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  1. lets think positive here, just think of all the access points he will give to all the illegals he loves so much, maybe us hard working , tax paying , americans can sneak down those trails late at nite
  2. vid is dead on , I have bin preaching this sheet for the last 15 years to def ears and blind eyes, no srtucher no fish, yes there are many other factors that do add to the decline , ( no I rather call it the sad, sad, state of our fishery) , but imo in the 40 plus yrs I have been pounding the sand , climbing , jumping rocks, and so on this is the # 1 reason, and please don't reply with all that bio mass and this and that collage and bogus bs, government propaganda when you have fished and caught as long as I and some of the good fishers here , you will see that's all the schoolin you need, hey you young guys take the advice of the old schoolers they been there and done it
  3. well would a total moratorium work ? seems like it did in the 70s , but there was a big difference back then ,something a lot of us seem to ignore, when the stocks replenished they had a place to go back to, today ? no beach envirorment, no more jettys ,no more groins , no rocks, no vegetation, no cuts rips ,current, clam beds I could go on forever so for us sand pounders I don't think it would make much a difference the first thing when you look for when you want to catch fish fresh or salt is what ? structure, cover, outflows , bait ,and so where is it ? here in jersey its just about all gone, even in my backbay spots totally decimated by man and love for a $$ first
  4. responsibility is on all of us, you catch a big fish it takes a time to land it well take the time to release it, yes you may get wet, you may get knocked down , you may miss other fish while your buddys are hooking up, but that's what c& r is about. plugs ? no that's not the problem trebels no barbs up front , single in the back , most bass are hooked through the membrane and the lip bone very strong for a bass. but what I do not like to see is guys posting pics of 18, 20 25 s laying up on the sand , no not pounders but inchers that's part of the problem
  5. for that pencil 2s are just right , you have to keep in mind, though it may seem like a minor thing the hook size and weight will change the action of the plug, with that said a single hook on the tail cant hurt
  6. wishin I was fishin , in, thankyou
  7. I bother the man upstairs all day and night so I figure whats one more , hope all goes well , God bless
  8. when I used to fish hard and heavy, (every day and night) twice a season but that's was for cow hunting, no room for the slightest mistake, the old line I would flip onto smaller reels,while were at it leaders if I was catching, 4/5 6 times a night again no room for mistakes , would spend the cold months tying a 100 plus leaders with that said , fishing for dinks off the smooth jersey beaches we now have maybe 2 /3 years but if you are smart always be ready as far as when it gets low don't let it get there in the first place
  9. a man who gets it , understands the meaning of patience, most knowledge comes from doing, over and over again , understands the meaning of the hunt, newbies take heed its not the rod reel or always the plug, find the fish first, then learn what they want, and always take advice from guys who have been there and done it, sweetwater imo buy your post you seem to get what the game and life is about, and yes in many ways im lazy too great post
  10. highly under rated , for skinny waters, badonk-a-donk 4 in, 3/4 oz, jerk it or walk the dog nice and slow, day or night, color don't matter, this plug for me has produced many a fish lg and small , casts well, and for some reason ole yellow eyes doesn't seem to like it so much, but the bass do
  11. great pic , think that's next years Christmas card
  12. sounds like she's a keeper assuming she is over 28 inches
  13. when old yellow eyes show up maybe 10, 15 mins
  14. yes, looking to see you healthy and around for many more years to come, merry Christmas Spig
  15. no , fish more post less you will learn all the answers to your questions