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  1. Awesome! Little jealous but good to see.
  2. I hear you. A few might be slightly bigger but no 3 to 6 lb class where I'm finding fish either. Got some nice ones the last 2 seasons pretty consistently.
  3. Theres a ginger/teriyaki rub I use but I'm sure many different ones work. Cook with oil in cast iron skillet turning it 4 times but very fast for rare and a little longer if you don't like that. Also you can cook on grill with foil on grate. Few minutes a side. I'm no expert cook but it's good eating fish. Like all other fish don't overcook
  4. Feel your pain. Had 2 slip out of my hands and head to Davey Jones locker over my fishing life. Both expensive combos. For me slimey fish hands and my butterfingers to blame. Doh!
  5. Got into them for 10 minutes real good late Sunday morning. Hooked 4 and landed 3. Then the fog rolled in fast and bite shut off completely. Thought I was going to have a 20 fish day at first. Was fun while it lasted and delicious meal last night so can't complain.
  6. It can get expensive with blues mixed in.
  7. For bonito and albies I keep the rod tip low just above surface of water with a fast steady retrieve. Not burning it in but fast. Should mention I'm boat fishing not surf fishing like you.
  8. My personal favorite metal. They are the 1st lure I throw for bonito and albies. Casts a country mile. Pink is my personal favorite in the medium sized(1.2oz) gomami. But all sizes/colors work. Also they catch pretty much every other species. Have gotten tog, sea bass, fluke, scup, sea robin's, blues, stripers, assorted tropical Jack's and banded rudderfish.
  9. If he's a "pro" shouldn't be asking advice. That's all. Good day.
  10. Of course I get an occasional heads up from my friends who fish the same areas as me but I'm not asking tips on locations from strangers on internet. Plus isn't he a charter captain.
  11. Hush! Find your own
  12. Just bought an FS epoxy 7/8 oz. Very similar to hogys. Casts well with similar action. Hooks ok but replaced with vmc. Definitely will catch the funnies.
  13. I've got the same rod(not travel) paired with a stradic C5000XG and I love it. The C stands for compact. Lightweight and powerful reel with a power knob handle. 6.2:1 gear ratio. Great for stripers, blues and albies. I've got bass to 25lbs on this combo so can handle bigger fish.
  14. 1.2 oz Williamson gomami jig in pink is first one I go to. Then size down and change colors if they are picky. But more often than not the pink gomami gets it done. I know they aren't eating pink bait but for some reason it catches.(stands out in the crowd maybe)I find1/2 oz jigs can be necessary if they are inside a harbor on small bait as that's when I feel they are pickiest and match the hatch is a must.
  15. Yes. At least in my experiences. Early for inshore, less than a half mile off beach in southeast mass. Not talking the islands. 2nd week of August more the norm for the areas I fish. Never caught or even seen them in July before this year. Someone got 1 last weekend fishing next to me a few miles out so I knew they were around and have been rigged and ready from then on.