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  1. Getting new pool liner. Wendie uses a Carribean Clear system . 2 ppm silver 10 ppm copper and 1 ppm chlorine Installer said it’s the oldest liner he’s replaced at 30 years and it still had most of its color. It had a rip in the corner above the water line easily could have got a few more years out of it.
  2. Slacker has Sparky. Mick has what looks like Slacker so I'm adding too the trend and switched to Squid.
  3. Decades ago I was in Mexico city. We were wanting a steak after a week in Ixtapa.Went to a steak house. My wife orders a rum and coke. She gets a glass of coke and a shot of rum and I ordered the specialty of the house. They bring out a tiny grill with some white meat on top of it. It was cow brains . Not much flavor but ok with the chichurro sauce. So my first grill your own.
  4. Grill your own? How does that work do they bring a small grill to the table ? Steak on a stone?
  5. I mix equal parts of Honey, Soy Sauce, and Mustard and put it on salmon. I like the farm raised too it is fattier
  6. Saturday I was fishing in the top of Barnaget Bay and snagged a crab pot. It had 6 keepers in it. So I put three pots off of my dock in the Beaverdam creek and had 5 keepers for lunch on Sunday
  7. My 13 year old radar will not pick up a yak
  8. On the plus side you didn’t aggravate your wrist
  9. Crabs for lunch
  10. Put 3 pots off the dock maybe crabs by dinner!
  11. Saw all that smoke fishing in the bay. One neighbor got a small striper in his boat but no love for us. Caught a crab trap then got the line wrapped around the prop while trying to get it free. Never saw the float . Got it freed and was nice and tied the float back on the line. About 6 keepers in the trap. Maybe I should get a bunker and drop some pots
  12. I'm going on the Osprey trip on the 27th.
  13. No tip for those mates
  14. I thought the same thing does look like Van Zandt
  15. What kind of jig is that?