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  1. I can offer $22 thanks
  2. My joe didn’t. 55 bux I believe
  3. Take some braid between 2 fingers with gloves on and try to cut and destroy the braid on the inside of the eye, much like you would floss your teeth. If it passes the test then Aftco rollers are about 8-12 bux IIRC, replace it. lastly braid and rollers.... ehh. The braid will jump the grove on the roller and get wedged between the roller and tip. It’s because the braid is so thin. Good luck
  4. I’ve had good luck on Craigslist. BUT Before you go out of your way to look at a boat, get pictures LOTS of pictures. Pictures of things you tell the seller to zoom in on. This way you know he is a serious seller and not trying to hide anything. I learned my lesson. Drove from ct to Delaware, Maryland, and Jersey all to be disappointed in what we were shown, abused over used junk.
  5. So my father had it a few weeks prior, sister had it last week, and now the wife and I have it. It's the first time I've ever had it, and it plain sucks. Feel like a complete POS laying in bed. Doc put us on meds so hopefully we can kick it asap. He said its running rampant in our area. I don't wish the voodoo on anyone.
  6. You buying new or nused? New buy what you want, nused buy what your shop recommends. If you trust them.... all trucks break but some more then others
  7. I could offer $70 for the reel.
  8. I'd take just the reel.... How much ?
  9. Make an offer.
  10. Clearing out some inventory in the basement. 53 bags of GULP alive. All are sealed and never opened. Package lot for $250 shipped to the lower 48. Will not split. Contains; 8 bags 6” Squid Vicious in Sapphire Shine 8 bags 2.5” Precut Stripz in Shrimp 3 bags 3” Glow Mantis Shrimp in Nuclear Chicken 1 bag 4” Flats Worm in Molting 13 bags 3” Glow Mantis Shrimp in Sugar and Spice 17 bags 2.5” Crabby in Black Grape Green Fleck 3 bags 7” Jerk Shad in Pearl White I’ll accept PayPal, cash, bank or money order. Personal checks will have to clear and then I will ship out. Located in New Haven County. To sweeten the deal I’ll also toss in a few extra plugs I have hanging around at the time. Thanks, David
  11. I was told fluke like night crawlers as well. Easily worth a shot
  12. Great info ! Only up for a short weekend. Thanks.
  13. Skunk today. Didn’t try too hard but not even a sea robin !!! They must know my boat and not want any haha. Havent been seeing the the fish like normal. Few jumpers near shore but nothing on plugs. Fluke have been kind to me tho. Got a nice 27” the other day. Threw her back for someone else to catch. Also caught a 18” robin ! Summer needs to hurry and bring the fish !
  14. Going to bring the rod to do some relaxation fishing away from the family next weekend. What’s biting up there from shore ?
  15. I’ll take the penn/ugly combo next time your up in Wallingford ct. PM me when and where to meet please. Thanks Dave