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  1. Thanks for the comparison. I will mostly be using it for fluke in the bay with 1 oz bucktails. I usually like a little stiffer rod and have handled the 7'6" version in the store and like it. Unfortunately no one has the 7' around here so I cant actually compare them. If no one gets them in soon I may go for the heavier one since it may be a little better for black fish jigging if I decide to try that. Also I can get it now before summers over. Thanks Bob
  2. Still available
  3. No problem, stay well.
  4. Tommy The best I can come up with is a getting a PVC pipe to ship it in. The pipe is $9.00 and based on experience I know shipping is going to be $30.00 or more. So I suggest $44.00 for the tube and shipping. If it costs less I'll refund the excess, if its more I'll cover it. I know its not cheap but big items are expensive to ship. Let me know. Bob
  5. let me see what I can ship it in. I'll get back to you tomorrow
  6. if you pay for it but I think its going to $30 or more depending on where you are.
  7. if its a Mercury 150,175,200 or 135 carburated there are two regulators. one runs the tach with the gray wire, so if one is working you will still charge the battery but need to replace the reg ASAP because they burn up sometimes. you can switch the tach wire to the other reg to test it, should be a gray wire with nothing plugged into it.
  8. Brand new Shimano Teramar. $130.00
  9. Hi All I'm thinking of getting the spinning version in 7' but having trouble finding one. I can get the 7'6" version rated 30-50 as opposed to 20-40 for the 7' version. I will be mostly using it for fluke but who knows what else, maybe black fish jigging. Any opinions on which one would be appreciated. I've seen a few on the BST forum. Why are you guys selling them? Likes and dislikes? Thanks Bob
  10. Like new MD-390 DMR handheld. With original box and all accessories. Also functions as an analog 440 mhz radio. Not fishing item but some Hams out here might be interested. $85.00 shipped.
  11. *
  12. *
  13. CB would be the way to go. Good for a few miles and relatively cheap. Not everyone has a ham license and the equipment is a little more expensive anyway.
  14. Bump with price drop $180
  15. I have a Tsunami TSAWESS 882M 8'8" rated 12-20. Like new condition $125.00