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  1. Haven't watched in years if I had been I'd stop with all of the BS.
  2. Hank was looking for triggers . Guess he found them
  3. 2 keeper fluke and 8 shorts this morning on the sea girt reef. Also caught a ling and only a few sea robins
  4. One hour for me to reach the inshore reefs.
  5. I gave you time to get up here
  6. Anyone want to go half day fluking tomorrow with me? My boat leave around 5:00.
  7. Three neighbors went out a little east of the triple wrecks this morning and went 2 for two on small bluefin and 1 for 1 on a 40 inch yellowtail Lost a sidetracker when the yellowfin hit. That was it .nothing on the jig Sashimi for dinner.
  8. Imagine having so much money that the thought of doing that is just too much. Oh well buy short term bunds and whatever they call Japanese gov debt at negative rates . Now that a first world issue but with that much money not really a problem
  9. I’m watching the news The factory in Jersey City a bunch of people having drinks inside at a bar. How did that happen?
  10. 11 nm so yes a bit of a surprise.
  11. Mick Now I have your numbers a couple of big marks there. What are you fishing for?
  12. I've had crab in tomato sauce and it's good. But Wendie can't eat cooked tomatoes they don't agree with her. So that rules out a whole lot of Italian food.
  13. Made crabcakes last night for thr first time from canned crabs since I saw a recipe that looked interesting . Not much flavor but the tartar sauce I made was good. Wendie likes both so time to start tossing the traps in crabbing in the creek is good so time to get some of the expensive bounty. Updates to follow.
  14. Fished the top of the bay for 2 hours late this morning 2 Shorts for me skunk for her. I thought there were supposed to be thunderstorms today and its be beautiful all day. Oh well nice day to relax by/in the pool. Didn’t christen the new rods they deserve a real trip.
  15. Conventional reels . I think a white or silver reel for hers black for mine or maybe reverse that.
  16. I agree
  17. Thanks and thanks again for the incredible rods. Guys The Roman numerals on the base is todays date. very nice and hers being white and mine black very smart.
  18. Miracle Whip, Montreal Steak Seasoning, and Morocan spice blend ,Yes I am a fussy bitch. Shop Rite has Rotisserrie chicken salad which is killer when you can get.
  19. Yes why would I make Moroccan chicken in a Popiel when I have a tagine. I'll take the fussy bitch points.
  20. Yes everything south of it is South Jersey there is no Central.
  21. Try a porcelet rib rack from D'Artagnan. I got it on sale for 75$ didn't think of doing it on the Rotisserie. Next time I will . I bet the skin would be nice and crispy
  22. I've never seen a boat or a waterfront house with a Pence flag but plenty of Trump flags.
  23. I have a Popiel Rotisserie Oven. I use it to make cornish game hens. I make preserved Meyers lemons and stuff one in the cavity and pour some of the juice under the skin and season with a Morroccan spice mix. Takes 45 minutes for one or two
  24. Ouch how does the other guy look?
  25. If the engineers are that dumb that they have to ask. I'd cancel the policy the day before they flip a switch. It probably going to blow up. Talking about blowing up. Big boat fire on an older convertible in Barnegat Bay yesterday. Looks like it caught fire after getting fuel. It had just started as I entered the bay yesterday. Coast Guard speed by me just leaving the canal. I could see flames and lot of black smoke. It stunk up Wendie's back yard. There I hit <Enter> twice.