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  1. Does this preclude President Trump, Sara Huckleberry Sanders, Mrs. George Conway, etc from being guests on network television? They have all made demonstrably false statements on air (repeatedly).
  2. I don’t see how it’s possible to operate a popular site without some form of commoditization, to keep the lights on and incentivize the owner to not spend his time in a more lucrative way. If that means me being a can of tuna to a minuscule degree, than call me Charlie. Anyone who objects could just not use the site, or cut the owner a check to end the need for revenue.
  3. Seems reasonable when you extrapolate how long a household ice tray takes for a fully frozen standard cube versus a 5 gallon cube.
  4. Think I studied harder for my hunter ed test than for my finals in college. Got 100%. If I’d applied that same determination to my college tests, I’d be a rocket biologist for certain.
  5. I’d posit if I have never said I “cherished” a “narrative”, the accusation should face the same scrutiny as the OP is facing.
  6. What “cherished narrative”?
  7. If Tim has to surgically extract your lips from his ass with this post, who’s insurance covers it?
  8. Is that maple syrup on the plate with the fries?
  9. What could possibly go wrong? What’s happening to the Merrimack River is a sin against nature.
  10. C unt is the most underused word.
  11. Crap! I was waffling on buying. Oh well, as they say “the worst decision is indecision”. Nice deal, fellas.
  12. When you are running for President and have your own catch and kill “media” outfit, which also publishes fake news as a business model, you should be nonplussed when a dossier (which physically exists) is printed.
  13. Aussie Aussie Aussie!
  14. Glad you are feeling better, jimmy.