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  1. Boot foot! I finally made the switch last season and I could not be happier. Makes getting a quick trip in so much easier.
  2. Hey guys a good friend of mine lost his surf belt and bag this morning at Ponquogue beach in Hampton Bays. I know it’s a long shot but maybe the right person found it and we can get this stuff returned. ThAnks everyone
  3. Air down and go for it
  4. Where did you find them for $40? When I looked they were showing $63.77.
  5. Not sure if this had been posted already but what everyone’s thoughts on this ?
  6. If you can score a nice clean E-series van you can check out u-joint offroad for 4x4 conversion. They do some really nice work. Also if you like the Chevys look for a factory All Wheel Drive one. I currently have one for my beach rig and it does great on the sand better then any 4x4 trucks I have owned.
  7. I’ve always had good luck with the regular 6”. Recently picked up the 5”xd and while it does cast into the wind better but I don’t think the action is as nice as the 6” standard.
  8. I have had this happen a few times, I chalked it up to the braid being old. Re spooled with new 30lb and haven’t had a problem since.
  9. Only if you plan on fishing at night...
  10. +1 subscribing to see what everyone comes up with. Also looking for boot foot but there doesn't seem to be much out there to choose from
  11. FYI as of 730 this morning there is no air at demo.
  12. Paul Liggieri is a guy I went to school with that I know is in employment law. He was in the post this week in a case against the FDNY. I am pretty sure he is in Manhattan.