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  1. Looking for a single tube if anyone is looking to move one. Open to trades as well I have some SS darters that I'd part ways with. Thanks
  2. I've always had this same thought. Something I thought of but never end up doing was putting a dot of nailpolish or paint on the lead head and have a color coordinated weight chart that you could make and follow (red-1/2 oz orange- 3/4oz yellow- 1 oz etc.)
  3. Exactly why I went to making my own tubes. makes things very easy in the dark This site is awesome for tubes and caps but can get pricey if you are not buying a bulk order
  4. What do you guys use for caps?
  5. Thanks for the tip I'll give this a try
  6. I ordered end caps from a plastic distribution company but they ended up being too small so the tube goes around the cap rather than the cap going around the tube and they don't stay in place
  7. Did the same thing with a gear up eel pouch. Tubes I used were fluorescent light tubes that can be bought cheap at home depot. Only pain in the ass is finding a cap to fit them so the hooks don't get caught up underneath
  8. This is perfect. Could work on the side windows too. Thanks for the tip
  9. Tried this multiple times and it never works out. For some reason I can't bring myself to fall asleep which is why I'm switching gears. Was just testing the waters to see if anyone had an easy DIY fix. Surfexplorer's idea isn't bad
  10. Being that I live an hour from the closest beach I'm in the process of building a platform bed in the back of my SUV so I can get some sleep on longer trips. For those of you that get some sleep in your truck do you do anything to cover the windows? A little sketchy passing out in your car on a beach or lot when people can just look in at you. Any help is appreciated
  11. Could you do 25?
  12. 60 shipped?
  13. Lot 3 for 15?
  14. picture is not showing