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  1. I put my Gloomis Crosscurrent Specialized 11ft 3” two hander up for sale in the classifieds. Have 550gr Rio Floating GT line Up as well. It’s the best factory two hand I have used but I use my carp rods and new pac bay build more and I have too many rods.
  2. “If it ain’t Chartreuse it ain’t no Use“ I’ve heard that quote before and I’m a believer. From Senkos for LMB, big surf plugs to fly colors, I have a lot of Chartreuse. Otherwise, olive and white are my go-tos as well.
  3. I believe in some type of higher power that created but does not intervene, like deism. I don’t believe in religions. There are too many and each claim they’re right and everyone else is wrong. Pretty arrogant to think Your particular religion has the answers when most of what science has taught us over thousands of years in millions of studies and books disproves the “few” religious books and teachings. Yet despite science and religion, we still don’t really know the answers so we all grasp on to some idea, whether it’s made up stories or just believing nothing.
  4. I’m also a fan of the Gloomis Shortstix 7’6”. I have the 8/9 wt and use it for kayak or boat. You can cast surprisingly far for a short rod.
  5. I have Simms freestone wader pants and use them in river or backbay spots where waves aren’t a concern as well as areas I’m not wading deep. I don’t use them frequently and may actually put them up for sale on here.
  6. WTS sell very lightly used and not broken in yet custom Made in USA Redwing heritage 1907 wedge sole boots size 11. They have custom black vibram wedge sole and black leather laces with almost no wear. These boots are not broken in yet. The insole is perfect, don’t smell. There is some discoloration on the tongue from the black laces but these are in excellent condition. Paid close to $300. Asking $180 shipped. Also have size 10.5 Frye Dakota wedge brown boots. These are almost brand new, super comfortable and don’t need to be broken in like Redwings. They are discontinued but Retailed about $275. Asking $160 shipped.
  7. Benchmade Mini Griptilian
  8. Sold to Harry. Thanks!
  9. Ok pm me for PayPal and I will ship Monday
  10. Reveal should be soon but release wasn’t supposed to be til 2021 anyway. Removable top and doors, manual transmission option and probably the 2.7 ecoboost which makes significantly more power than wrangler and with some minor mods will be an impressive rig for sure. I’m very interested.
  11. Bad news for sure. Hang in there. The employees staying home collecting unemployment When they could be working are shortsighted and will be scrambling for jobs soon when the well runs dry. I’m luckily still employed but in the private sector that can end at moments notice for any reason or no reason at all so I’m always planning for job loss. At the end of the day, I would scoop the poop if I had to.
  12. Price dropped to $150. Can meet up on LI. Great boat or kayak rod
  13. Whatever plug I’m trying to catch Striped Bass on. I don’t target blues necessarily if there are bass around but I respect their power and like catching gators.
  14. $100 shipped. Reel was like $230 new. Great bait reel with bait teaser function.