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  1. I’ll also bring some of Linesideslayers favorite luncheon meat and desert
  2. I’ll bring portable stove and some cheap @ss Costco potato salad
  3. Abandon All Hope!!!!!
  4. Nice looking cutthroat troutNice looking cutthroat trout
  5. Not easy to walk along the beach letting your snare drift since LBP YouTubers have NUKED crabbing not fun having some googan drift his gear into mine and tangle up braided line now that the beaches are over run …. You have your technique for crabbing and I have my technique seems both ways work …
  6. I didn't like the sputnik snares, after a while you get used to how your snares feels if you have a crab on or not, the sputnik snares take away that feel
  7. Who else is guilty of this ......
  8. SC Harbor
  9. Capitola
  10. IMG_5759.MOV
  11. Except for the LingSlayer that looks like a weak crew, I bet you were verbally beating them down I wonder how many F-bombs you dropped ... Lol!
  12. Pick up a another limit and while cleaning my fish three older fishermen came up to the cleaning table with three limits …. Lol
  13. Yes, most of the trout I catch are with float
  14. Yes, most of the trout I catch are with float and mini jigs, it’s my preferred way to fish for trout I usually fish two rods same time one with Powerbait the other with float/jig set up float/jig produces more fish than powerbait