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  1. Ok. Let me run this past the wife and see. Thanks
  2. Our daughter is receiving a ipad through school for learning. We would like to get an ipad for her twin brother so he is not “left out.” Something that works is the goal here. Do not need latest and greatest. please let me know what is available. Located in lower CT. thanks sol ! dave
  3. Funny i just saw this. Mine is doing the same thing. Crappy design IMO. Saw a larget model at the bait shop yesterday, they have 6 screws on the foot. I would think these small sjx should have had 3. Mine is also a few years old. Started using it pretty hard these past few weeks. Pretty disappointing.
  4. Im in for top 3 batteries. Assuming all take and hold charge. Looks like they should fit in a small usps flat rate. Could we do $50 shipped on them ? Dave
  5. Same! Cheapest around. Received rollers and brackets in a few days. No issues.
  6. Single/dual axle ? springs the same dimension but stronger ? Why the upgrade ?
  7. Trophy was a bayliner back before they went rouge on their own in early 2000’s. Are you basing your dislike on the early or later boats ? Have you ridden or owned that of the later ? I own a 2352 w/350 i/o. Great boat. Rides great and has not let me down. Being a 23’ you need to pick and choose your days like any other 23’. Boat is well thought out, access to everything you need fix or change. to each their own. A lot has to do with who owned it and how it was taken care of. An older boat may be the ticket vs a newer tub which the owner never pay attention to upkeep. best recommendation is to look at as many as possible and figure what you need. Get receipts and maintenance records. Do sea trials and pay for gas and time. Cheaper to spend a few hundred then thousands.
  8. Selling my Zodiac Cadet-270 with Tohatsu 6hp, tank, and hose. This is a foldable boat with an aluminum floor. Boat and engine have been used lightly and never stored in the water. The boat and engine have been washed after every use. Engine has been washed and fresh water flushed in a 5 gallon pail on the dock after every use. All air bladders hold air and there are no rips, tears, or repairs done to the boat. Its in very good condition. Engine has been serviced and fires on first pull. External tank is 3.1 gallons and has been treated with Startron since day 1. $2500 for boat, engine, tank, line, removable registration plates, oars, 2 lines, air pump, and a bag of life jackets. I will assist with delivery within reason. Located in New Haven County, CT. Thank you
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