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  1. Drug smuggling is only a part of the reason for wall. Keeping undocumented immigrants out is the main reason. We have enough here already. How many of those illegals pay taxes when they get here? I would guess not too many, if any. The days of the Ellis Island and give us your sick,tired and poor are long gone. This is a different country than back then. The country has grown immensely population wise and we cant take every immigrant that wants to come here anymore.(unless your a democrat,they want the votes for free handouts) It's just not in our best interest to allow people in that are going to be more of a burden on the USA and the people who actually pay taxes.
  2. I think the article a few years back that had a map of canal with all the hot spots and available parking spots marked pissed alot of guys off and I can't really blame was like a canal guide for dummies. I know it's a well known spot but come on man. If I was a regular there it would have angered me a bit.
  3. But he would be a liberal just like you most likely so what the point.
  4. Roger that. All my surf rods are custom built anyway by CMS in New Bedford. Maybe for my next rod I will look into an ODM blank. But I still love my gsb.
  5. I love my gsb. My favorite surf rod I've owned. Loved the all stars until they stopped making them too. I'm sure odm rods are great but why don't they make a 1 piece? Don't know anybody in my area that uses a 2 piece rod for the surf. My first surf rod was a 2 piece St. Croix and before upgrading glued it together cause it was such a pia adjusting it all the time when it loosened. Really sucked when fishing at night especially. Had it seperate once. And yes, I tightened the living sh@# out of it.
  6. Amen brother.
  7. Another vote for hockey tape. 1 roll lasts a long time. Tried the glove thing too. They work but who wants to wear fish stink gloves or keep them in their vehicle.
  8. Who the F watches SNL anymore? Hasn't been funny in over a decade. Other than the sickly looking white haired guy(can't remember his name) I couldn't pick another cast member out of a police lineup. The show died after Sandler and Farley left. * SNL was always political and goofed on any president in office but they are obsessed with the current one to the point of ad naseum
  9. Agreed. But don't miss him in the least. Hopefully his meds work.
  10. Down in south coastal Massachusetts somewhere between April 10th and the 15th I will get my first striper. Doesn't really matter how cold the winter was. Small schoolies and micros. But I do feel the bigger fish can lag a little behind after a cold winter/spring like last year. The general consensus last year was about 2 weeks late for big fish in our area. Usually bigger fish for us start last week of April/1st week May. This year didn't get first keepers till May 14th. So I believe the cold does slow the migration to some degree. Not the most important factor but a factor for sure in my mind.
  11. Check out the PG. Bob Kraft should be charged with rape apparently. Wow, that escalated quickly.
  12. Walking the dog. Nice wide zig zag. It catches for sure. Sr. and Jr. sizes.
  13. Me likey! DOC size.
  14. Same here! Doesn't clog even after being opened for years.