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  1. I commend you on your perseverance in getting back into the game that you both enjoy and live for so quickly. Of course your current medical situation has changed your previous normal routine of doing what we do. Take it slow relearn your new limitations and adjust to them as your new normal routine. Be cautious, take rest breaks and adapt the conditions to the new you. You already possess the knowledge and desire to continue your previous routine. Be well and go for it. , . Regards, FT
  2. Wishing you a quick recovery. Your in our prayers. Regards, FT
  3. It's a Burt's Mango Mangrove edition, size B bass bugging reel . FT
  4. The mono of today is so much better than the original formula that used to stretch like a rubber band, Today's diameters are down and strength's are up. FT
  5. St Croix or go vintage glass. FT
  6. Some say that glass rods are getting popular again. My trout spinning rods are glass Fenwick's and Browning Silaflex rods, they just have the feel for light touch applications compared to my St. Croix Premieres rods. Stiff or soft, fast or slow! Pick your tool as needed....even vinyl albums are the current thing. Everything always comes full circle. FT
  7. A worm on a 14 hook or even a 12 is deadly, I used to use "live" 3 inch or smaller minnows until they were skewered with a bait needle on UL , maybe with a tiny split shot above an eagle claw snelled number 6 below a snap swivel, with worms I never used snells. The big browns hit so hard they would send the minnow intact above the swivel from the impact of the strike and still be hooked. As I said I do prefer the fly rod but at this stage of my life I am reinventing my younger daze . There was nothing that compared to being on a good trout stream in advance of a thunderstorm, and cast # 3 spinners or sewn minnow or night crawlers........I used to break speed limits to get there before it got "roily". Big fish just got stupid under such conditions, and I am sure that the same approach will still produce today..............1930 Bass wet flies that are bigger than a half dollar coin might work in the same conditions...use an 0X tippet. I use 4 pound test on UL reels and knot a spool of 5x tippet material as 2 lb. tippet when needed. Regards, Ft
  8. I have a bunch of Premiers in bait casting and spinning, all are seven footers from light to medium heavy and I feel that they all are unrated in what they can pull. My St Croix's are all 1990's and still have todays exact rating for lines, lures, etc. My rods are so old that the factory labels have faded to the point that I have labeled everything with Avery labels and written info with permanent marker followed with a wrap of shipping tape. MH rated St Croix, can do a 100 pound Tarpon easily Old ones are USA made which I approve of ! For freshwater fishing I stick to Fenwick's and Browning's that are 50 to 60 years old and parabolic in action. It's all about the feel. FT
  9. 308 & 408's were in my arsenal year ago built like tanks but were cranky. The good thing about them is that you can still upgrade them. UL tactic is to put a bend in the rod and keep it there, wear them down fast. Also the down and dirty attack works well. FT
  10. I was just wondering if any one still utilizes Ultra Lite spinning tackle for either trout or bass. I always prefer the fly rod or fishing, but have been thinking about sinning with UL spinning again this year when conditions warrant this approach. I was into this type of fishing in the 70's and have acquired a collection of UL tackle. Alcedo Microns, Orvis 50A, Quick 1001 and Penn 716Z reels along with 1960-70 Browning Silaflex and Fenwick fiberglass rods between 4'6" and 6'6". Lines between 2lb. and 4lb. The lines we are talking here are with rods that have a weight of 2 ounces to 3 ounces (blank only) that can cast 1/32 to 1/4 spinners with accuracy. Old CP swings , Panther Martins and 00 Mepps were the lure that worked Regards, FT
  11. The southern end was killed off by dredging and redistribution of PCB's.............netting killed too many baitfish. The river is not like it was in the 90's. Back then not many knew about stripers. FT
  12. Corn & cheese kill trout that can become holdovers, trout cannot digest corn & cheese it blocks their digestive tract and they die. End of story. FT
  13. Old fly lines in good condition do the same that were designed to do years ago ,and for the most part can handle today's fishing for general purposes. Specialized lines of today are no comparison for fly lines that tried to do what modern line accomplish out of the box at triple the cost of what was not available even a few years ago. Tropic lines today are a winner, trout lines should be no better than a Cortland 333. Some things are just perfect. FT
  14. Pass on this river, it's all fished out ! FT
  15. Mick Finn, also make up a no name streamer with a mix of purple, blue over white with some pearl flash with a red tail or butt. My streamers were always tied on Mustad #79580's long shank sized hooks 2 & 4 only because of the wide hook gap hooking ability. Size 6 as a minnow imitation for fresh water is as small as I go. It is helps when hooking hooked jawed fish in the Fall season. FT