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  1. Three years ago I had my Acura RSX type S stolen from the Spot parking lot in Newark. It was a friday night and there was a double homicide somwhere else in newark the cops never came to take a report. They had found the car before I reported it stolen. Only damage was the ignition and the small rear side window. NJM totaled it. I was surprised that the engine was still in it.
  2. For quality control each form is energized and the bath is grounded , if they get current there is a hole
  3. That first race was the one Dale Earnhardt rolled his car got out of it took a look at it got back in a drove it to the pits. A hood also flew off and into the stands and broke someones arm. Now the hoods have tethers on them. That happened in turn two I was in turn one and the hood looked like a postage stamp
  4. I flew out of trenton twice to go to the Daytona 500. Jeff Gordon won both times which made me happy. Hence the 24 in my screen name . The first one he made a pass below the yellow line to win the race. That pass is now against the rules
  5. The airport is in Ewing. Worse part is walking out on the tarmac to get in the plane. Best part is short walk to your car.
  6. I am not off. Easy drive up the parkway this morning.
  7. I have a whole life policy that work was paying the first 28 years then they discontinued paying in so for the last 8 the increases in cash value of the holdings more than covered the premium So something like that at a young age may not be a bad idea
  8. The sad thing is some formula where the max match is 3% of your salary is decent probably the average
  9. OE 1 keeper tog and a few cod pitiful
  10. I agree a Good read
  11. looks really good shorter and with the black caps
  12. How can you drink good bourbon in plastic? He got no couth Edith
  13. In Cranford we called a carp with coloring like that a Chinese carp. probably not politically correct today. You had normal tan carp. Orange Carp like a goldfish and any mixed colored usually black and orange was chinese
  14. I'm guessing a NY style steakhouse would not be using my fav Montreal Steak seasoning. They would have to offer a NY style strip steak on the menu to qualify at the very least and to me dry age the beef on premises and the pricing is ala carte.
  15. Prime 13 in Point Pleasant is pretty good and you can get coupons for it so it is not terribly expensive. Plus they have a camera over the wood grill so you can watch them cook your steak