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  1. im mainly gonna use small shrimp and fishbite with 2-3 oz lead, i think ít gonna be alright, im really impress with the weight of this rod, its only 9oz!
  2. anyone own one, im thinking buying the 9' 1/2-3 oz for light chunking, i like the look of it, dont know how durable they are
  3. how long is the handle and are guides are pac bay or fuji
  4. yea ive been watching tarpon fishing recently and noticed so many people using flyrod, didnt know why they chose using it over spinner or conventional, thats why i posted this question, now i know
  5. yea, but why on monster fish like tarpon, doesnt make any sense to me
  6. can someone tell me why people using fly rod instead of the regular one
  7. how long is the handle
  8. how long is the handle from the bottom of reel seat
  9. we got a deal, pm me your address
  10. $100 for both total
  11. im firm on the price for now thanks
  12. i got a spinfisher 5500 and the other í daiwa exceller 3500, both are like new, used only couple times in freshwater, both $100 shipped
  13. 2 for $75
  14. traded here couple months ago, both $75 shipped