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    Do I look like I'm kidding?
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    Formrly Warwick, RI - worked in Narragansett Hauled it all south and retired to FLA

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  1. Alive and doin’ fine! Nice to know there are some of the originals left in here.
  2. A little older and a little slower, but still crazy. Sand,sun, and siestas are just fiiiiine. How are the rest of you survivors doing?
  3. RI / Southeast MA $70. 100% mechanical 99.9% cosmetic
  4. So far retirement’s going fine. Slower pace of life is easy to get used to.
  5. Might knock the dust off the gear and go to Conimicut Point tomorrow. Get salty once before it's time to stow it all away.
  6. Could be coming to a BST forum near you. Plugs and such to follow.
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