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  1. Fittest POTUS would be an interesting discussion. I can’t go too far back because ailments were always covered up for. We can exclude the following: Kennedy-back Reagan- age Possible liabilities: Obama- Smokes Kools Trump- Two scoops GWB- former smoker and drinker Interesting: Carter- farmer of peanuts, build homes for the poor in his 80’s Nixon- Walks beaches in penny loafers Candidates: Trump- good golfer GHWB- sportsman all around , no known vices GWB- kicked habits and became runner (until ACL) then bike rider. Painting dog portraits is soothing. Winner: Eisenhower- beat the snot out of the Axis and helped start Augusta, home of The Masters.
  2. That ship has sailed, Tom. We are onto discussing the growing girth of the guy who uses a golf cart in place of a Rascal scooter.
  3. “Hijinks” as a very underutilized word. Kudos.
  4. You’ll look back and think “that was it?”
  5. I was nervous going in when I had one. But, that didn’t compare to the relief when nothing was found, which I never would have known had I not gone through the process. One of my older brothers was diagnosed stage 3c colon cancer at 43 and we could have lost him. I was 41 at the time, needed family history to get an exemption, and did it at my brothers insistence. The four of us brothers (45, 43, 41, 38) all had it done.
  6. Hopefully no pilots mistake your backyard for a Logan runway!
  7. I find it funny the Commander in Chief doesn’t know how to spell al Qaeda.
  8. Probably the best invite I’ve seen here, and most needed. A pool day, get a few drinks in the lady, and good company. Make it happen.
  9. Back off, gay boy, or I’ll send a big sardine to your family that you all can’t finish.
  10. It was 2 appletinis you insensitive bastard.
  11. My girlfriend usually cooks supper and complained last week we eat too late (7:00). Today I made supper and done and dusted by 6:15. I pointed that out and she says “Looks like you found a new job around here”. Can’t win for trying.