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  1. Interested in the S8. How’d you like it? I understand it’s a pretty stiff, fast action rod. Would you ship to Long Island and if so, how much? any pics of wraps, grip, etc.?
  2. Thanks . What blank is it and rod rated 3/4 or 1oz- 3? I thought canal rods were usually heavier 2 or 3+ on the low end.
  3. Looking for an 11 footer for throwing the light stuff far. Has to be 11 foot, custom or factory, 1 or 2 piece. I’m flexible. Something rated at 3/4 or 1 oz and up. ODM, Century, CTS... let me know what you have.
  4. Anybody have these yet? J&H website availability date has come and gone and when I stopped in, they said they’re still waiting.
  5. I will fly and spin fish both fresh and salt depending on conditions, where the fish are located, what they’re feeding on etc, but as others have said, fly fishing is exciting because the fish strikes go from the line directly to your hand and aren’t absorbed by a spinning reel or even the rod. You’re pointing the rod at the water so essentially just fishing with a line. It can be very intense especially with big saltwater fish. When you’re strip, strip, strip, stripping and bam, the line just stops and it’s just fish on!!
  6. Sold to Skinny755
  7. If I had to carry that much gear, I probably wouldn’t fish or I would have a 4x4 permit and truck that crap I’m down to a two tube plug bag, 10 lures, some fluoro leader, lippa grip, pliers, de-hook tool. I used to carry a huge backpack and way too much gear back when I started. I also fished bait a lot. If willing to spend $$$, an electric fat bike with rode holders and side saddle bags would be a great way to carry gear, but obviously wouldn’t be walking
  8. Still have NRS xxxl Farmer John 5mm wetsuit like new $45 shipped
  9. Still looking for an old beater dinghy.
  10. 90 shipped. Nice lefty reel
  11. I mostly use head systems now on two handlers and single hand which means no extra spools, just a couple of heads to swap to the conditions. I may fish open beach with a floater and poppers and then walk back bay to inlet with deeper much stronger current and swap to a sinking head.
  12. I guess you never been to the PG forum’s one of the most classless places on the entire internet. I think you have a great idea though.
  13. Still have NRS xxxl Farmer John 5mm wetsuit like new $50 shipped
  14. $95 shipped for a nice old school lefty reel
  15. Still looking for an old boat for my wife to make a planter out of. Will pay $$ if you find something and can drop it off Stony Brook area Suffolk. It can be a non floating pos as long as it will hold dirt just needs to be 10 feet or less.