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  1. I saw a report that said they can follow the virus in sewage so a fart can definitely transmit it.
  2. Is the right front on the Nova cambered in? It looks like it is. Is the tux from your wedding?
  3. My boat holds 130 gallon. I don’t use as much fuel as Slayer. But I don’t go out during the week and 1/3 of the time I’m on Franks boat .But this year no so I’m down to 3/8 of a tank already
  4. How small is your tank?
  5. Mike are you out too? If not were did the garmin radar shot come from?
  6. Not yet but probably soon .
  7. So Slackers poll on when we will be able a have a drink in a bar may need some modifications. If we leave as the original that would mean ok we have a drink at a bar. The new realization is it will be six feet from the nearest neighbor. So the next question is when will a club with bodies packed together be open. BarA had a happy hour with food that last to I think 7 and it was packed with people older than Wendi and I. How busy do you think that will be this season?
  8. It hit me the Jamaica may be 125 LOA and 110 at the waterline. Isn't it more common to refer to big ships based on the waterline.
  9. On their web page that boat is 125 Ft. Stretching the truth a little?
  10. Happy Birthday Mike hope you get an anchor for a present. But I shouldn't talk mine hasn't seen much action. Now I have 2 danforths with old rode and the wreck anchor with the new rode. One of the danforths and rode was from Wendies boat. But they don't do me much good in the garage.I can give you a good deal on one with some old rode.
  11. Wendie and I went out yesterday for a few hours. I had brought clams but I noticed I forgot to put the break away zip tie on the wreck anchor and I didn't have any on the boat so we trolled. Wendie also didn't want to try the anchor as she thought it might be too rough . We got one mackerel on a tube umbrella I didn't even know it was on. Too bad a big striper didn't eat it. I fixed the anchor so this weekend will be fluke for awhile and then seabass. Didn't hear anyone else catching any. I guess I should have put a ballyho way out for bluefin
  12. I'm surprised you're still married
  13. I guess Slayer is still filleting ling. Wendie's not a fan calls them poor mans cod.
  14. LOL. One more thing to wear fishing on a hot day on the SS Slayer. Catch them up today Hank. Pick out a nice piece on the Strikelines