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  1. Thanks to all who participated! number 14, salty veins, please send me a message with your address. I will have something else coming soon! Tight Lines
  2. Always observant Scott! Thank you. The green strap was a nice touch
  3. Thanks Tommy! Here’s a couple of the first prototypes, handstitched with a speedy stitcher. Many of hours of sewing with swollen fingers in these few alone
  4. Love the custom logo Steve! Glad it is serving you well
  5. Giving away a heavy duty plier sheath built for VS 7” pliers. I will pick a winner at random on Wednesday night (27th) at 9:00 PM. A simple “I’m in” gets you in the drawing.
  6. Good deal! All yours, thanks
  7. I appreciate the offer but will pass Mike. I also should note the pencil is blue over white. closing this thread down, thanks everyone
  8. Appreciate the offer Germain but will have to pass. Will cost $7 to ship. Hope you can understand
  9. For sale is a brand new Tranx 300a. Has one small scuff on the reel from storage, but has never had line on it and has never been fished. $210 shipped
  10. Gibbs lot and Ocean Born swimmer left
  11. All yours. PM coming
  12. I have no problem with that. PM coming. Thank you
  13. I can do that. Thanks Howied. PM coming
  14. $35 shipped, has not been used since service. Excellent mechanical shape. Comes spooled