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  1. Awesome. I'm done. Just figured you could suppress some views. My bad, reasoning with people on this site is a dead end. And I'm a legend. Not a big deal.
  2. That's my buddy Willy. that was the dumbest article haha.
  3. You have no idea, how I fish, what I fish for , and when I fish. But if you were to ask anyone in the Charles contingent who I am they would tell you. I'm so glad you know about the sonesta. A spot I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. I've been at the stripers 10 plus years in the charles. I have taken thousands of fish in the body of water. Thank you for your wisdom, it's very advanced. I just prefer to have my weekends on the Charles in solitude.
  4. Yeah. Well you don't have to put it on a site with thousands of eyes looking for info either do you? Thanks have a great day.
  5. You don't know about spot burning either. That's the second time you promoted the link. What are you trying to accomplish? That's the problem with forums.
  6. Can you edit the link please. It's not against the rules, but as a local who likes a little bit of privacy at a decent spot , Just delete this and leave it blank. It's a blatant spot burn. This shouldn't be here, and now myself and my buddies probably have to pay the consequences this next month or year with every Freaking idiot and there friends trying to catch a big bass. thank you.
  7. I can vouch for that. He sells some of the nicest reels you can find, all excellent new condition.
  8. Hello, Up for auction is a BH 10 foot rod. I have two, and this one needs to go. On Jig and pop you will see a 20 dollar handling fee attached to the purchases. retails for 235 online. Suzuki Black hole 10 ft, like new. 1/2-2 oz Used 2 times 200 shipped to your door. This rod is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Thanks for looking. Pictures as soon as I get home.
  9. Closing this up. Thanks.
  10. I will have pictures later tonight
  11. 190 is lowest i can go.
  12. Dont fish the boat anymore unfortunately,
  13. really nice stuff. I need to get setup.
  14. Im sure yours are just as good. I recently found out I had a few of your wine red bucktails... seriously amazing stuff!
  15. check out conquest jigs on a big auction site. Awesome surgical stuff. Cheap. Stay away from kalins.
  16. Ive found temp change and humidity hurts too. I replace every year. Mono gets so brittle.
  17. BPS inshore express 7 foot. Doesnt even have lure ratings, but its worth a look. Moderate action.
  18. I can do 350 plus a 100 dollar visa giftcard and pick up the paypal charges.. If not no problem, it just wasnt meant to be haha..
  19. I can offer 430. I know its low. I just don't have the funds together yet.
  20. Those things look so goofy, but fish so well.
  21. Just read Pogie boy wanted it--- if it falls through let me know.
  22. If it falls through, I might be able to take it for you. The school I used to teach at will take him in until he's healthy, then put him in with the general pop. Myself and the other science teachers had a huge turtle operation going. Kids loved it, and it was great for bio. Let me shoot a text.
  23. One more thing, how do you think this will balance on a 7'6 rod, a little light?
  24. That is very fair. Let me see what I can do,