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  1. Anybody bother reading the letter sent to Fann?
  2. Is that a facial??
  3. CAN ORGANS BE DONATED AFTER FIRING SQUAD EXECUTIONS? Yes. Unlike a lethal injection that poisons the organs, the bodies of people executed by firing squad remain usable.
  4. Definitely went to band camp.
  5. He was just getting some ass, few month fling. She was cute for late 40’s. (Divorced 3 times)
  6. Sure, this past Saturday. He knows I did him a favor, he was just going along with it for some tang.
  7. We went over my friends a few years back, he’s there with a psycho girl he’s dating. On the coffee table is a book “5 languages of love”. Had pages dog-eared and handwritten notes in it. Say to Trev, “oh hell no” and throw the book in the fireplace. The girl was just watching mouth agape as flames consumed the book while pages were flipping.
  8. The thing disappeared and showed up 60 miles away in no time flat.
  9. The first guy with no neck had me skeptical.
  10. Firewood
  11. Then it goes from good to great!
  12. Yeah, that looks like a terrible time.