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  1. awesome PM coming
  2. could you do 300 for the s8 picked up?
  3. Can you post a pic when done? I'd love to see how this came out
  4. Sorry should have been more specific. I meant down north of the GW bridge and South of the Newburgh Beacon bridge. After reading your response it also clicked that I believe herring bypass that stretch of the river as there are no real spawning waters for them which could be why I've always heard plugs don't produce down here
  5. Have always read that jigging or plugging for migrating bass from shore on the river is not productive at all. What makes it different being in a kayak? Are the fish out in deeper channels more active than fish closer to shore?
  6. Hit most of my goals last year. For this season: 1. break the 30lb mark (broke 10lb my first season, 20lb my second season) 2. wetsuit montauk 3. break the 20lb mark in the surf (still young in the sport and most of my success comes in the back bays) 4. become more confident jigging
  7. stick shad and mucho minnow have produced real well for me
  8. Good to hear. I’ll be on Santa Maria and Sao Miguel...thanks for your service
  9. Appreciate the feedback. I’ll report back after the trip but definitely good to know it doesn’t live up to the hype it receives online. After reading up on the place you think youre going to fish heaven but good to read this and lower the expectations so I’m not so disappointed. Catch or no catch I’m sure it’ll be cool to fish a place that looks like Azores
  10. I noticed the same thing. If I had to guess, once the bridge was deemed unsafe they were probably not allowed on it for anything and whatever was on it had to be left.
  11. Heading here this summer and starting to do some research...how did this trip turn out Zpicker? Or if anyone else has info on the area would be greatly appreciated
  12. Vantage point from the school I work at. Pretty wild to see in person....
  13. So unless you live out east you're not allowed to fish? I live west and north and I respect the spots I fish, I do my research to find structure and spots I think will hold fish and I'm friendly and respectful when there are locals in spots that I go to. People get so upset when they hear where I'm from and it always bothers me. Shouldn't matter where you live as long as you respect the sport and the fishery
  14. Looking for a single tube if anyone is looking to move one. Open to trades as well I have some SS darters that I'd part ways with. Thanks