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  1. $100 paypal ready
  2. If a trade doesnt happen would you be willing to sell
  3. This is awesome to see north of me, your area seems to hold some nice size resident fish
  4. Was this some sort of end of the year blowout sale or is this deal still out there in cyber space
  5. Love my 4000 clash with a passion. Beat the hell out if it and neglect it. Never lets me down. I have been itching to get the vr50 though
  6. Ive never caught on a superstrike darter
  7. I had my 16' flat bottom skiff out front of sandy hook. Would never take it through an inlet. Not that it had the power to make it through one anyway. Its not the distance its the weather as previously mentionedabove. Any wind over 10mph or north/east I wouldnt even think about it
  8. I usually just give it a few passes on a fine Nicholson file and call it a day
  9. Woops sorry about that, didnt realize I ventured outside state lines. Appreciate the offer though!
  10. What Roddy said. Splash alittle fresh water on the spool before the first couple casts to reduce any friction and binding it wants to do
  11. They weed out the big girls, simple as that. I love trolling a big ol pikie passed bunker pods, casting them though... not so much
  12. Just moved to North Middletown, (Monmouth county), currently number 32 on a wait list for leonardo state marina. Have to wait for January renewals to go through. Definitely trying to keep the boat between Keyport and the highlands
  13. That's a pretty cool annual tradition for the coming of spring. My only clue for spring is when I'm no longer driving home from work in the dark
  14. I sold my 16' skiff and a few(hundred) hours of overtime later, just picked up a 26' cc. Now the race to find a suitable marina in time for the spring run
  15. I prefer the redfin when fish are in range but nothing outcasts the original size sp minnow with vmc's