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  1. There was a big cooler in back of the building that was frequently left unlocked. I'm not saying some cases of beer were taken by high schoolers, but I have my suspicions.
  2. I believe they have a 9 hole course, in addition to the 18 hole course, that is more forgiving. He's a fitness nut and athletic, so that could help with the learning curve in addition to lessons. Going to try and convince him to get a golf simulator for his basement.
  3. During the covid they stacked up a couple fishing containers and put a movie screen up like a drive-in. You could reserve either a table outside or a parking space and order food and drinks while watching the movie. We watched Top Gun there.
  4. **** cancer. Know how much you hate Seal posts, last month or so every time he starts a thread I donate $10 to a charity in your honor, mostly cancer places.
  5. Adam, can’t recall last name. He told me he would get me on the course but one day I come home and he’d moved and I didn’t have his number. He didn’t need to move, he could have just said no. Edit: Mrs. Esterhouse
  6. Let’s put it this was: when he said it would be good for networking, I told him my neighbor used to be an assistant greenskeeper there. Our networks are disparate.
  7. That was right around the time of the 1999 Ryder Cup, and he plastered the side of the mansion with a gigantic Reebok sign during the event as an FU to the club.
  8. Yes. His kids school is in the neighborhood.
  9. It’s The Country Club in Brookline, where the US Open was last year. He said he joined for his kids (who are 10 and 8), but really it’s just a status and networking thing. He’s on the board of the kids school and there are a few members also on it that suggested he apply.
  10. I spoke with my brother, who does not golf, earlier today. Yesterday he was accepted for membership at The Country Club. He better learn to golf by next spring.
  11. 74 is young in the big scheme of things. He’s probably got 20+ years. Walking and keeping up brain activity will do wonders.
  12. Johnny Ice Cream leave an upper decker on the way to his new accommodations?
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