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  1. Thank you everybody, i am now more confident about going now. I was not even sure if I even wanted to take some gear with me to try. Now i know that i am taking some, and will see what i come up with. I may still get a guide for a day, just to get a feel for things.
  2. Very cool, thank you for your info. I have been researching a lot, and all I can come up with is I just need a license. I read something about having to get the license stamped by some official. But am uncertain. Guess I will just have to get there. I may end up hiring a guide for a day...
  3. Also, what type of gear did you bring?
  4. What all did you have to get to fish? Did you have to get in contact with the minister of fish and game?
  5. I will be on grand Bahama island fortuna beach. I have been looking and looking for info. I have called the resort, and they are of zero help. I was hoping and almost sure someone here has been recently.
  6. I am heading to the Bahamas in June, I will be taking my fly rod just in case. I want to just walk the beaches and see if i can catch some bonefish. Does anybody here have any experience with that? What all would i need? Fishing license? Permission? Permit? And as far as gear? Thank you in advance.
  7. No, my name is Kyle.
  8. Thank you, yes the wraps are really long, the first one I did I did not pay attention to where I was starting it, but I liked the way it looked so I just left it and measured and made the others the same length. I am going to put a reel on it today and see if it casts good or not, I really hope it does. It is really addictive, I am already thinking about my next build.
  9. I got them all wrapped and epoxied last night. I will post pics soon. I did have to file down the feet, they were really thick on the tips. I did have a really hard time getting them all lined up straight, I did the best I could. Had a little run in with my niece getting her hair wrapped up in the epoxy while it was drying, hahahahaha, I got it all out of her hair, but will have to redo two guides. Does anybody use one of those laser guides that fit into the reel seat? Seems like it may work. Also this is a casting rod.
  10. Very nice! Where exactly is Schuylkill?
  11. Thank you, I will file the feet down when I get home.
  12. This is my first build, and I am on the first runner guide. the tip of the guide foot is poking through the wrapping. The first two guides did not do this, do I need to sand the guide foot down? Also, is there any easy way to get the guides lined up properly? Or is this just a pain in the butt process?
  13. I will take it for asking price $60 right?