flag on a telephone pole in front of my house. I wish I did it sooner because it looks so damn good!
  3. My pup just had surgery on Wednesday. He had a stick pierce his brisket while chasing a stick....pretty ironic huh? Knowing that the 4th was the next day I asked the vet for a med to help with his fear of fireworks and thunder since he has to stay calm for a bit. It did make him a little dopey but I will try to do what ever I have to do to make my little buddy comfortable.
  4. Great video. Sea horses are kinda mystical imo.
  5. Very nice tag to draw. I have applied every year since they allowed non- residents to do so and, I purchase extra chances. I honestly thought that this year would be my year but, it wasn't to be so. I apply for about 20 different tags (elk, deer, moose, sheep) every year and, the only tag I drew this year was a Kansas archery tag. Good luck and post some pics.
  6. Sounds like great info to me. That is why I only look at the pictures in books.
  7. You left out "UGLY." An old "UGLY" guy in WW showed me how to use the float rig.
  8. After all these years we finally found something that Doorgunner is good for!
  9. That crab had to **** its new shell being in that tank!
  10. The United Kingdom dwellers would love to catch them to make their fish and chips.
  11. I caught a smaller one and kept it this year for the first time. It did not have a single worm in it. It tasted ok breaded and fried imo but, not the best eating fish out there.
  12. Hey JZ do you fish anymore?
  13. And I thought he was gay all this time?
  14. Nice! You can make him flourish JZ!
  15. Early season fluke in the back are fun to catch. Lots of dropping back and pulling away going on. Some guys have that ability to feel and play a fish until it commits, unlike my friend Glenn Brooks who swings a lot and misses and then the "F" word flies!