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  1. Yes, they should be biting. My folks live there so I get down with the kayaks quite a lot. This past fall we caught a ton of short specks in MI and waters close by; they should be "growed up" a little more in 2019. I will be down in about 3 weeks. Just remember the tides and wind can really rip through there at times.
  2. If I am not mistaken, Ram-X is crosslinked polyethylene, meaning it is same family as PEX plumbing products. Fascinating stuff, it has a shape memory that is not present in regular PE (or most other thermoplastics). This is what makes PEX work, you can stretch it and deform it and it will try to revert back to its as molded state. Even more interesting, you can actually apply heat to make it return to its original shape (again, opposite of a lot of thermoplastics).
  3. I flip / pitch baits from a seated position often for largemouth. Most of the time I am using spinning gear, 7' Medium rod with 30 lb braid and a fluoro leader. Key for me is setting the distance. I can't pitch from 30 ft like from the deck of a bass boat, but don't really need to. I just make sure all the non used rods are horizontal so nothing is sticking up, paddle quietly and get just outside the main treeline flipping baits to laydowns and ducking limbs as necessary. Most of the time I the bait is out 10-15 feet but if I am quiet paddling I don't think the fish mind the kayak being that close.
  4. I have one for two years and my buddy has one; good all around boat for lots of different situations. The transducer mounting is (was?) best in the industry when I bought it with the screw on protective plate. Nice that it is always there and I can drag over rocks and sand. Rudder is where they skimped a little, but in truth I hardly ever use it. Boat tracks very straight.
  5. S-N curves for thermoplastic are not only hard to come by, the basic mechanical properties are also pretty temperature dependent, even within expected operating temps. Speculation: Trolling or cruising is probably worse than stop and go, because the non stop action could cause heat to build up at localized interfaces. Would be interesting to take an IR camera to different drives. - I will also confess to an Engineering degree and lurking on this board out of professional curiosity.
  6. I cartop exclusively, in fact I am looking out of my office window and can see it on my roof. I do strip it down first and put it upside down on the gunwales, and it helps to have a shorter car (Hyndai Elantra hatchback). I used to just lift it over my head but I have since purchased a Yakima load assist bar. PS for the original poster I forgot to mention I am a little north of your weight and always run without scupper plugs. No issue with water in the cockpit except if I try to stand and my CG goes way forward.
  7. I have a SG130. It is 13 ft long and tracks like an arrow. I rarely deploy the rudder and it can be hard to turn sometimes. Has good glide. Best thing about it is transducer mounting; the included pocket and screw on cap let me keep it attached all the time. Mostly use freshwater although I have used it inshore and next week I am taking btb. Have been in some hairy conditions with seat in low position and never felt unsafe.