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  1. Haven't used to many singles on plugs but 1 observation I had when using them is that single hooks ripped large holes in the fishes skin when used as rear hook. Last season I bought a small ss little neck floater which came with belly treble and inline vmc rear hook. I did more damage to fish than I had ever seen before. So much so that after ripping and tearing gaping holes in fish on multiple trips I switched back to rear treble.
  2. Hell no!
  3. Been getting them at buzzards bay river mouths for more than a week so cant be far from you by now if not already there.
  4. Super strike popper
  5. I read somewhere it cost 600 million to build. Been shut down a few years. I can definitely see your point of view as a homeowner and would wish the same if I was looking at it everyday
  6. It's like arguing with a bag of rocks. You have gone so off the original post which was its f#@#d up to allow a 3 year old to decide it's a tranny. Now I'm gay Christina Shirley over it. As you can see it's not trending anymore. Over and out.
  7. I didn't search genius. It was listed in the top trending stories. In your area the top trending story is the goat next door is in heat.
  8. Obviously not you. It's on a smart phone on the home screen. You search with it on this thing called the internet. Lists news stories trending at the current time. Hasn't reached your area yet I guess.
  9. No on Google you dumb hillbilly. Ever heard of it. You don't do southerners any justice.
  10. She's a pretty famous actress. Its trending in the news or I wouldn't have known. Go back to the hole you crawled out of.
  11. I'm not saying I'd throw her out of bed by any means but there are many hot chicks that aren't as stupid. Plus she's married to Sean Penn to boot. Would you take his sloppy seconds?
  12. She ain't the hottest and she didn't make anything. Adopted African babies. She's better than women who make babies.
  13. Sea lice are a good indicator. Not that every fish has them but more do than don't. Every year I catch fish from early to late April with no lice. Then all of a sudden 1 day most fish are covered in lice.
  14. Apparantly, one of her adopted children(a boy) told Charlize at the age of 3 that she was a girl despite being a boy. So she rolls with it and raises as a girl from then on. Just going public with it as kid is 7 now. Kids say weird things when they are young all the time but should she really be encouraging something like that or nip it in the bud like a normal parent would? If her kid thought he was superman would she encourage him to fly out the window? This kids life is going to be a mess. Some people should not be parents. Typical of lefty Hollywood types. I'm sure she will be commended for her courage/stupidity by the rest of them other than James Woods and Clint Eastwood.