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  1. is that SS darter green over gold or parrot? if its gold ill take it
  2. Wow these are nice!!
  3. 2nds on the Davies, of it doesn’t work out for whatever reason
  4. Im considering the elite as a backup/second rod, my fishing consists of lighter stuff bucktails/SPs but also throw lots of SS lures. Currently using a 10' 1-piece lami, my dilemma is whether to go with the 9'6"m or the 10'6" mh both are rated the same i believe....I picked up the 9'6m but thought to myself that it was kind of light and wondering how the 10'6" is...anyone got the chance to use both? any difference in the two or is a matter of preference in length at that point
  5. More bucktails
  6. Yes send pm
  7. $30 for 1 and 2 needles?
  8. 12# on a SS bottle midnight massacre
  9. 25# on a heavy SS needle midnight massacre
  10. My apologies, I’m going to have to retract my offer
  11. Offer 50 shipped
  12. How does this work? For future reference...There wasn’t a price on the darter after the split and I just threw out a number, then someone one ups my offer and they get it without a counter offer to me? No hard feelings, just wondering
  13. $17 for the darter?
  14. Sent my slammer in for a service and got it back 2.5 weeks from the day i sent it out. I had to call a couple times cause i didnt receive an email or anything about the reel arriving but they went above and beyond and got it done, quick! I was assuming its their busy season and was expecting it to take a lot longer being that its still summer.
  15. Very nice! I appreciate the testing Penn chooses to do on these reels. Its not their fault ppl misinterpret the ipx rating as water proof then is disappointed when they find water intrusion and start bashing the product.