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  1. Yes and the Mustang but there should be the 2.7 V6 as an option and hoping that’s also offered with manual transmission. Still unknown but the reveal is next week. I plan on modifying it regardless of which motor and ecoboosts make significantly more power when tuned. Will be a lot more power than Wrangler or 4Runner for sure.
  2. Yes, it’s modeled after 1st Gen Bronco which definitely similar to CJs/ Wranglers. The last one is a “sport”
  3. Is that confirmed? I’m on the Bronco6g forums and still waiting for Ford to reveal all configurations. I would be bummed if I can’t get the 2.7 with a manual.
  4. That’s because they are written by different people. Some truly believing in a cause and peaceful protest and others who are clueless criminal Antagonists and just want to join a riot and break stuff.
  5. Horrible pics! I worked in Manhattan for years but haven’t in the last 5 and it’s been Slipping way before the protests started. This is definitely a PG thread, especially once the usual PG posters show up. My favorite is “cancel rent” lol. While this graffiti is disgusting, I still support protest for any reason within the law and but this lawlessness hurts the protesters cause. People already equating protestors to vandals, looters and violent aggressors when it’s a small % of anarchists, agitators and clueless criminals doing the damage. They should be arrested. I hope it stops soon. Maybe Deblasio should put some of these pics up on the news and tell people this doesn’t help?
  6. I fished the small TA clips on my fly set ups but lately I’ve been losing flies. Not often, but enough that I’m back to direct tying lefty loops. I think it’s a combination of bad casting and thinner leaders. Usually use straight 20lb mono or flouro. I think the “snap” of a poorly timed forward cast, starting the forward cast too soon, causes the clip to come off occasionally. I find myself making these Bad casts when there are trees, reeds or the actual beach behind me that I’m trying not to hit on the back cast, so I forward cast too early until I adjust. it’s so much easier using clips and your leader always stays the length you want. I will probably give it another shot.
  7. The rare instances I’ve been alone on the beach and looked around and saw nothing man made was primal, purely natural except for the gear I had, seeing it how our ancestors did 1000s of years ago. The I saw one of those plastic tampon inserters and ruined my vision
  8. No sorry. See previous posts. It’s been sold.
  9. Want to sell excellent condition NRS Chinook PFD. Small stain on front but practically brand new. Only used a few times. $80 shipped. NRS xxxl Farmer John 5mm wetsuit like new $85 shipped NRS xxxl Farmer John 2mm wetsuit Brand new with tags $90 shipped NRS xxl 2mm Bills wetsuit jacket Brand new $60 shipped. Check your sizing on NRS site. I’m 6ft and 250 and xxl is my size. Will post pics of wetsuits today.
  10. I epoxy everything including old wading boots. Epoxy it and use some clamps or a weight. Clean surface first
  11. I have two Diawa Mad Dragon Two piece carp rods I converted to two hand fly rods. They are 12ft 3lb TC and a 12 ft 2.75 TC and good for 700-900 grains. These are cheap rods $60 but expensive shipping. These were the first two rough conversions I did and only replaced reel seats and did parachord and shrink tube handles. I did not change stripper guides. I will meet up within reasonable distance and let them go for $50 each. I’m in Suffolk County, LI. Will post up some pics.
  12. This thread belongs in the PG forum. You will find a lot of support for your “Rage” there.
  13. I’m throwing a 650 gr skagit head with a t14 now tip so 790 grains. Seems to work well as I have another Emcast and use the same line. It’s quite possible that lighter might even be better but I tried 550-600 and felt too light. Im a newcomer to Two hand. I wouldn’t want lessons from me lol, but if you’re interested in one of these rods, I can meet you in Riverhead. I’m out by Stony Brook. Let me know. I have a thread in classifieds. Still need to post pics.
  14. There have been times when I’ve gut hooked fish where I’ve questioned why I fish. Then I think of a school of Bluefish absolutely terrorizing everything in their path and I realize they kill more fish in minutes then I probably have In the last 5 years of C&R. Fish aren’t like other animals. They are almost all predators and just kill each other all day long lol. “Fish are always eating other fish. If fish could scream, the ocean would be loud as ****. You would not want to submerge your head, nothing but fish going "Ahhh, ****! I thought I looked like that rock!"” - comedian Mitch Hedburg RIP I don’t fish with bait, crush or dremel barbs, use less trebles, carry a small dehooker which I highly recommend, keep fish in water, stopped taking pics. Joining a tagging or research program helps gather data and may make you feel better bout fishing as well.
  15. I haven’t fished LMB in while but always did really well with an Ultralight spinning rod with 8lb fire line and chartreuse 4-5 inch Senkos rigged weedless. Tie direct to the hook, cast, let the line drop and lay on top of the water as the senko sinks. Just let it sink and watch the line. When the line twitches, wait a sec and set the hook! Some say senkos are cheating. They might be right.
  16. Geez I think I might Fish with gloves on moving forward. I’ve definitely been injured unhooking fish before but thankfully never got infected. A buddy of mine was unhooking a large Ray one night and it jabbed him in the leg with its barb. He had an awful puncture wound that wouldn’t heal, got infected and he ended up in intensive care for weeks. Never been to the canal but a guy next to me on the rocks @ Montauk Point fell and instantly broke his leg, it was like a 45 degree angle. We tried carrying him but they ended up sending fire department out to bring him off the rocks. Wasn’t wearing korkers. I’m not going on any rocks or jetty’s without some spikes on. Too easy to take a spill that could be the end of you or put you out of commission for months.
  17. Yes I fish them alot. I use Rio skagit heads with mow tips so a quick swap to floating mow tip and I can fish poppers. Big ones too. Much easier to unplug poppers with the two hand.
  18. I have a couple of daiwa 3lb carp rod “builds” that I would meet up and give to someone on Long Island for nominal fee. Can’t ship. Will post in classifieds. These were my first carp rod builds. All I did was replace reel seat and parachord and shrink tube handle. Didn’t change any guides. These are for 800-900 grains
  19. 5-10 years ago when there was still a healthy Striped Bass population, I would say any time you can fish is the right time. My PB 38lbs was caught during the day at dead low tide. My two next biggest bass were also caught during the day. They were all caught in November. Generally speaking though, nightime, sunrise, sunset and any low light conditions will be better. As far as moons go, I fish them all. Some say before and after a full moon is good.
  20. Yeah my season has been horrible so far. Huge sea Robins, shad and occasional micro bass. 10 years ago I would have had a 28”+ fish almost every outing.
  21. I know most are ditching the suits now but one last try before I lock this
  22. Put on these $hit kickers and kick some $hit! $140 Redwings. These are $300 custom and barely used boots! $110 Fryes- these are basically brand new.
  23. WTS sell very lightly used and not broken in yet custom Made in USA Redwing heritage 1907 wedge sole boots size 11. They have custom black vibram wedge sole and black leather laces with almost no wear. These boots are not broken in yet. The insole is perfect, don’t smell. There is some discoloration on the tongue from the black laces but these are in excellent condition. Paid close to $300. Asking $180 shipped. Also have size 10.5 Frye Dakota wedge brown boots. These are almost brand new, super comfortable and don’t need to be broken in like Redwings. They are discontinued but Retailed about $275. Asking $160 shipped.
  24. $375 Shipped. Killer two hand rod. Practically new. Hard to find and Great price.