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  1. The only books that I am keeping are the prose, fiction, etc. Fly fishing for bass freshwater, are always keepers and and few original SW FF titles. FT
  2. I am quite sure that we never now the who and how it was started. But in my opinion, it could have been any religious extremist that wanted to knock down a monument of Christianity and prove their point that they could do it. It is a shame. Regards, FT
  3. Once upon a time, I had to buy a cheap pair of work boots and glue indoor / out door carpeting on the soles (Barge cement) and screw a few 1/4 sheet metal screws that were cut off real short in length. They actually worked quite well 100 years ago! This was for wet wading of course. FT
  4. We all have them and have re-read them enough times so the printed matter converted to brain matter . I really hate to use them as kindling material, since most people today do not read real books in our current time period. ?????? FT
  5. How come there is no fish in the bay of Fundy? FT
  6. I have been to Eldridge Brothers. My son lives in Scarborough, Maine. The small shop in center Portland, I think that it was called the fly shop, is small, but will have your $10.00 clousers if you need them and the flies are really sparce in material. Tippet and the basics they always have if you are in need. Stripping baskets also. FT
  7. If the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I would concentrate this time of year on the Eastern side of the lakes / bays. You are set up well . A orange, yellow and red seducer fly with a bit of flash always used to work. Plan your day for afternoon fishing for Pike at this time of year. Pike also target the young of year size minnows in the Spring more than the big stuff that they eat in the Fall months. I always thought that Maine had more Pickerel than Northern Pike, are you telling us that Maine waters are changing. Regarding a warm water 10 system, set it up with an extra spool for teethy fish. Forty or thirty butt to a melted twist wire with an old fashioned snap connection ready to go to the fly. Finesse is not the goal here. Regards, FT
  8. In my opinion, fishing a rod that has a sweet spot for 50 plus feet in a 35 foot stream, right there that thought has a problem. That is why they made short, long, fast and slow fly rods. This is why we need at least 19 plus fly rods as our basic quiver !. FT
  9. This could be a quote that should be etched in stone ! FT
  10. That should be the normal way to do it. FT
  11. Cpalms, Speak lightly! Ocasio Cortez and her green new deal are going to take your rods to say the least. FT
  12. I am very content today to be set it my ways, and am quite happy that I am not in my 20's or even 40's any longer. The stress of that would most likely kill me! FT
  13. Perfectly done. FT
  14. JMB, I feel if the shoe fit's, it gets no better than that ! You are another person who underlines a rod, to make it work for them. I like that philosophy. Do you need to update your rods, absolutely not !, Should you? maybe. No need to sell a kidney. Just look at generation 3 Sages from the 1990-1995 era and you can purchase a originally priced rod of $450 today at $ 150 / $250.00. Sometimes even in unused condition. FT
  15. Here comes a curve ball. Are you built like Lefty K. or Joan Wulff. Muscles come into play in casting all the time. Lefty was a big person that had the power and his technique to do impressive casting. Joan Wulff, a small frame female that could cast a mile, with her technique. I say if it flows it will go ! as long as you know the basics and have the right tools for you to do what you want to do. FT