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  1. Offer $50
  2. Love it. That is hilarious.
  3. Could meet tomorrow between 10 - 11 am
  4. I’ll do $380 if we can meet in a location that works for both of us. I am in the Waltham area.
  5. Offer $370 picked up
  6. Where in MA for pickup?
  7. Where are you located? Do you have the service receipt from Daiwa?
  8. Yeah richest guy in the world must be pretty dumb. What does that make you?
  9. Me thinks Goldy just jealous because he doesn't have a boat
  10. There is a lot more to trolling multiple lines well than most people realize. Throw in outriggers and you may have seven lines out at once. Not an easy task and far from boring. If you fish for tuna and marlin that is how its done in the canyons. A nice day on the boat with good company and attractive scenery is far from boring. To me surfcasting is boring.
  11. Offer $165 using Venmo goods and services payment shipped to 02452.
  12. Tomorrow in Falmouth driving back up to metro west from Mashpee.