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  1. Placing magnets I would be interested in also. Use no glue, a mild 2 part epoxy would be better. Hot glues when the heat builds from outgoing drag function, pads and things fall off. FT
  2. What are you all talking about? vertical up / down. My 2002 V10 F350 has a bar under the seat to adjust forward or backward, my windows crank up and down. It has AC and cruise, and for ambient temp readings I open the window and put my hand out. My wife 5'2" is too small to drive this safely unless I tape blocks on the pedals and put an old fashioned telephone directory on the seat.. FT
  3. It seems to be that we all read the same titles according to our age bracket. Back before the internet 100 years ago we would read and visualize what we read into our own persona's, we became what we envisioned from print. McClain's encyclopedia sent me to places way back when. I am unloading many of the classic titles that were mentioned here. If anyone is looking for a fair priced old fashioned book, send me a PM and title request of what you are seeking. I have 100+ titles ready to be passed on to other sources. I will always keep the ones that mean something to me. FT
  4. Very nicely done. FT
  5. Bimini's and loops with double or triple nail knots seem to work. FT
  6. 5500 & 6500's ......... FT
  7. The book was written so well that everyone could read this and learn and then come out a better fly fisherman. My favorite also, my copy is well taped together. FT
  8. Ask a 15 to 35 year old today what they know of Socialism. Their responses will be social media, social dating, social networking............ask what they know of Communism. The school systems left all this pertinent information out of their education for a reason. Regards, FT
  9. Impeach, Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio, Schiff and do I really have to continue.........................Impeach the m<>?>??ers. This language from the one who spoke it is totally unacceptable in my way of thinking. The democrats are running scared from the new democratic socialist party and by the way there has been on the books in this country for 50 + years a democratic socialist party that is now swallowing up the democratic party and Pelosi and the likes are scared sh*&()_L:" lis. FT
  10. The best reel finish that I have ever experienced is on this Charleton made Scientific Anglers System 3 fly reel from the early nineties. Much better than my Tibor Pate reels. FT
  11. You know that you are desperate when you have a kit of 250 permanent colored markers to repair your scratches............ Regards, FT
  12. You are correct, and these around five years ago brought excessive prices on the used market, sometimes two to three hundred dollars more than they were really worth. Great reels are the ones made by Hardy Brothers of the UK with the rivets on the back plate that are click and pawl drag . Nice looking reels that you have. Regards, FT
  13. That says it all in a nutshell. Today's reel cost are way out of line, but I am calculating in old time dollars. A fly reel is a tool to spool line with a drag system of sorts. It seems that many post of older reels that still function today quite well after many years of service. My "grail" reels are used, but it pains me when a new micro scratch happens. An excuse that I use to explain to myself is that the scratch adds character and a memory to the reel. Regards, FT
  14. My 2000 Mercury 125hp 2+2 design weighs in at the upper 300's, Wave Wackers for following seas and such helped the flooding of the transom area when on Ontario. Reliable motor. It pushes a 19'6 StarCraft an easy 45 / 49 on a good day. 25 / 35 is just cruising, 3 mph is easy on two cylinders. FT