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  1. miss that old bridge, another great spot forever gone
  2. hot cherry pepper mashed potatoes, use the juice from the jar instead of milk, a pat of butter, a little olive oil, a bit garlic powder,salt pepper don't forget to chop the peppers, mash nice and smooth trust me fantastic on dogs,plus a nice side dish for many other things
  3. absolutely, some guys think its still there ??? they have no idea of what it once was
  4. bighting my tounge on this one ???
  5. that's the point of my cover photo, we went out one night every thing was beautiful , took the walk , and started to fish ,ahh what a nice night to be out, then all of a sudden all hell broke lose from the sky, lighting like I have never seen, the sound was to loud to explain, EF the rods EF the reels we ran to one of the few burms out there laid down and me I prayed, this sheet was not a half mile away it was right on us and yes you can feel it your hair stands up, your arms feel very strange and yes you are scared for your life. right up there when we fished the jersey city piers in the 80s , worst thing about that night the fish were turned on , as scared as was all I could think about other than dying , was there were big fish out there, anyway don't play with the flash in the sky
  6. golf club grips, very comfortable, easy to install, many styles to choose from and cheap ,no slip for sure unless your watching caddy shack
  7. me for braid , I like the double palomar easy to tie , and very strong and reliable
  8. giving good advice to those you know wont listen but you do it anyway
  9. and a new life begins
  10. I told everyone .no one will listen Denis hopper { easy rider ] IS STILL ALIVE
  11. been using the 1083 for quite a few years with sluggos, throws slightly weighted 9 " just fine and a lot of times depending on conditions I fish them like a pencil, though the 1083 might not be an ideal pencil stick for whatever reason works great with slugos
  12. on a stick, the foot long shichaus , are great, crisp up nice, split and get juicy, a little mustard ,eat right off the stick good camp fire eats
  13. to everyone really nice work , all great looking plugs
  14. once a month I use the leaf blower, if I go over a month I break out the shovel
  15. exactly