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  1. Tons of kings and weakfish in the surf on bloodworms or fishbites. So you can do that from 34th if you want. Some snapper blues and tons of sharks are in the mix these days.
  2. Thanks anyone, great feedback as always
  3. Hey Gang I have been fluke fishing in the back bays of south jersey since I was a little kid, and the tactics have changed (lighter tackle, gulps, aggressive jigging etc) but basically have always just done the basic drift along a channel edge in the boat without much thought of location. Beyond looking for structure any other things you guys look for when on the hunt for flounder? I have had success but been thinking about how to increase my odds especially this early in the season. My understanding is unlike stripers fluke need higher salinated water so they will not move as far upstream to chase bait. Not trying to spot burn or anything but more if you were heading out for a morning of fluke fishing in the bay for example just say at the start of outgoing tide, how would you approach fishing that tide?
  4. I agree that head produces a better angle, but Chest is way more comfortable and I find the video footage is good enough that its work it me from a comfort perspective. I would invest in a mount for the kayak. You will find that you will move at a lot of weird angles in the kayak and that its you will get better footage if the camera is mounted on the boat. I also like the mount so you can get some different angles. The head/chest view is great but sometimes gets old
  5. I have the DJI Spark, which I like a lot. Its cheap(relatively to other drones) and small. I use it for mostly photography/video purposes but its very easy to fly and could be useful for scouting. Only knock on the spark is the battery life is not great (get about 15 mins of flight out of a full charge) so your not doing that much scouting with a few batteries. Also I very rarely fly mine around other people as I also find it kind of annoying. Obviously not everyone follows that etiquette but same could be said for just about everything.
  6. Hey Guys Been a long time shore and back bay fisherman, but recently upgraded my boat and now am able to actually get out front and do some inshore trolling. I am based down near Ocean City NJ and just curious on any input people have on approaching doing some trolling. I would love to get out and catch some Albies/Bonitas this time of the year, and potentially get into the stripers and blues later in the fall. I know this is a broad net but any advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance.
  7. I would replace the guide, and its easy to do. however, i think the best bet is to take it to a tackle shop. I once bought what I thought was the correct size and it ended up not fitting. The guy at my tackle shop said its super unpredictable and had like 50 different size and found me one to put on.
  8. I had read somewhere (might have been the John Skinner book) that you can bring one of those soft sided cooler bags (they fold up pretty small and are fairly light weight. Or the cooler backpacks that are made. You could probably throw a fish in there with an ice pack or two and make it last a little bit until you have time to really ice it down. The bucket with the lid and some hole it is also a good idea but either way dragging that stuff around is not fun. Generally if i catch a nice enough fluke I will just make the trip back to the car and either call it a day or load it in the cooler with ice and head back out. Its only a problem if you catch a great keeper on the first cast.
  9. Even though they are small a downstream hook set is important. My guess is that you are either not getting the hook set because you are either pulling the hook out of the fishes mouth, or the hook set isn't secure enough and they are getting free. You can catch fish on some really small flies size 18-20 without much problem.
  10. Hey don't mess with my handwritten sign, plugs are't cheap I would also add that I feel like this will mostly only be enforced during peak season and peak hours. I would be surprised if they had someone there all the time especially really early or late (when i usually am there). Jersey gonna jerz though and if they can get 20 bucks out of you they are going to try.
  11. I have a set of velcro straps that i use to hold the pieces together and then I put those to pieces on a little homemade rack i built in my garage.
  12. Agree with what people have said. There should be a lot of snapper blues around in both the inlets and out front, usually can get them on a mullet rig that time of year. Your best bet is at night, under the bridges you can sometimes pull a decent striper or two.
  13. Can't speak for the gulp bloodworms but will say that having used both fishbites and real bloods the fishbites work real well. I also find that when i use fish bites over real blood worms I get less stuff I am not trying to catch (dogfish, sea robins)
  14. I am a fan of the chest mount, I think its more comfortable to wear. You figure you are fishing for a couple hours and only capturing a subset of that time, so might as well be comfortable. I do agree that the angle can be a bit weird because you get a lot of the reel. But I find generally that I get the fight pretty well, especially if the fish is jumping or the water is clear. Also i can hold the fish in front of me and get a good shot. One thing to consider is mounting to something near where you are. The one issue i find with both the head or chest mounts are if you want to take a picture with you in it instead of just your hands holding the fish you can't do it. If i am fishing from a pier or boat I will mount them so i can be in the shot.
  15. Hey All A question I recently started looking into as I have started fishing more from a pier in Cape may County then I used to. Is there any good strategy for safely reviving and releasing a fish from the pier? I am well versed in catch and release from the surf, but I caught a nice 25 in bass the other night on the pier. Quickly took a picture and then released him but seemed not quite the best to just toss him 15 ft in the water below. Just trying to do my part in not hurting the bass stocks by accident