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  1. Why does Doc hate @Reed422 ?
  2. Guys a troll and a bum. He was caught trying to sell free discount codes a while ago.
  3. Is he going to MGH/Dana Farber/etc? PCP can kick rocks at this point, probably “specializes” in internal medicine, not neurology.
  4. French fries
  5. We have a great new branch in the neighborhood that is always packed, after only two years they will be adding additional parking because of demand.
  6. Here’s to a speedy recovery. All the best my man.
  7. Save the image to phone or tablet, then click on “click to choose files”, select image from camera roll, then “submit reply”.
  8. Not a cheap area to live in. My brother rented a place next to the common for a year when his new place was being built and it was $16,500/month.
  9. @bospa357 Bob....didn't you help build the towers in the background to the right of the Customs House?
  10. I've been to a wedding there, probably 10-12 years ago, it's a great venue. Groom has pro athlete money.
  11. Very nice collection!
  12. I hear that, have a hitch carrier as well.