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  1. I’ll take lot 3
  2. Great plug lot to fish mostly used plugs but also some great new plugs. Asking $40 shipped for the lot
  3. Great lot available. 2 used but in perfect condition RM Smith plugs 1 brand new jointed Black Label 1 brand new Big Rock Looking for $100 shipped
  4. Please close
  5. Offer 45 for the GRS because of condition
  6. He can have it. More then i was thinking
  7. What were you thinking?
  8. GRS if you split please
  9. Looking to trade this great lot for a GRS. The lot consists of: 2 RM Smith plugs, used but in near mint condition 1 jointed Black Label, new 1 Big Rock, new
  10. Please close
  11. I can do that
  12. Would you split the mini pencil popper?
  13. Wish i still had my CCBC spotted grs. Nice plugs!
  14. I would offer this and cash for the top one if you are interested
  15. #5 all white please
  16. Ok please send me your paypal info
  17. Could you do $20 for one of them?
  18. How much for the two wonderbread jigsmiths?
  19. Looking to sell my jointed swimmer in a rare rainbow pattern. Brand new. Looking for $30
  20. You got it! Will send over a pm
  21. Have to have $30. Dont want to take a loss
  22. No i dont
  23. It is 7 in and approximately 2.5 onces
  24. Looking to sell a brand new, never fished, RM Smith danny in an uncommon scaled pattern. $25 shipped
  25. Yes it is. Great job on it Ryan