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  1. I'm in
  2. I’ll take the middle one
  3. Sorry for the delay, yes I’ll take it
  4. Did some ice fishing, just not the same....I'm in!!
  5. Whats the weight on the jointed?
  6. Would you do $22 Marc?
  7. you have a pic of this rig? im curious
  8. Bucktail or an SS sinking popper are the first two out of my bag most nights..but one of my buddies refuse to use buckails and i cannot convince enough him that hes doing it wrong... oh well his lost
  9. What’s the weight on the Jointed rm?
  10. Ever check on shipping my way? Still interested
  11. Ok, just let me know, it would be shipped to 01020 to be exact.
  12. I'm interested in the 10'6'' for $115 if you can ship to MA, Any pics?
  13. SPs are my go to's, but lately been using the hydro minnow. I love the crystal minnow too, but it casts like a potato chip
  14. Probably caught over 200 bass, mostly shorts, and some cocktail blues. My fishing partner did land a 20# bass one night where we caught nothing but schoolies. I did get to enjoy fluke blitzing on sandeels from a friends boat in august, caught over 50 fish, mostly 16"-20"