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  1. He is correct
  2. New Vikings must come dosed in perfume to overcome the smell of the bog where they are built.
  3. Old school has a bow rail. New yacht owners don’t care if thier deckhands fall overboard just about clean looking lines.
  4. I had to blow up that Avatar on my phone to see what it was. Is that a hockey team? Do they throw fish on the ice for a hat trick.
  5. Crap I would have gotten some meatballs to go. It’s close I’ll be a regular.
  6. Lunch at Rosies Pizza Point Beach. Excellent
  7. Lunch at Rosies pizza in point beach. Excellent!
  8. Golf outing at Neshanic Valley tomorrow
  9. Your boat running ok? What was the problem
  10. I’m confident that in Slayers reports shorts don’t count. The real question is who’s boat he was on.
  11. I tried the cat food in the minnow trap a couple of times no luck. Pretty bad when you get skunked on killies.
  12. Next time they are eating everthing try some all american stink.
  13. All her Friends are 65 and older not the best content. Better to go to the F cove.
  14. Fished the Sea Girt Reef with all american stink on the Spro. It stank no fluke. 3 Biscuits on the White Gulp Teaser.
  15. The dive. I shot darts there many times.