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  1. Title. Color doesn’t matter.
  2. Title says it. Looking to buy a square knob for a VS 200. Silver preferred.
  3. I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking for a LEFTY (right hand retrieve) VS250 for a friend. Color doesn’t matter as long as it’s in good working order.
  4. Pictures? Reel seat distance, etc?
  5. Wow sorry about that. Never got a notification for the post. What are you looking to get for it? Cash? Trades? Cash/trades?
  6. Looking for a LEFTY VS250L for my friend. What’s out there? Color doesn’t matter as long as it’s in good working order.
  7. Yeah that wouldn't be an issue. Got any pictures? Distance to center of reel seat, etc?
  8. Title. Looking for a Predator SB-1266. Would prefer to pick up. I'm in RI, but not opposed to meeting anywhere within reason. What's out there?
  9. What's out there? Interested in either 6 or 7''
  10. Looking for a kayak for my girlfriend. She wants one to paddle around while I’m fishing from mine. Not looking for anything elaborate. Was thinking something like an Ocean Kayak Scrambler or Frenzy, or anything similar. Condition doesn’t really matter as long as it’s seaworthy. Can travel anywhere within reason from RI. What’s out there?
  11. Sold pending meetup with Pootitoot