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  1. There is nothing wrong with that setup, it's a fast 10 or a moderate 11 depending on what line. FT
  2. That's OK with me. Next will be one angler to a boat under 18 feet and boats have to keep a 25 foot distance from each other. I can only imagine what the Pulaski, NY regulations will be ! :-) FT
  3. Fishing pressure should be down this season and that's a good thing. FT
  4. Quick Drainage and a fold down platform, plus it's all organic.. Fly and Leader Pouch included. FT
  5. VT coast, Just use a barrel swivel on one end, you can either twist and melt a loop or use a wire leader crimp. One the other end a plain cross snap will do with the same loop procedure. I vary the size of the barrel and snap according to line size. FT
  6. Quick change flies. FT
  7. long and slender in yellow , chartreuse, orange, white. I started using an ez pike leader for all freshwater toothies. 12 inches or less of flexible coated wire with a snap twisted and melted at the end. FT
  8. Don't even try to argue with this logic ! If you do not understand it , you must be of the type of person that this evaluation is referring to. FT
  9. Hey, I am from Long Island , New Jersey or Connecticut. I really like your State ( Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire or Upstate New York) Can you tell me were I can catch fish so I can make a video of myself as a expert fisherman and expose your secret spot, that you swore on your mothers grave not to divulge. It is high time to reinvent the old school of , evaluate everyone that questions your knowledge and do not be in a rush to brag of your knowledge. Fed up with new school. FT
  10. Like I previously mentioned , I have fished this lake for 40 years, both by my boat, trolling or casting off inlets, or by wading at places. I will refrain from posting pictures that show 29 inch plus LLS fish that were caught at certain times of the year in certain places with a casted fly. A question that was asked of why there is no LLS, there are but not in the same numbers of years previous. .. A lot has to do with the strain of the LLS
  11. Kiss and tell, that is why I tell no one . Ruin it for yourselves, if you kiss and tell...... that lake was ruined twenty plus years ago. The only reason that Lake George is not worse than it is today is because of it thirty three mile length and two hundred foot depth. The bottom the lake is a carpet of aluminum cans and glass bottles and we are not even mentioning the raw sewer dumps from pleasure boats and camps. There are bans on swimming from the once nice million dollar beach, also bans on wading certain areas. What is next to ruin is the Adirondacks , it's already happening from people who consume and not preserve! Just my observation after forty years. FT
  12. Intermediate line does 3 things almost perfect..... FT
  13. For rough going you could always by a pair of work boots in the height of your liking and a size or two larger and barge cement indoor outdoor carpet with sheet metal screws, after two or three years, do the same for under $100.00 FT
  14. Use and lose them ! They were made to be fished. You can always say after you lose one " O Sh..t, That was my favorite popper. FT