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  1. On 1/28/2022 at 6:08 PM, capesams said:

    It's a shame they do nothing to promote the collectors club..it was a great thing at one time...not so today. they just don't care.

    To say the club does nothing to promote the show really shows that you know nothing about what is going on. Before the last few years, if I wasn’t already going to the show every year, I wouldnt even know the show existed. Now I see post on Facebook constantly about the show. Never mind all of the fliers that are handed out to every bait shop and antique shop in the area which is done on the free time of those who care and cherish the club that you constantly talk down on. The club is where it is today because of the promoting and the people that really know how great the club is. This thread started from someone going out of their way to kindly promote a club and to think the guy was forced by management to do so is idiotic. Have the slightest idea of what you are talking about before you post stuff

  2. 8 mins ago, Goldy said:

    Do you have any more atlantic lure swimmers?  Is that paint or glitter on the top?

    It’s red paint with blue glitter. I don’t think I have any others that I would part with. Are you interested in those?