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  1. The Ocean Mist after a Spring storm knocked it into the ocean, (1983?)
  2. A blast from the past. What was the name of that little restaurant? I took the pic from the parking lot.
  3. Haven't seen thhat many Asians since the Tet Offensive....
  4. There's a bridge in there somewhere.
  5. There are days that you just can't forget... My biggest catch on a Kastmaster.
  6. They're both free to RI codgers, and the freshwater is lifetime...
  7. I went online and got my fishing licences. I didn't have to buy them, they were FREE! All ya gotta do is reach 65 yrs of age. WooHoo!!! Now, if I could only fish like I could back in the day...
  8. March 31, 2010. Shannock was submerged...
  9. They're a comin' !
  10. Without a doubt.
  11. So, everyone interested in an Iceberg Revival raise your right hand.
  12. Didn't something fishy used to happen around this time of year?
  13. The Capt Lawrence, 8/8/1980, Beavertail
  14. Very nice!