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  1. i think most of the stcroix that snapped are the surf line, freshwater and inshore are actually pretty decent
  2. my quantum and tc3 might be a cheapo but definitely not a broomstick, actually theyre pretty darn good rod for money
  3. so is that means stcroix rod even worse than a broomstick
  4. well my el cheapo longitude, tica and quantum blu had been with me since 2013, and i cast the heck out them, catch thousand of fish and they still going strong, while my newly stcroix snap
  5. its not only the elite line, the gx2 is the same, lots of ugly stiks are bent, they need to step up the quality control, also bring back the fuji guides and reel seat, i dont think lot of dont mind to pay couple xtra bucks for a quality rod
  6. lol maybe its the Dicks thing cause i also order the triumph from Dicks, my star rod arrived 3 days ago, already fished with it, i like it alot more than the triumph, also loaded with lure heavier that its rating and its cast no problem
  7. well i know this is not about the mojo but i just order a 10' triumph, after 2 cast it snapped, returned that junk and got me a star rod
  8. everything looks good except those carbon fore and rear rips, thats just me i never like them
  9. oh, ok guess i will have to pass this, thanks
  10. would you take $55 shipped
  11. are the guide fuji
  12. i have 8' and 9', the 9' is kinda tip heavy, but for some reason it cast alot better and further than my 9' stcroix triumph
  13. would you do $100 shipped?
  14. so any update yet on when they gonna be back to normal so I can order from them
  15. the new saltx surf rod about to come out, looks pretty sweet