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  1. Just like alcohol
  2. Can't we all agree that there are multiple reasons. That's what I was saying earlier by mentioning cormorants as another contributing factor.i wasn't saying it was their fault. Over fishing to me is the main reason. Seals and pollution do their part. Climate change factors in for sure but to put it all on any one is probably not logical. It's just a sad state the flounder are in right now.
  3. I have no doubt the scientists in charge of management have more knowledge than any of us in the science but sometimes it seems like they lack common sense. Take black sea bass in Massachusetts. 5 fish limit. Have they ever gone fishing in Massachusetts? Can't fish for other species without catching them. Guys that troll for bass catch them on 9er rigs and tubes to the point of annoyance. They also decimate the juvenile lobster population. Ask a lobsterman around here about them. They won't have kind words.Catch all my biggest every year right next to traps and find plenty of lobsters in stomachs as well as big claws ripped of keepers. Letting 1 species get so abundant so that it starts another's decline. Seems like "genius" management to me.
  4. Agreed. The article mentions the flounders predators coming earlier in the season because of global warming. Nothing has changed in the arrival of these predator fish.Unless we have an unusually cold winter and spring it's like clockwork year to year. Even then its only a difference of a week or 2 at most. Another problem not mentioned in article is predation by birds, specifically cormorants which I believe to be a major reason for the flounders downfall. Little pancakes for those SOB's.
  5. Love the sea pups! My last 2. White(repaint)and pogie. Miss my herring pattern. Need more!
  6. Read his **** earlier today.(well really skimmed it, to crappy to read) To say he is reaching is understatement. Author(another reach) calls himself a wipipologist in his bio. That's angry black code for white people oligist as I understand it. Can't make this **** up. Based on other normal reviews I don't think I would waste my time with this movie though.
  7. Is inside a lobster tail shell?
  8. The DOC. Quality and quantity. Just shy of 30lbs in pic
  9. It's a new rod. The prices are from 124.95 to 144.95 which seemed really reasonable to me.
  10. Anybody fish them? If so, how are they and which size and action did you fish?
  11. Funny! There may be some inbreeding going on with the redneck folk there too.
  12. No derailment. I live in Westport Massachusetts which is next door to Tiverton and hear it from residents all the time. Nice town for sure. But for renters. Lol.
  13. Ask someone who lives there about the property taxes. Believe highest in RI
  14. Gotta pay a toll both ways commuting from narragansett. Haven't crossed bridge in awhile but I'm guessing at least 5 bucks each way. Adds up