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  1. How stupid does one have to be to use a personal email account after the “Lock her up!” nonsense. She’s an “advisor” to the Orange Man Bad. What a bunch of phonies.
  2. Do people who say their rod and reel "balance perfectly" deserve to live?
  3. The same fish bites a $135 plug will eat this:
  4. When it comes to the rule about not using private email to conduct official government business, there is no distinction between the two. Lock em up!
  5. Yes, with respect to not using private email to conduct official government business, they broke the same rule.
  6. The point has nothing to do with whether it’s a private physical server in the home or a private domain through GoDaddy hosted in Arizona. Rules is rules.
  7. You’re probably the first person to put one on the business end of a fishing rod. Most people just gaze at them on a shelf.
  8. I do. No difference with respect to the rules. “Lock her up!” was the big war cry, yet once in the White House their hubris took over and the rules didn’t apply to them. How could they NOT think it was no bueno when they’d been traipsing around the country with the head “Lock her up!” cheerleader for over a year? So damn dumb.
  9. She’s not the first of the grifters to use private email: Ivanka Kushner Jared Kushner Steve Bannon Stephen Miller Gary Cohn Reince Priebus Lock em up!
  10. They’re cracking down because the Chinese are only taking the cleanest recyclables now as payback for tariffs and private companies and municipalities are losing money. (I made most of that up) The one thing that caught me off guard was that pizza boxes can’t be recycled.
  11. That’s the before picture.