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  1. Incoming tide put no fish in the cooler
  2. Blues are fun to catch and honestly I like the taste of the small ones. The big ones just get too oily.
  3. I never target sharks unless that's all that's biting. I already checked on which ones were legal. Last week at the gulf it seemed like the bonnethead were everywhere. Landed 6 on the surf from 2 to 4 feet roughly.
  4. If that fails, how's the shark fishing?
  5. What about the pier?
  6. It's a crowded area then? I always have lines in waiting on the sunrise.
  7. Fishing during the weekend of July 10th?? Heading to cape henlopen the weekend after just getting back from St. Petersburg Fl to check it out. I'm a west Virginia boy so beaches aren't exactly right next door. Assateague is full so I got the last spot for just 10th weekend. Anyone have any expectations on the fishing?
  8. I'll take the spinfisher if its available.
  9. So i happen to be taking a trip to St. Augustine this sunday through tuesday. I usually fish hatteras or deleware. What should i expect this time of year in this area? Rig, tackle, lures, bait, rod/reel advice all welcome. short notice trip so i dont have much time to plan.
  10. Wow I didnt see them returning that late. I thought it would have been much earlier than december/january
  11. I've seen the videos from years passed for the spring striper migration from the Chesapeake and other inlets and bays north of that, but only have the slightest idea of their return. Is it when the water temps start to reach about 60 degrees? Do the feed as ferociously? Do they stay schooled? I debated posting this in a local forum but their spring migration doesnt pin them to a specific area. If I missed a thread discussing this, I apologize
  12. Ah they were hitting small cuts of shrimp every throw as it was. You do any good?
  13. I just got this partner. I ended up with alot of kingfish, a few blues, 1 regulation flounder, and the lizard fish are EVERYWHERE lol
  14. I usually stay out of frisco rod and gun and keep my business at Bob's bait and tackle, but I'll ask them for sure. Seems like they are on a more personal level. And the night gigging is such a blast! I got a new light and gig this year so I'm excited to try it out