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  1. Chanky what area you out of? I got a few I’m gonna be putting up for sale. All are 10’ models so shipping is tough. (542,552,553,724)
  2. Awesome vintage Harnells. An with sentimental value. I just added a Blue Royal to my collection. It’s they’re 552 equivalent. If I recall correctly Blue Royal is what the Renall family built after the Harnell business split up. Renalls built Blue Royal an John Harrington built Harrington. Love these old things
  3. It was a custom build. So where customer wanted seat most likely cause sticker to get covered. Hoods on seat are cracked so once I get back home going to completely redo it.
  4. Lucked out an found this Harnell 703 today.
  5. OC1, Some of my personal ones that I have still have original wraps with factory varnish. This one here is actually my first attempt to wrap one back to look original. This is for a friend an he wanted epoxy. He uses his stuff pretty heavy, so epoxy would definitely protect threads better. I got 7 out of my whole collection I use. Those would be 540, 550, 701, 702, 721, 552, an 553. An always have someone ask if I’d sell them, when I hit the local piers or jetty.
  6. Now for final coat of epoxy. An will be fishing in few days
  7. I’m curious to which reels he’s wanting to buy. Lol
  8. Thank you OC1 OC1 I’ve never seen both colors in just one thread like that before.
  9. Here’s a 542 I started to bring back to its glory days last night.
  10. Thank you, Oc1 Back in the day seen a lot of 542’s with squidders an jigmasters. 552’s would see with 4/0, 6/0, an 6/0 wides on them. My 542’s back then had Newell 454’s on them an my 552’s had penn 6/0 with black marlin kits. Now I have updated reels on them with faster gear ratio’s.
  11. Thank you, Mark d got a few blanks also put away. 721, 542, 550 an 1552 but 1552 are Featherweight Rawhide blanks. Made by Harnell for Featherweight, same blank specs as 552.
  12. Just some of the Harnell an Harrington’s I’ve pack ratted over the years.
  13. The allstar blank a 2 piece?
  14. I had a 10' 725 shipped from New Jersey was pricey but was still reasonable considering what guy wanted for the 725.
  15. What's total price for both shipped to 78370 with the 756 left full length in a pvc tube. I know shipping will be higher with 756 left at 10'. But if it's not to crazy I'd still be interested in both.