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  1. Going to Costco today I'll pick up case of plastic forks
  2. I will attend and I'll bring some Spotted Dick for all those Manafort dwellers word on the street and the beach is Mike Fixter cant get enough of this stuff.
  3. Lol! Lol!
  4. Nice view from your manfort who was in it with you.
  5. Been a tough year for perch at the beach I like to fish normally it produces nice red tails. I was able to land a couple of barred fatties ... all fish released for your guys to catch.
  6. OK, now this tread is getting me all horned up going to hit up my favorite deserted beach this week and see if the fatties have shown up.
  7. I have got ZERO Perch this season ........ but enough crabs to stock Ranch99 for a month
  8. Got a couple last night.
  9. Last week took a friend to go crabbing first time out he got a limit
  10. Still managed a few in huge surf
  11. I don’t wear waders often sometimes at night with the wind it gets cold so I just picked these up for $110 plus at night I'm not wading out that far.
  12. Those are good snares also
  13. You won't find any of mine washed up near the pier I avoid that place like the plague
  14. New crab snares