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  1. Wow I didnt see them returning that late. I thought it would have been much earlier than december/january
  2. I've seen the videos from years passed for the spring striper migration from the Chesapeake and other inlets and bays north of that, but only have the slightest idea of their return. Is it when the water temps start to reach about 60 degrees? Do the feed as ferociously? Do they stay schooled? I debated posting this in a local forum but their spring migration doesnt pin them to a specific area. If I missed a thread discussing this, I apologize
  3. Ah they were hitting small cuts of shrimp every throw as it was. You do any good?
  4. I just got this partner. I ended up with alot of kingfish, a few blues, 1 regulation flounder, and the lizard fish are EVERYWHERE lol
  5. I usually stay out of frisco rod and gun and keep my business at Bob's bait and tackle, but I'll ask them for sure. Seems like they are on a more personal level. And the night gigging is such a blast! I got a new light and gig this year so I'm excited to try it out
  6. Great info pork and I appreciate it. I am packing mainly medium gear, but still taking the big rods for dusk fishing. I was lucky to have em last year with a ray that also cut my fishing for an hour lol. I recently watched a youtube video on zone fishing which many avid surf guys probably utilize but I havent. Gonna give that a go this year. I do have a cast net, we usually spend the nights wading the sound for flounder with the gig and netting bluecrab (both regulation size of course). The light locates the mullet for sure.
  7. I posted the wrong dates initially in the title, sorry for the mix up
  8. I tried to find some input but to no avail on what to throw during the first week of August. I usually wait till Sept to make the trip, unfortunately my vacation hit early August. I know it's kind of the dead season for drums or blues but I'm still wetting lines. I'm looking to throw alot more than usual, possibly yak the currituck. Needing some lure advice. I know Whiting and pompano are about (and flounder), but I need some input. Plugs? Jigs? Just soak bait lol?
  9. Spinning or casting rods?
  10. I PM d you fish happy. Definitely buy take it
  11. Larger fish. Big blues to stripers to sharks to big cats to drum
  12. The title says it really. I've done some research and I'm still way too indecisive lol. I've been up in the air with the pro rockets, omoto, akios, avet, Penn 525s, many good reels and that's not even listing rod choices lol. Besides y'all are great people so I'd rather buy from you. I dont really have a price range so just let me know what ya got. THANKS!
  13. Ocean city Atlantic Pier. 3 blues Friday evening and 12 Saturday morning. 16" to 28". Saw 2 flounder and a ton of shad pulled in. Had a blast and met alot of great people!
  14. Thanks guys for the replies. I just may have to hit you up for some crabs!
  15. I just rented a place just north of ocean city for the weekend of may 10th. I'm out of my element being that far north that time of year so I'm asking you experts what I can expect to hook into, historically of course.