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  1. These are the only slims I have
  2. I have a new medium slim scup and a lightly used slim surfster silver flash
  3. Deal! Check pm
  4. What other color are you looking for?
  5. I do but didnt really plan on digging deeper into the collection. Which weasel do you have
  6. Lmk
  7. Pick 3 you want for the russo mullet
  8. Russo herring or russo mullet? Send me a picture please and Ill propose an offer
  9. Check my post
  10. Which ones do you have maybe I can come up with an offer to persuade you. Lol Or you can propose an offer. Lmk
  11. For anyone thats actually interested, here's clarification so you're not misled by others comments. The lobster med. Slim next to a blackfish.
  12. Negative. I have multiple blackfish models this slim is way different. Do you have anything you're looking to trade