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  1. Penn 5500 SS graphite in excellent mechanical shape with a spare spool. This is an extremely dependable reel that will last a very long time with some care. $100 shipped.
  2. For sale are VS 6” pliers in good shape. Cutters cut braid well: $225 shipped do
  3. Lots of gear went missing from the east end this summer.
  4. Selling 3 original Danny Pichney bodies. These would make a nice keepsake or round of a collection. $50 each, shipped, or $130 shipped for the 3. The paper towel in the grommet is just to prop the blank
  5. all yours Dave. Sending you my payment info
  6. Brand new in the box. Missing the schematics diagram. $100 shipped
  7. A bloody JR from “ the bulkhead blitz” a few years back
  8. Just grabbed a couple pieces today. Check that red out. Might get blinded if you look at it too long! Besides them looking stellar, Bobby’s Danny is a straight up killer
  9. Bobby is putting out some insane paint. Bottoms color shifts from green to purple
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