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  1. I heard the lake has a lot of good fishing. I was watching a video and it looked dirty as hell though lol anyone know what they stock in there?
  2. yea where I live now its extremely difficult to find areas that aren't overfished. Much like it is on most of the island. With a wife and two kids it makes it difficult to get out and you add on an additional 45 min car ride and it can eat up an evening pretty quick especially after work. I like to bring my daughter fishing as much as possible and its honestly tough by the time she gets back from the mother in laws time is limited. I also have to start learning how to read the water on the south shore I haven't fished it as much. I'm loosing my mind with this move I just want to catch some fish already.
  3. lol
  4. Hey guys I just bought a house in Ronkonkama and I was wondering where to find some good surf fishing spots. I have lived in the huntington area my entire life and its crazy to think I have to start all over with finding new spots if I want to be able to get out after work this season. I'm not looking for any spot burning just some beaches on either north or south shore that have some decent surf to fish from. I have primarily surfed from the north shore my longest rod is an 11' which I'm guessing should still do the job on the south shore. Thanks for your time and good luck out there!
  5. yea that was cool def got a kick out of it.
  6. I just started commercially clamming and man its cold and hard work but if you don't mind it its awesome! I truly enjoy it so far. Very hard on the body but its a very cool way to make a living! Its about as long island as it gets!
  7. Absolutely they close public beaches every time it rains here on the north shore of li from the pollution runoff which happens to be primarily made up of dog and human feces from run over of septic tanks and people not cleaning up after their pets. THEN throw in lawn fertilizers and you got some nice ass toxic **** water for those fish to swim around in. I wouldn't swim around in **** if was them I would head for deeper cleaner water. You might have better luck taking a dump and then dropping a chunk of bunker in the toilet!
  8. Has anyone noticed if fishing conditions improve during or around major storms?
  9. My legend has a ****** reel seat already came loose
  10. Yea that's increadable
  11. Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate it
  12. Even to just park in the parking lot? That sucks
  13. So I'd have to go in when it opens then? And buy the permit
  14. Why is it closed? I haven't been down in a while
  15. Thinking about hitting Robert Moses in the early am for some surfcasting. Can you get in there early or no? I'm thinking field 5