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  1. 6 and fail . Fails on the quordle are much more common than wordle
  2. Paying for a negative test should be cheaper than 10 days room and board. Not that I would recommend it. A Costa Rican jail, cell probably not so nice.
  3. 5 and 8
  4. 300 Nice except for the bill.
  5. My boat has a 130 gallon tank and gets 2 mpg. Using the 1/3 rule I can get to the canyon but won’t have enough gas to fish. I’m ok on the inshore grounds on nice days but could get beat up coming back. I was on the same blackfin in the DR and its a solid boat. How much diesel does it hold? I have some wide trackers and other bars and chains to add to a trip
  6. Why would one need the forward bildge pump while under way. Aft bildge pump running constantly and not keeping up? Can’t the water go to the aft bildge.
  7. SharkeMike how much diesel did you burn? What is your boat?
  8. Beautiful day today nice cool breeze off the ocean .Otherwise it’s going to get too hot. SharkMike will be sleeping until Happy Hour.
  9. The crab population in Glouster are well fed.
  10. 3 and 8
  11. The Bay part of the trip would not be much fun.
  12. First time through Barnegat inlet in the fog would not be fun. Today it may have been easier to go through Manasquan
  13. 3 - 4 ft at 7 seconds for Most of Sharkmikes trip. I hope his boat is good in a chop. Regardless I bet his back will be hurting. If he was smart he would have a bean bag and a copilot so they could alternate in the bean bag.
  14. 4 and 9 today
  15. Five and fail. I have to change my approach on the quordle.