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  1. yeah my fenwick river runner is rated 1/32 to 3/16 i was just worried it might not be long enough because i fish from shore at lakes it is 6'9" do you think i am okay with that length?
  2. will the 6'9" fenwick be long enough for lakes from shore?
  3. thanks everyone and nice pics
  4. hi do you use a split shot above the trout magnet jig and has anyone used crappie magnet jigs for trout they are slightly bigger and come in 1/32 instead of the 1/64 of the trout magnet
  5. Hi ThrowinPlugs is my rod too short for lakes from shore its 6'9"
  6. thank you i checked them out but i prefer shimano do you think the stradic fk 1000 is too heavy for an ultralight rod?
  7. Hi i just bought a fenwick elite tech river runner 6'9" ultralight rod and was wondering should i get the shimano stradic 1000 fk or ci4+ to go with it would the fk balance okay or would the ci4+ be better thanks in advance.
  8. thanks for all the responses
  9. Decided on the fenwick wild river should i get the 6'9" ul fast action or 7'2" ul moderate action for stocked lakes from the shore using small jigs and lures with 3# braid?
  10. ok out of the fenwick wild river or st croix avid ul which would you suggest
  11. it will be used for lakes for stocked trout and i will use small jigs and lures 1/16 and 1/32 from shore
  12. hi i am deciding between the fenwick elite tech river runner 7'2" ultralight or st croix trout series 7' light or st croix premier 7' ultralight any thoughts on which one i should get? thanks
  13. thanks guys i will go with 3lb braid and not worry about it anymore
  14. hi i plan on going trout fishing soon and have an okuma sst ultralight 7ft spinning rod and shimano sahara 1000 reel my question is what line should i use i put some tuf line 6lb braid on it but it doesnt hold much at all. Also the tuf line 6lb test says its only 0.06mm 1lb equivalent but 4lb berkley fireline is 0.12mm twice as thick so is there any thinner braid i could use then tuf line or are the diameters incorrect on the tuf line because i havent been able to find a braid that has thinner diameter. Any suggestions or recommendations on what line you use on your 1000 reel ?
  15. thank you i think i will go with the stradic fk