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  1. Looking to sell lot of plastic plugsSebile RapalaAtom BomberAnd othersLooking for $55
  2. Will take $45 for the lot
  3. $50
  4. Looking to sell the lot. Lupo Danny Troller Gibbs Danny Gibbs Danny Tsunami Danny All in great shape. Looking for $50
  5. I can do that. Will send PM now
  6. Are you interested?
  7. Mixed lot of new and used plugs. All in great shape. All ready to see some action. Asking $120 shipped or best offer
  8. Will split lots. Metal lip wooden lot and plastic lot
  9. Final drop $80
  10. Brown metal lip gone. Will sell rest of lot for $90
  11. Price drop $110
  12. Would like to keep as a lot for now
  13. Looking to buy Omakase spoon lips
  14. Please close
  15. If you can post pictures that would be great
  16. Im in Mass. im not sure if im going to the flea market yet
  17. Looking to sell these two RMs. Both have been fished but are in great condition. Both have minor corrosion on tail hooks. Scaled has a few hook points on the plug but nothing major. Looking to sell for $60
  18. Incredible plugs! Need to get my hands on some of these
  19. Both have been fished. Both are near mint. Looking for Luna, Omakase, or afterhours swimmers
  20. Im going to pass but thank you
  21. Can you post some pictures?
  22. Nice plug. These swim great
  23. Those lavas are awesome
  24. Those jointed darters are awesome!
  25. Love the jointed ones