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  1. I've lost a big +30# inlet fishing a big storm..was way too dangerous to go down to while the waves were i had to time it and wait but a rogue wave came and took it deep down the jetty, at that point it was braid on rocks...SNAP! In the spur of the moment i thought there was nothing i could of done. But afterwards when my adrenaline stopped pumping, i thought to myself i should of opened my bail when the wave came, I was still in a safe enough spot. If i opened the bail the line wouldn't of been so tight against the rocks and MAYBE the fish would of been on the line still. I watched that fish give one good kick and swim off with a SS popper on its face....That moment will forever be etched in my brain, taught me alot.
  2. Offer $35
  3. Because of the amount of line they hold. The 4500 holds about 100 more yards of 20# than the 3500. Say you fill your 35 all they way with 20 with no or two break offs and you will HAVE to respool. The 4500 gives you a little wiggle room with that.
  4. good o' white bucktail w/ uncle josh's pork rinds, and ss 2 3/8 poppers
  5. No i did not, enjoy your new plug!
  6. Ended up losing this herring color but it made for a nice pic
  7. I keep one in my bag at all times. Day or night, even going after albies or small stripes with light tackle ill pack the smaller black eyed version
  8. Offer $40 for the pencils
  9. I'm in
  10. is that SS darter green over gold or parrot? if its gold ill take it
  11. Wow these are nice!!
  12. 2nds on the Davies, of it doesn’t work out for whatever reason
  13. Im considering the elite as a backup/second rod, my fishing consists of lighter stuff bucktails/SPs but also throw lots of SS lures. Currently using a 10' 1-piece lami, my dilemma is whether to go with the 9'6"m or the 10'6" mh both are rated the same i believe....I picked up the 9'6m but thought to myself that it was kind of light and wondering how the 10'6" is...anyone got the chance to use both? any difference in the two or is a matter of preference in length at that point
  14. More bucktails
  15. Yes send pm