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  1. Bonefish puts Sambuca in their mussels
  2. Well you need to Christen it to tell.
  3. I just got a text from Wendie. At Eleven Madison Park a meat free meal cost 331 per person
  4. We have an oak that produces tons of acorns but seldom have squirrels. i see raptors more often than squirrels. Have chipmunks but they aren’t out in the open much.
  5. I had dinner at Mastori’s once neighbor ordered fried ravioli . Never heard of that breaded and deep fried ravioli. There were enough for 3 meals.
  6. You could get kicked off bachelor for that . Not that you would last long with a clean race card
  7. The premixed crowd is in the infield . Top shelf in the grandstands
  8. Of course at nascar you can bring in your own alcohol. If there are any other national series that does that I’d like to know.
  9. I thought a Woodford mint julep was the official drink of the derby. Pretty sad if its premixed especially when I can only imagine the price.At the least it better have fresh mint
  10. My gay sisters first job was a gym teacher in a Catholic school. She just retired as a paralegal after 30 years. Engineers at RO make good coin
  11. Wendie graduated from VT.
  12. I like the most expensive bagel one with whitefish salad
  13. Egg in a basket. Make them all the time. There is a diner in Brielle that has it on the menu.
  14. I'm curious to see if the views go up next year after people are going back to the theaters or people don't care because of the forced diversity.