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  1. I'm in!
  2. What time of the year do you normally see this occur? Not looking for spots just general indicators that the hatch is on want to time it right and try my shot at in the kayak chasing these hatches for some early season stripers. Got a bunch of ronz lures I picked up to match the hatch
  3. Cape cod brute brown easily my PB. Do you guys think this one was recently stocked or an old holdover?
  4. Al gags whip it fish
  5. Caught it on a big swimbait that’s been sitting in my tackle box for a few years and never used. Finally had the courage to toss it targeting some big ones and lucked out
  6. Got into my PB largemouth took some quick measurements 20” long 17” girth big girl
  7. I'm heading down the Cape next weekend trying to target some holdovers. I've never tried for them or for stripers this early in the season hopefully I can get into something. Will be doing most of my fishing in the lower cape areas.
  8. Got totally skunked Saturday. The wind was insane all over the res. Tried a bunch of spots had a shiner soaking pretty much the entire time with nothing to show for it. Was also tossing all the usual metals no hits or any signs of fish. Still worth the trip.
  9. Good to know. I'll let you guys know how I make out tomorrow. Going to put in a full day try some new spots/techniques. More excited about the lower water levels than anything.
  10. Anyone ever try small savage eels here to imitate the smelt here? Saw them on sale and grabbed a few (5/8 - 1oz) wondering if anyone has ever had any luck with them here
  11. There's nothing like carrying a bucket of shiners and all your gear to find your favorite spot underwater
  12. How's the water level right now? Haven't been to the Chu since last year. Last time I was there seemed like everything was underwater
  13. Might be a dumb question, but are albies/bonito line shy at all? Could I get away using 30lb braid to 20lb leader?
  14. Spent some time in Galway on my honeymoon end of Oct. Missed the end of trout season by a couple weeks. Heartbreaking. I would stop by Duffy's tackle shop they were very informative about what was biting and what lures to use. Absolutely check out Quays, Kings Head, and have yourself a couple Galway Hookers. Great Craic!
  15. Recently moved to the south shore and made a trip to Monahan's. This place is awesome great customer service spoke with Norm regarding switching out the treble hooks to single inline hooks on my SP's for the canal. Great guy very knowledgeable will absolutely be going back