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  1. It is 7 in and approximately 2.5 onces
  2. Looking to sell a brand new, never fished, RM Smith danny in an uncommon scaled pattern. $25 shipped
  3. Yes it is. Great job on it Ryan
  4. Looking to sell three gibbs dannys. Top two are new with minor signs of age and the small danny has hook drag but still a great plug to fish. Looking for $35 shipped
  5. Sounds good. Will pm you my paypal info
  6. Yours Good2Go will pm you my info
  7. Looking to trade my GRS slim medium diver in CCBC Orange Spotted. Looking for other GRS. Please post pictures of what you have available for trade.
  8. Sorry plug has been traded on another site. Please close
  9. Somebody help with my search. Lets see whats out there
  10. Any other wonderbread RMs available?
  11. It was a new color made for the SWLCC show. Saw it and had to have it
  12. Looking to buy some RM Smith wonderbreads. Looking for bodies i do not currently have. The picture below is what i have
  13. I will PM you
  14. Can i see a picture?
  15. Anything out there?
  16. Ok, deal. Send me a pm with your info
  17. Are there any scratches or hook marks?
  18. The giant jointed to specify. Not the jointed danny
  19. I'll take the rainbow jointed swimmer and the blind wonderbread danny
  20. Grs

    No mullet. The white pichney is 5 1/2 inches and the blue is 6 inches. Both are lightly fished but in great shape
  21. Grs

    I can do these two pichneys. Will throw in some money too
  22. I'll take for asking