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  1. Im going to hold off for now. Looking for more of a bulk deal
  2. 4-5oz heads. 6in tails
  3. Lets see whats out there. Trying to replenish for next season
  4. I’ll take it
  5. $30?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but I like the 6” sized bodies
  7. No extra tails out there?
  8. Looking for some Whip It Fish bodies to stock up on for next season. Lets see whats out there
  9. I am going to hold off but thank you for the response
  10. I can do that. I will pm you
  11. First Bump. $45 shipped
  12. Never mind read it wrong
  13. So are all 5 in lot 3 $30?
  14. It is exactly 6”. I will send you a pm