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  1. Definitely not. Blood line not even removed Disgusting! No thanks
  2. GT on topwater 1st and dogtooth tuna 2nd
  3. I am lucky. But definitely not free. Pretty sure I'd be better financially buying my fish lol. After gas, eels, squid,, lures, terminal tackle ect a pricey meal. But at least I know it was properly cared for from catch to table. Also just for.the record. I rarely keep/eat striper anymore. I do like it but just don't want to kill them with population in decline currently. Keep 1 a season for the guy who let's me keep my boat on his dock. With fluke, sea bass and tautog plentiful and available i see no reason to eat striper.
  4. What I really don't understand is how people eat and enjoy striper that was not bled or iced. I personally wouldn't touch that crap especially at 25 plus per pound. To each his own I guess.
  5. Yeah they do
  6. Drive by it every morning. Insane amount of boats in a small area. Think I'm good.
  7. They have moved in with force in my area. Got a 15lber this morning on the doc. Was by myself co crappy pic unfortunately . Does it no justice. What a great fight. Landed 5 others in 7to 9lb range. 6 slot stripers up to 34" too and a few shorts. All released. Awesome morning.
  8. They definitely like squid from.what I’ve read and heard over the years. Hopefully I get one someday. Again nice catch!
  9. Nice! I still haven't checked that one off the list. What did you get it on?
  10. Not sure how I could forget Clinton years. True, it was not a dumpster fire economically during his time in power
  11. Carter gas crisis and inflation. Then Reagan,Bush,Bush Jr no problems gas wise and a good economy Then Obama with recession and $4 gas. Trump no issues with gas or economy. Biden back to inflation, high gas prices recession. Anyone else notice a pattern here?
  12. I'm going out on a limb and guessing it's NPR
  13. So thankful the adults are in charge again lol. I see 6 bucks being a real possibility by the 4th of July.
  14. Don't chunk anymore but always had better luck anchoring when I did. Used to fish sow and pigs off Cuttyhunk alot and would anchor up and drift baits off the stern while chumming. Got some of my biggest bass doing this. But that was back when there were alot more bass.
  15. Top 5 in order. Big doc, little doc, ss floating popper(all sizes) , yozuri surface cruiser(smaller size), 1oz yozuri top knock. All in white or bone. Honorable mention to the 1oz Gibbs pencil and yozuri hydro pencil.