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  1. Sounds good Pm coming
  2. would you do 2? if so 1 (black eye correct?) and 15. If you can't do 2 and you have any more pink darters that could be the third
  3. Does anyone have a DEC number for Northern Jersey? A coworker of mine tells me his cousin caught 5 bass yesterday and goes to show me a picture and they're all short, dead, and in a cooler and apparently that was a bad day they had up to 20 shorts last week that were all kept
  4. Score is 1-1
  5. Title says it all. Anyone know the answer to this I couldn’t find it in the search
  6. Looking for a spare spool for a vsx 275. Any color. Thanks in advance
  7. Hardly worth it. Worst part was I realized it when I moved further down the island and came back to drive out to the jetty only to find the entry road closed because of flooding. Had to get home so I jogged out the 1.5 miles only to find nothing and run back into the wind. Legs are still sore...
  8. In the boot of my waders!
  9. Found! Not sure if I can lock or close down a thread
  10. Lost my wallet at demo this morning. Near the jetty. If anyone happened to find anything please send me a message. Thank you
  11. taking notes!
  12. Edited
  13. When people refer to "bugs" in their post, is that mole crabs?
  14. awesome PM coming
  15. could you do 300 for the s8 picked up?