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  1. Please close, bought a bag from a WTS thread. Thank you.
  2. I do live in MA but im too lazy to go pick up to save $10 so ill just take it for asking, shoot me a PM if PP is cool
  3. Respectively offer $100
  4. I am interested in your bag, I also have a WTB thread open. Just the size im looking for
  5. Looking for a decent quality used bag. A 2 tube or smaller 3 tube. Let’s see what you got
  6. Would you split just the darter?
  7. Maybe you can help me out, I been trying to contact Penn through their webpage but to no availability. Just wondering if Penn is servicing reel at this time due to the pandemic? I need to get my penn slammer 3 5500 serviced.

  8. I’ll take two 1 oz hunterxpress
  9. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll take seconds on it
  10. Ok no problem offer is on the table If you change your mind
  11. Offer 25$
  12. Hi Dan, Can you put me down for: 2x 1 oz wine red smiling bills 2x 1 oz all white smiling bills 2x 1.5 oz white w/ red thread smiling bills 4x 1.5 oz wine red smiling bills
  13. I’ll take the SS
  14. Can I place an order for: bullet heads 4 - 4 oz long shank shad heads 4 - 4 oz long shank
  15. Offer $30 for the top 5 SP’s