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  1. Oh great just what we need another custom plug maker ..... Lol!
  2. Haha!
  3. Linesideslayer said he was going to get a pedi and a full Brazillian porno shave that's why he didn't join us this morning.
  4. Haha
  5. It just depends on what county you live in Sacramento El Dorado and Monterey county I know issue permits frequently the 6 bay area counties are not easy to obtain a permit I also work out of state and my permit is valid when I travel.
  6. Anything big and shinny like a crock your on it like a five dollar hood rat
  7. I'm fortunate I get paid to stay home but if Uncle Sam wants to kick down some chedda I'll take it, this is what I pissed away my stimulus money on, I have a CCW permit this is not my main carry weapon I'm a Glock guy but couldn't pass on the price and it had features I like.
  8. OK you got me only because you send me all that porn on IM
  9. Kastmaster when I need to put one way out there and bucktail anywhere anytime
  10. Unless conditions are ideal, meaning my old eyes can see a topwater plug doing its thing, I fish bucktails or Kastmasters 75% of the time .... IMHO the most important thing is to know how to read water and keep moving ... FYI the only plugs I carry in my early season surf bag, 3 bucktails, 2 Kastmasters, 2 Super Strike Poppers, 2 Joebaggs Swarters.
  11. Made the 1 hour 50 min drive to the all exclusive Gavin Newsom State Beach yesterday ... feet wet 5:30am beached fish 6:00am did the usual run n gun along the beach back home by noon ... everything has been in the 15" to 20" range
  12. I'm hearing on the streets and from the bamboo telegraph, that all my relatives are going to barnstorm all your precious fishing spots.
  13. After a long hike in to meet up with another knuckle dragger, he had one of these waiting for me.
  14. I was at a gun dealer in Reno Nevada and saw the Taurus G2c on sale for $197 I'm a Glock guy my carry weapon is Glock 23 so I was skeptical I heard all the negative and mostly positive about the G2c so I asked to see it next thing I know I'm an owner so far I've pushed 2000 rounds through this thing and I'm trying not to like but it just keeps on performing like a champ, anyone else has Taurus G2c and how do you like it.... it's not my carry weapon so you Kimber guys you won't hurt my feeling if you flame it.
  15. Got a place that’s open, it’s a long hike and have all to myself just one bump and a miss on Sunday going back tomorrow for a shot at butts and Stripers