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  1. I apologize I did not mean come off as offensive bud. Best of luck with the sale. My offer still stands today if you change your mind
  2. That blue was a much tougher color thats shouldve been the expensive one lol
  3. I'll offer $135
  4. All yours bud
  5. Respectfully offer 75 for the used bunker
  6. Bump
  7. Damn missed a good one, I'll take 3rds as usual
  8. Ill take it
  9. To the top, lmk please
  10. Of any of Gary's orientations. Also interested in any medium or deep divers new or used
  11. Please & thanks, Paypal ready
  12. That's what I thought but then I saw he offered that troller on every "wtb troller" post there was that day lol
  13. Interesting thanks
  14. Appears as if the lips severely modified, could I just have a picture of the condition of the swivels?
  15. Sweet, what's your price