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  1. Wow I have a darby creek wtb too and missed this
  2. I’ll take the blue Stan Gibbs danny
  3. Title says it all. Lets see whats out there
  4. Im going to hold off for now. Looking for more of a bulk deal
  5. Lets see whats out there. Trying to replenish for next season
  6. 4-5oz heads. 6in tails
  7. I’ll take it
  8. $30?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion but I like the 6” sized bodies
  10. Looking for some Whip It Fish bodies to stock up on for next season. Lets see whats out there
  11. No extra tails out there?
  12. I am going to hold off but thank you for the response
  13. I can do that. I will pm you
  14. WTS this RM Smith fatboy swimmer in flag. Looking for $50 shipped
  15. First Bump. $45 shipped
  16. Never mind read it wrong
  17. So are all 5 in lot 3 $30?
  18. It is exactly 6”. I will send you a pm
  19. I’ll take this
  20. Sorry forgot to get back to you. The needle is 8in 1.5oz. And the swimmer is 7in 2.5 oz
  21. Lot 1: Sebile Lot 2 New 228 magic swimers 1 New 182 stick shad 1 lightly used 155 stick shad. Minor corrosion on hooks $50 shipped Lot 2: RM Lot 1 New with storage marks wonderbread needle 1 like new jointed swimmer. Minor corroton hooks $30 shipped Lot 3: Topwater lot 1 New Gibbs pencil 1 Used Tattoo seapup $20 shipped
  22. I believe it is floating. I can try and find something to weigh them when I get home
  23. Meet in the middle at $25?
  24. I don’t unfortunately