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  1. Hey, the weather ain't bad for March 61st.
  2. I'll always help test them out for ya
  3. Let us know if they work.
  4. 44" and 38" on a red and white Polaris popper, Charlestown, RI Oct. 2008
  5. This is the kind of social distancing I want to practice.
  6. Have never seen or caught one....
  7. Count me in! They look great.
  8. Very true, but NOT overload. 3 oz means 3 oz.
  9. I think I saw an osprey in Wickford. Didn't get a good look but it gave the impression.
  10. #33 of the field tested 704Zs! Great experience.
  11. Damn, I was afraid it was some other kind of news! 'whew'
  12. A "tank lobster" has been feeding on itself since it was caught. That's why I go to the boats to buy fresh.