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  1. I always marked the rod with electrical tape so I didn’t waste time getting fish back in water looking for a tape measure. I almost never measure them or take pictures anymore and they all go back
  2. Looking for a preferably inexpensive outboard for Bote Rover inflatable. Short shaft.
  3. I fish probably 120 trips a season and never fish in these conditions. Yes, back when there were a lot of Striped Bass around, I would fish an occasional Montauk or Fire Island crowd but I’m alone most of the time when fishing these days. Sounds like a lot of guys fishing popular and convenient jettys, piers or spots near the parking lot. There are fish beyond the crowds if you can walk, bike, yak or whatever and you can find some peace still.
  4. 3 month wait better than not available at all. I was considering one just due to the weight. I can car top a 100lb kayak by myself but it sucks and when things suck, you leave them in the garage more. A Lynx would = more trips. I almost fish 100% back bay and tidal river. I think the Lynx would be great for a quick drop in.
  5. Cotten Cordell Pencil Popper my PB and most of my big fish taken on them. Drill a hole and fill with BBs to desired weights, swap to a single hook in the back and all set.
  6. If it ain’t Chartreuse, it ain’t no use.
  7. I wouldnt even bother. I probably wade fish 100+ trips a season in the salt and never even rinse my boots. They’re in a tub in the trunk of my car and when I get home I fling them into the driveway until the next day when I use them again. They never even dry for most of the season. I buy new boots every 3 seasons. The metal hook loops corrode and break after 2 and I will then pop them out, drill out the holes for laces which is how I wish most would come new. Just wear ‘em till they don’t work no more:)
  8. I was actually looking at the Orvis trip to El pescador. Looks nice
  9. A used Van Staal VR is around $400. Great reel for the price. I just sold my lefty VR151 only because I found an older lefty VS150L. Shimano Saragosa and Quantum Cabo’s are other recommendations. I’ve had a few Cabo’s and really good drag and price point. I would use them on boat or Kayak In case they go overboard it’s not a Lefty Van Staal which are hard to replace. I use all shimano reels for light duty and freshwater. I have an old trusty Sustain 2500FD that I travel with
  10. Sold to surfrat!
  11. I don’t know why anyone would buy a paddle kayak for fishing anywhere where there’s tides or current. I had a wilderness Tarpon 120 and spent most of the time trying to stay in position. Pedal kayak all the way for fishing unless in a lake or pond. The lighter and more simple you can make it, the more you will fish, at least that’s how it is for me. I too am looking at maybe picking up a Lynx because of how light it is. I can cartop a 100 pound Kayak but I will cartop a 50lb kayak more often:)
  12. Ok . Saves PayPal and shipping cost… I can meet Sunday in Smithtown/lake grove/stony brook area if you’re around.
  13. I believe it’s because of context. “Colored” was used historically in derogatory way in very unarguably racist times whereas “of color” wasn’t. This isn’t some new woke bs.
  14. Cotten Cordell pencils swap to single hook in rear, drill and fill with BBs to different weights. I fish them 90% of the time if there is light and all of my biggest fish caught on them. After dark, mag darters, bottles, metal lips, bombers
  15. I’m leaning heavily towards an out islands Bahamas resort, maybe Sandals Exuma, depending on what happens with Covid travels. My wife said she’s not gonna backpack around desolate beach cottages watching me fish flats which is what I would do the entire time if It were up to me haha. Will do one guided trip at least and also maybe rent a car and try some DIY.