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  1. Last week I beached this little guy.
  2. Dayum bro, you know how to cook you know how to fish, you shave your legs and slip on some red high heel pumps wild horses couldn't hold me back!
  3. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but work 5 days a month in the FREE state of Nevada no ID check, no wait, no limit on ammo purchase and my 32 state CCW good in NV.
  4. The World Series Bite, goes off every year around the end of baseball.
  5. You will be about 30-40 minutes easy driving from the American River "Run n Gun" that biotch in the fall fish it in the early am "The Magic hour" stay ahead of the rising sun and fish the shadows, the biggest fish I've ever seen have come out of that river, I can't say anymore or the Ruskies will be knocking on my door.
  6. Is a little Bromance going on here?
  7. You are a good person
  8. Nice photos and thanks for taking the pics Gary, but next time let me know when you take my photo so I can suck my gut in... Lol
  9. He was in the hotel room across the courtyard from me I could hear him at 3:00 am rubbing that lotion in, I guess when your skin is as transparent as a jellyfish you need that, except I didn't know AstroGlide had an SPF rating
  10. Looking forward to this years Fling, Paladin and I will be down the night before testing all the local foods and drink, and like when I first met him 15 years ago I had to put him on fish, this time I brough a fist full of benjies and try to put him on a fat HMB Puma.
  11. Had to get to my next appointment .... CASH is KING
  12. I was there Tuesday was thinking about fishing but I was stuck in a three hour traffic jam big rig burned to the ground so no fishing
  13. Wholesale to new car dealers and tires warehouses, off road wheels/tires, lift kits, lights, sidebars, running boards, grilles, cargo baskets, roof racks, lights center console gun safes ( we build those safes for Toyota, part of there port installed options) and a boat load of other stuff.
  14. Not my rig 2019 RAV4 Adventure but I did sell the dealer the lift kit, off-road wheels and tires and cargo basket