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  1. Saw it happen at Chucktown about 15 yrs or so ago. Boat was going out into an incoming tide. Big wave picked the boat up, the prop came out of the water all forward motion stopped. The wave carried the boat backwards and dropped it right on the end of the rocks on the soft side.
  2. So it’s not in RI
  3. How would I fish this?
  4. I'm thinking Tuesday, June 25. I make a day out of it. Hit the fishing pier at Scussett before dawn, fish a couple hours, go for breakfast at Leo's, then cross the bridge and take a nice drive out to Hyannis for the hell of it.
  5. Been several years, maybe ten, but I caught two on a Kastmaster in the pocket at the Chucktown Bway. Haven't seen one since.
  6. Good enough I guess. Still haven't hit the salt yet. I'm aiming for my annual Go to the Canal and not Catch any Fish trip in June.
  7. . Although the 704 reel is a pre-braid reel, it loves the smoothness of Fireline. It is a fused line, smoother than a true braid, not quite as limp, and stands up to abrasion better than true braid. Costs more but it remains fish-able a good long time.
  8. Lister to this guy. Nobody knows 704s like he does.
  9. Accidentally bounce a few 3oz sinkers off of them. Be real apologetic about it...
  10. Who was around for this one?
  11. Once registered they know who and where. Makes confiscation and control a lot easier. In the movie "Red Dawn", an officer in the invading army dispatches some soldiers to the sporting goods stores and tells them to look for a certain document which lists all the gun owners and their addresses. Art imitating life?
  12. Saving myself for when I get back from sunny FLA. Crowds should be thinned out by then. They tawk funny down here....
  13. Damn I remember that. Would go there with my dad to get bait and tackle. Whew, that's a lotta water under the bridge!