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  1. How would I fish this?
  2. I'm thinking Tuesday, June 25. I make a day out of it. Hit the fishing pier at Scussett before dawn, fish a couple hours, go for breakfast at Leo's, then cross the bridge and take a nice drive out to Hyannis for the hell of it.
  3. Been several years, maybe ten, but I caught two on a Kastmaster in the pocket at the Chucktown Bway. Haven't seen one since.
  4. Good enough I guess. Still haven't hit the salt yet. I'm aiming for my annual Go to the Canal and not Catch any Fish trip in June.
  5. . Although the 704 reel is a pre-braid reel, it loves the smoothness of Fireline. It is a fused line, smoother than a true braid, not quite as limp, and stands up to abrasion better than true braid. Costs more but it remains fish-able a good long time.
  6. Lister to this guy. Nobody knows 704s like he does.
  7. Accidentally bounce a few 3oz sinkers off of them. Be real apologetic about it...
  8. Who was around for this one?
  9. Once registered they know who and where. Makes confiscation and control a lot easier. In the movie "Red Dawn", an officer in the invading army dispatches some soldiers to the sporting goods stores and tells them to look for a certain document which lists all the gun owners and their addresses. Art imitating life?
  10. Saving myself for when I get back from sunny FLA. Crowds should be thinned out by then. They tawk funny down here....
  11. Damn I remember that. Would go there with my dad to get bait and tackle. Whew, that's a lotta water under the bridge!
  12. Saving myself for when I get back from sunny FLA. Crowds should be thinned out by then.
  13. Hope Valley Bait and Tackle. Bill is a great guy. Been giving him my fresh water business for over 20 years.