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  1. Glad to share guys!!
  2. I thought of that, but found this to be easier and and it’s also not this one big bulky bag I have on either, it’s separate so it evens out nice
  3. I have there 2 tube also, but it gets very cramped when you pack out the buck rail slots. I used poultry scissors lol. That sail cloth is extremely thick and tough, so I need a tough pair of sheers. I usually put tins in the slots on the surf bag, and my bucktails in the bucktail pouch with all my soft plastics now. Couldn’t be happier with the setup!!
  4. Her you go Brian!
  5. Sure! At a party lol will post a pic in the morning
  6. Last season I bought a GearUp bucktail pouch from a fellow SOL member for around $70 or something. . I liked it, but it stayed off my belt 50% of the time due to size and inefficiency. I also 99% of the time use the gear up 2 tube plug bag. So I needed a place for all my soft plastics. I wound up cutting out one side of the bucktail pouch (seemed a little crazy at first) and I’ve never looked back. The setup is perfect. I can store my plugs, plenty of bucktails, and store plenty of soft plastics too! Just figured I’d share with everyone.
  7. Having a blast with kids thus for sure!!
  8. Size and pics?
  9. You got it PM on way
  10. Absolutely
  11. Sorry not splitting the lot
  12. Gonna let it sit for a bit first
  13. The rear dressed hook ones are XD’s, 2.2oz. The rear treble hook ones are regular. 1.8oz. The tiny one on the bottom is 1.4oz and the big guy on the top is 3.3oz
  14. Put this lot together. Some of them have never been fished at all. All three sizes. Only selling this as a lot, not splitting. Asking $50 for all
  15. hey dan can i order 4) 1oz white fully dressed?