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  1. I didn’t mean rainbows, I meant brookies. my bad
  2. The swallows are back in Capistrano
  3. Brushy Brook in Hope Valley. The section that runs from Dye Road to Sawmill Rd, (Whispering Pines Campground) contains a nice population of native rainbows. A 10 inch fish is a monster, but the whole section is wade-able and fun on ultra light tackle.
  4. There is some good company fishing the outgoing tide up there. Steve in Mass, 2DozenRaw, Capt. Don... Any others come to mind?
  5. Way too young.
  6. It was very different back then, as was the fishing.
  7. The Ghosts of Icebergs Past...
  8. Health and happiness to all of the fishing fin-atics in here. To all the new folks, to all the veterans of the site, to those of us who now just lurk around the edges, and remembering those who have gone on to the big bait and tackle shop in the sky... Peace and joy!
  9. Pt. Judith Light, Narragansett, RI