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  1. “Geez, Doc, not sure how my cholesterol numbers got so high”.
  2. Can’t argue with that. The finger pointing game tries to hide that fact.
  3. They certainly helped shape the liberal world order.
  4. Should have read this more before my last post. My take is that some people see “liberal” and immediately dismiss it, confusing small “l” liberal with the uppercase Liberal. They should see themselves out of any grownup conversation on the liberal world order.
  5. Conservatives played a major role in shaping the liberal world order post-WW2, and America became the worlds superpower as a result. Now they don’t know what it is, or are playing stupid.
  6. I was at my friends last Sunday for his mother’s birthday talking about their donation of K-9 vests, directly donating one to our local department and three to the Staties. (Local K-9 was pulled out of service for bad temperament) They won the lotto a few years back and Vested Interest in K-9’s is one of the charities they regularly contribute to. I have a hard time believing the officers weren’t wearing vests. Isn’t it mandated in pretty much every department? I remember as a kid that my uncle would come by on the holidays when he was working with a revolver, cuffs and radio on his belt (billy club would be in the cruiser) and not much else besides a notebook and a pen. A ballistic vest would have been unheard of back then. Times have changed.
  7. My girlfriend and I had it about a month ago, also surprised it took so long as she works in a high school and each wave ripped through the place. She manned the testing desk each week and their box office during performances (it’s a fine arts school). We took Paxlovid, not sure if that helped or not, but the worst was a killer sore throat day 3 that lasted about 12 hours. Otherwise just fatigue and a headache.
  8. Last Saturday at 4:00pm zero backup over the Bourne. (Today at 4:00pm will likely be a colossal ****how)
  9. I have that on a t-shirt. Wore it last 4th to my friends and godson says “Uncle Matt, that is not appropriate”.
  10. Can’t wait for rd2
  11. Anyone have any insight into Section 125? I may be offered a job and it’s touted as one of the perks, but I’ve never heard of it. Is it basically a FSA/HSA?
  12. If you are not familiar with fire bricks, they are a cheap and easy “upgrade”.
  13. Well then I’m surpassing the expectations of me.
  14. If that was a concern Trump would never have won in the first place. I do not think it will play much of a role, if any. There probably won’t be an opening on the SCOTUS for 10-15 years. They are generally young(ish) and with the exception of Sotomayor’s diabetes, in fair health. Even if Sotomayor became incapacitated and replaced by a Democrat, would still be a 5-4 court. Gun to my head, unless the trade winds take a dramatic shift, I say DeSantis is the nominee and presumptive winner. (Unless Trump decides to run, then it’s 50/50)